Slipping it to Aunt Kay

I am only s*******n years old. I have had sex with my girlfriend a couple of times, not nearly enough. My parents wanted us all to go visit our grandparents. Aunt Kay and Uncle Will were going to be there with their k**s. After being there for several days I was getting bored and also very horny as I had almost private time-I could not jack off.
It was Thursady night and everybody decided to go see the Harry Potter movie. I volunteered to stay home thinking I might get some good jack off time. Aunt Kay then decided to stay home also. So everybody left, I parked myself in front of the TV and Aunt Kay said she was going to get in the shower. She came out of room with just a towel around her and went into the bathroom. Grand dads house is really old, the bed rooms are on one side of the house with one bathroom that has no shower, the shower is all the way on the other side so Aunt Kay had to walk past me.
She was in the shower maybe ten minutes then she was out. Aunt Kay had a towel wrapped around her body and one wrapped around her head. She sat on the couch next to me and asked what I was watching.
Aunt Kay is in her mid to late 40's, blonde hair, large tits. She has a school marm look to her. I had over heard mom and dad talking about her and my uncle having some marital troubles. I never ever thought about her and sex. Till now. The towel barely covered her up. She asked me questions about what I was watching and I noticed she moved her legs and towel, I could see some of her beaver. It had a light covering of dark hair, not thick. She busted me looking at her snatch and she asked me if I found her sexy as she opened her legs farther giving me an even better view of her wet pussy. My cock hardend right away. I looked up into her brown eyes and she smiled. I told her she was very sexy and hot. She then asked me if I wanted her, I told her yes. She then stood up and dropped her towel, her pussy looked great as did her boobs, I could smell her cunt. My cock got even harder. I stood up and she pulled my shorts down and knelt down and took my cock in her mouth, I told myself not to bust a nut in her mouth. She worked my cock over then she laid back on the couch and spread her legs wide. My cock was ready, but first I knelt down and ate her out. Aunt Kay moaned as I licked her clit. I stuck a couple fingers in her wet cunt. After a few minutes she said she wanted me inside her and pulled me up and guided my cock into her tight pussy. I slid easily into her till I was balls deep. I stopped there to enjoy the warmth and feel of Aunt Kay's wonderful pussy. I then started to slowly pump my s*******n year old cock in and out of her. I picked up speed and pumped her harder. She held me tight as she ripped off a huge orgasim. She screamed loud and pulled me deeper into her and held me super tight with both her arms and her cunt muscles. This caused me to explode with a huge gush of a month long build up of sticky hot jizz. She yelled that she could feel my hot cum flowing into her body, My cock kept squirting cum as her pussy kept a vise like lock on it. Finally it stopped and I pulled back and looked down at her snatch, cum was leaking out. My cum, I had just filled my aunt Kay's cunt full of my jizz! My sperm was swimming thru her body. I had made a woman old enough to be my mom cum! My dick was hard again and I pushed it back into aunt Kay's wonderful pussy. I banged her for much longer this time before blowing another deep in her cunt.
We sat on the couch for a while, I held her tight. After half an hour I fucked her for third time, again filling her deepest reaches with my sperm. She went to shower again before everybody got home. We fucked again two more times before I left to go home. Then every time they came to visit or we visit them Aunt Kay and I would find time to fuck. She and Uncle Will never got divorced but I got plenty of pussy time with her. She would tell me of other men she fucked during our fuck sessions. It made me more horny hearing her tell me about her adventures.
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3 years ago
very hot & sexy naughty & you got a great education
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story of a guy cumming of age.
3 years ago