The Exchange Student

My husband and I decided that it would be fun to volunteer to host an exchange student in our home for the school year. We thought that it would great for our c***dren and for us also. We did all the paper work and soon a boy arrived form Germany named Hans. He just turned sixteen and was very excited to come and stay in the USA.
I found the boy to be very attractive, I mean he made my pussy super wet the first time I met him. But I never thought he would want to fool around with a fifty two year old woman that has three k**s. I figured this boy has pussy knocking on his door.
After several weeks we all fell into a routine and Hans was part of the f****y. One weekend my husband took our k**s out of town leaving Hans and I alone. We went shopping and what not. Friday night we made a nice dinner and had some wine to drink. We got to talking about alot of things and soon got to talking about sex. Hans told me he had only slept with one girl two times and felt like he was not good at sex, Hans said that he came too quickly once he put his cock in the pussy. He stated he was insecure about his body but wanted to fuck American girls and see what American pussy was like. I told Hans not to worry, that everybody goes thru this and he just needs to practice.
Hans asked me alot more questions about sex and I answered them and I was happy that he felt so comfortable with me that he could ask such intimate questions. I told about many of my sexual encounters and how women think about sex. Talking about all this made me very horny and must have made Hans horny also as he asked me to have sex with him to help him practice. He promised not to tell anybody, he really wanted to try my American pussy. Hans said that he trusted me and thought this would the best way for him.
My pussy was dripping at the thought of this young man thrusting deep into me. Hans had moved close to me and was rubbing his hands up under my shirt. I could not resist as he pulled my shirt over my head and unhooked my bra allowing my "C" cup breast to swing freely. Hans got up and lead me to his bedroom, we both undressed and I got on the bed and spread my legs giving Hans a great view of my wet pussy. I wished I had trimmed my snatch. Hans cock was standing straight out from his young hard body, precum was on his tip. I motioned for him to get on the bed and I took his cock in my mouth. I tasted his precum as I slowly worked his cock with my mouth being careful not to make him cum too fast. I could tell he was on the edge so I stopped. I pushed his hand down to my pussy and let him play with it for a minute or two then I pushed it away and pulled him on top of me and guided his young cock into my pussy.
As his cock slid into me I thought that I had never had a cock this hard before. It was smaller than my husbands but it felt great. I loved the feel of this young man's body holding me as he moved his cock in and out of my pussy. I asked him how it was and replied that this was felt great. he moved a few more strokes and then he exploded, I could feel his cock pulse as it pumped hot cum deep into my cunt. I thought that he would never stop cumming and his cock stayed hard. We layed there for several minutes and then he started to pump me again. This time he lasted longer but only made it to about two minutes before filling my cunt with his hot sperm again. He said he was sorry for cumming too fast again. I told Hans not to worry, he could fuck me all weekend to get this out of his system. And Hans did, he fucked me alot over the next two days and I loved it! Hans got to about three minutes fuck time before blowing his wad and he banged me right up to just before the f****y got home. Then we fucked when noone was around which turned out to be alot.
Hans built up his confidence and soon had porked several girls at school, but lucky for me he still loved to fuck me. Many months later Hans had fucked about twenty five girls and his lovemaking skills were very good. I told my best friend, Janet, about my helping Hans build his confidence and she asked if she could help.
A couple of days later Janet had come over to the house and Hans came in from school. I introduced the two and they hit it off really well. Janet has huge boobs and Hans could not keep his eyes off of them. They flirted alot and soon they were making out and then were both naked and heading back to Hans room. I followed to see what was going to happen. I had never seen two people fuck before. Janets super wet pussy and Hans super hard cock made my pussy drip. Within a minute of getting on the bed Hans was deep in Janets pussy thrusting hard. Janets boobs jiggled everytime Hans bottomed out into her. Janet told me to get undressed which I did. I climbed on the bed and Hans pulled out of Janet and plunged into my hungry pussy. He banged me for a minute and then went back to Janet and blew a huge sticky load deep into her. Hans then pulled his cum covered cock out of Janet and slid it into me and layed there. I watched as his cum leaked from Janets hairy pussy. Hans told me to lick some of the cum from her pussy. I put my face to Janets pussy, I could smell her pussy and Hans sperm, I licked some of the cum. Hans started to bang me but blew his wad after only a minute. Janet moved in to clean my pussy, we were in a sixty nine position. I licked her clean as she licked me. I had never licked a pussy before.
I was Hans fuck bitch until the day he went back to Germany. Any time he wanted to fuck my pussy he did. We had many more threeways with Janet also. My pussy still waters when I think about Hans.
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2 years ago
Great story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
very nice of the lady to be so helpful
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Fantastic! Wish I had did an exchange...x