The Stranger

I made one last thrust pushing my sixteen year old cock as deep into her velvety folds as I could and then flooded her insides with several weeks worth of cum. When I was sure all my balls were drained I pulled my still hard cock from her pussy and sat on the bed beside her passed out body. I looked at her neatly trimmed pussy, nice boobs, wide hips and her giant wedding ring. I watched as my cum dribbled from her gapping cunt.
My s****r walked over to me and pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me and lowered herself dowm on me. I watched my cum covered cock disappear into her tight s*******n year old pussy. When she was all the way down on me, she looked me in the eyes and told me good job, then she asked if I heard the woman to be careful if I did not have a condom. I told my s****r that I was careful, I knew I did not have a diease. My s****r just smiled and took my hand and placed it on her clit as she began to fuck me. She was as pent up as I was and it only took a couple of minutes to get her to a mind blowing orgasim. She continued to ride me for another several minutes till I filled her with my cum. She rolled over and layed beside me on the bed. I sat up and looked at my s****r's gapping cunt, my sperm leaking from it. Then I looked over at the other woman with my cum leaking from her.
I wanted to know who this d***k woman was. My s****r and I are on vacation with my parents so we have not had time to wack off or fuck each other. We snuck out of the hotel room this morning at three am to find a place to fuck when we came upon this very pretty and very d***k woman. We helped her to her room. She asked that we undress her so her fancy clothes would not wrinkle and then she begged me to fuck her, which I did as my s****r watched. I found her purse and looked inside and found her ID. Mary Simpson, age 42, from Dallas, Texas. She has blonde hair and green eyes.
My s****r came over and told me I should drop another load in Mary's sweet cunt quickly as we needed to get back before our parents woke. I went over to Mary and proceeded to fuck her again as my s****r rubbed my balls. After a couple of minutes I pumped another load deep in Mary's cunt. I pulled out and my s****r took my cock in her mouth and cleaned it real good, then she licked Mary's cunt to clean it also. We dressed and went to our room several floors up. We snuck into our room and got into bed together. After several hours mom came in to wake us, she wanted us to go to breakfast but we told her we were tired. Mom and dad left, my s****r and I fucked for a good twenty minutes. Just what we had been needing.
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3 years ago
very good but short on details
3 years ago
nice of the sister to share
3 years ago
Very nice. Thanks for posting.