Their First Time

My friend Mary and I had decided to go for walk thru the woods-maybe a mile or so from our neighbor hood back to a secluded swimming hole where we were hoping to skinny dip and catch some sun. It was a very nice summer day. We are both in our late thirties and in good shape but we are not in our twenties any more.

When we got to the swimming hole there were about ten boys already there swimming. We thought that since we had walked that far we might as well sit by the water and get some sun on our legs. The boys were having a good time and keeping a close eye on us. One of them said that we could join them. We told them that we could not as we did not bring suits. He replied that they dont care, that they would remove their suits to make feel more at home. With that they moved over to us and started small talk. One of the boys said they would like to see us naked, they all giggled. They even offered us money. Mary and I looked at each other. Mary then said what would it hurt and lifted her top and bra, she went ahead and pulled her top completely off. I did the same. the boys could not keep their eyes off our boobs. Then they asked if they could touch them and we let them. All those hands on my tits got me very turned on and it turned the boys on too judging by the tents in their trunks. I felt good to be able to turn on a bunch of early teen boys. Then they wanted to see our pussies, we told them no. But they would not let up and finally wore Mary and I down and off came our shorts. The boys were pretty excited now and were looking over our bodies like we were aliens. We let them touch our bodies, fingres and hands were all over and inside me now. Having several boys sticking their fingures inside my pussy was really getting me turned on. One of the boys asked Mary if he could put his dick inside her pussy and she said yes. You could have heard a pin drop as everyone watched this k** slide his dick into Mary's wet pussy. I could not believe she let him do that, of course I could not believe I was sitting there naked and had let several boys feel me up. That k** moved back and fourth in Mary's pussy for about twenty seconds before he came. I thought he was going to pass out, the look on his face, he was really enjoying that orgasim. He pulled out and another boy dropped his pants and wanted to try and slid into her cute cunt. One of the boys asked me if he could put his dick in my pussy, I thought for minute and looked at Mary. mary said go ahead whats its going to hurt. I told the boy to go ahead. I guided his dick into my hungry pussy as the other boys watched. I could feel his little dick, it was so very hard. When he got all the way in I held him there, he looked into my eyes and I told him that it felt good. With that his dick started pulsing and I felt a jet of his hot cum flow into me causing my pussy to tighten its grip on him. He pumped a large amount of cum into me, it felt so good. He pulled out me and another boy wanted to be next. He pumped back and fourth a few times and added his cum to my pussy. Then he pulled out and another boy moved in and immediatly exploded deep inside me, I did not think he was going to stop cumming. He came so much I had to get in the water a rinse off my cunt. Mary did the same.

We were there about two hours and the boys fucked us the whole time. I had never been with a virgin before and all these boys were virgins. They were having fun doing different positions with us and going from me to Mary and back again. My pussy tingled as one boy after the other came inside me. All ten boys came in me several times, I bet between all of them there must have been a gallon of sperm pumped into my pussy. I even let a couple shoot into my mouth. I loved the feeling of their little very hard dicks in my pussy, the feel of their dicks throbbing as they pumped that hot sperm deep into me. The f***e of the jizz squirting into me caused me to orgasim several times. I still get very wet when I think about it.

This happened one more time that summer, me and Mary and two other women were down there already naked and drinking when a bunch of boys came up. That time it was around fifteen, only two of them were from the earlier meeting. But it was the same, lots of fucking. I had never even thought of a group encounter or fucking boys until that summer but now my pussy tingles whenever I think about it. Mary and I are looking to try four or five college boys next. I will let you know if we can make that happen.
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very good
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Oh god.....just how I like it...