The Trade

A while back me and a friend of mine and his twenty year old girlfriend went to the next town over from ours for a long weekend. We were putting away some drinks in the hotel bar when a couple of older men approached us.
My buddy, Mike, and I are twenty five and okay looking guys. Mike's girlfriend, Lisa, is a super hot twenty year old blonde, 100 lbs., nice "C" cup tits, about five foot tall. A petite thing that looks like she is ready to fuck. These men I am going to guess are in their fifties and over weight and they were somewhat d***k as were we. They said they wanted to watch us and video us fucking their wives and they would fuck do the same with Lisa. We turned them down, then they offered us money-five hundred dollars-okay, we will do it. They brought their wives over-also d***k and in their fifties, one was fat, tall, dark hair, huge tits. The other had salt and pepper hair, skinny, and short, she was probably hot when she was younger. We all went to thier room.
Once in the room, Mike was ready to fuck some strange and he went straight to the fat woman and started to make out with her and remove her clothes. One of the men had a camcorder and got right to taping. Mike had that woman's clothes off in no time and was eating her out. The skinny woman was all over me and pulled my pants down and started to suck my cock. We were soon both naked and in the sixty nine position. She had neatly trimmed dark haired cunt that was very wet and smelled really good. I was ready to fuck this winch when I looked over and mike was pile driving the fat lady. She was her back all spread eagle with her huge boobs bouncing as Mike laid pipe to her hairy cunt.
I laid back and the skinny woman got on top of me and lowered her old cunt down on my hard pole. Much to my surprise, her old cunt felt really good and tight. She worked my cock like a pro! She was back and forth and then up and down. I got my thumb on her clit and started to bang her pussy like it was a rental. I could tell she would not last long till she orgasimed and within a minute she screamed and clamped her pussy down around my cock as she came hard, I kept pounding up into her for a few more seconds when I could take no more and made one last thrust up that cunt pushing my cock head as deep in her snatch as I could and then flooding her insides with my cock sauce. I looked over and Mike had already drained his balls in the fat woman's cunt and cum was trickling down her crack and pooling on the bed.
Then I looked the other way and one of the men were on top of Lisa fucking her. Her pretty little body and cute shaved snatch looked out place with a big hairy old man banging on her. He had her ankles up by his chest as he drove his chubby cock into her. He was short stroked four more times and then drove deep, I could see his ball sack tighten and knew he was filling her cunt with his cum which came running out around his cock and dripping off his balls. He pulled out of lisa's well fucked cunt and the other man jumped in. After video taping all three women getting fucked, that man was not able to last long and he added his dick snot to the other cum already in Lisa's cunt.
My cock was already getting hard again and still in the skinny woman's cunt. There was knock at the door and it was another couple, older like in thier seventies, the men had invited for taping. Mike was not recovered and I knew the other men would not be ready anytime soon. The new old man peeled his clothes off and beelined straight for Lisa's gooey honeypot. The man zoomed in with the camera as the senior mounted her and started to fuck her like it was his last fuck. His old ball sack slapping her ass as he pounded away. It took two minutes for him to reach no return and he dumped his jizz deep in Lisa's fine pussy. He collasped on top of her and appeared to be in no hurry to remove his old cock from her tight young pussy.
I on the over hand was ready to bang his old lady to orgasim and spray as much of my DNA into her as I could. I pulled out of skinny and moved over and undressed the old woman. I knelt down and ate out her old hairy snatch. She got plenty wet and I pushed her onto her back and mounted her and slid my cock into her wet tunnel of love. I showed little mercy for her old cunt and banged it like a teenager. She came quickly and hard, she dug her nails into my back and her old pussy muscles tightened around my cock trying to hold it and pull me deeper into her cunt. I kept pounding, the woman screamed and wrapped her legs around mine. Her orgasim passed but she stayed wrapped around me as I fucked away on her old cunt, my balls getting ready to deliver their load. She spread her legs wider so I could get deeper in her cunt. I was now bottoming out against her old cervix, my balls were starting to boil so I made a few more thrust and pushed as deep into her old cunt as I could and then flooded her old womb with my sperm, she screamed out again as she felt my hot cum flowing inside her. My young sperm swimming thru her dusty womb. I could feel her cumming again, her pussy sucking more cum from my balls. We laid there, she asked for me to stay inside her so she could enjoy my young cock a little longer. The skinny woman got on the bed with us, fondling my drained balls. Mike was banging the fat woman for a second time and one of the old men was banging Lisa again.
I never saw any of the video that was made that night, I did get to Fuck Lisa later though it was not that good with all the cum already in her cunt. The old woman came back to our room with Lisa. Mike stayed with the fat men and fucked the skinny woman.

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3 years ago
hot story and very good.Thanks for sharing Z.
3 years ago
hot hot very good
3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
We old men need some lovin, too
3 years ago
of come on admit it you wanted to felch that old fuck bag.....Sweet
3 years ago
You should have fucked lisa the next day as well