Dogging with My Mother InLaw

My wife, Loni, and I have been married for about twenty years. We have been swingers, done swapping, and most recently we have taken up dogging. We both love it! It started out when some swinger friends of ours suggested we try it with them. First my wife just jacked off some guys, then she let some guys cum on her chest. Then she went to blowjobs and swallowed. Then Loni fucked a guy and made him pull out and spew on her bush. Then she went for one guy fucking her and cumming inside. Then she went for everybody fucking and cumming in her. She has even sucked cum out of another womans pussy. I enjoy watching her being used by strangers and I have even acted like one of the guys and fucked her and some other women doggers. I love the feel of a pussy full of several other men's cum.
We have several other couples we do this with and several places we do this at. We love it!
My mother inlaw, Mary, came to live with us for awhile so we had to cool our hobby. After about a month of no dogging and very little sex between Loni and I we started to get up tight. Mary said we should invite some friends over which we did. During the dinner conversation the word dogging came up twice, as these were the friends we dogged with, we downplayed it and thought that Mary did not catch it. After the company left we all went to bed. Next morning at breakfast Mary asked Loni what dogging was. Loni tried to explain it as best she could and make it not sound slutty, after all it was her mom. Mary said it sounded very interesting and said we should all go tonight so she could see Loni in action. Loni and I were so horny and both in need of a release we thought what the heck.
That evening we all three packed up and went to go dogging. Loni thought that I should stay back with Mary and she would jack off a couple of guys and we could call it good, maybe have Mary drink some and we could come home and Mary would go to bed and we could come back and get after some serious dogging for an hour or so.
Mary and I watched as Loni went to meet her friend and several men came up and the fun started. Loni had a cock in each hand and was jacking them off. Her friend was completly naked, taking one cock up the cunt and one in her mouth. My cock was so hard it hurt, and I noticed that Mary was getting turned on by what she was seeing. Her breathing and her hand moved to her crotch. Mary is seventy years old and I would have never thought of her as wanting sex. Her husband has been dead for several years and I have never heard her mention sex at all. mary and I had been sharing some wine. All of a sudden Mary said she wanted to try this and off she went.
Mary walked up to the blanket that the other two women were on and removed her top and bra. I walked up thinking maybe I could fuck Loni or the other woman. Mary had some large tits, a man came to her and offered her his cock which she played with and then took it in her mouth and started to give a pretty good blow job. Loni and I looked at each other and shrugged. Loni removed her clothes and got on all fours and a man quickly mounted her doggy style and started to bang away, just what Loni wanted. Mary stood up and removed her pants and panties, revealng a huge overgrown light brown bush surrounding a very wet wide open pussy. She laid on her back and spread her legs wide and one of the men mounted her and pounded away on her, her big tits jiggle to his thrust. The man fucking Loni filled her pussy with his cum and walked away. She offered up her creamy cunt to another man who jumped at the chance to get in her. I dropped my pants so I could be ready for the cunt to come open. The man banging Mary was really going after it. Mary hit her orgasim hard and at that same time the man plunged into her deep and flooded her old cunt full of his young sperm. He got of Mary and walked away, another man mounted up, the other woman took a load and was no ready for another so I got in and banged away slowly so I could enjoy her cunt. I picked up speed and soon pumped a huge load deep in her. I pulled my cock out and watched the cum gush from her cunt and run down her leg. The man fucking Mary dumped a large load in her cunt and then smeared all that was leaking out around her bush, cum in a bush is a real turn on for me, My cock got hard again and Mary asked me if I wanted to give it a try, she rubbed her fingers thru her bush smearing more sperm. She pulled me over and said she wanted me to fuck her and guided my cock into her cunt. It was very warm and wet, and to my surprise, tight! I fucked her hard and she held me tight pushing her boobs against my chest. I banged her sloppy cunt very hard and she told me she was really enjoying it. After four minutes my balls started to load my wad. Fucking tis old woman was some of the best pussy I have ever been in. I finally had a full load ready shoot and my balls started to boil, I pushed deep into Mary's cunt and unloaded my balls deep in her, she came at the same time. I stayed in her pussy letting my cock deflate and watched as Loni took her fifth load in her pussy and her friend was getting her cunt filled by a really wierd looking dude. I looked back at Mary and she smiled and said that was some really good cock I just gave her and that she was going to want more. Then Mary told me to get up so someone else could get some before we had to go. I pulled out and smeared my gooey cock around her bush leaving globs of sperm. Another man jumped in there and spewed his load really quickly.
All the men were done and we cleaned up and dressed and walked back to our car. We smelled like fuck and showered when we got home. All three of us got in the same bed together and I fucked Loni hard as I like to do after dogging, but I had to fuck Mary too, I had two sloppy pussies to bang which I did with a smile. I dumped a load in each pussy and we went to sl**p. The rest of the time Mary stayed with us we fucked alot-we also did alot of dogging. Mary with her old hairy cunt got just as many loads of jizz dumped in it as Loni did with her cute little shaved pussy.
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4 days ago
really sexy. MIL is a big fantasy of mine.
4 months ago
I am lucky enough to have a very sexy MIL and would gladly suck and fuck her any time.
4 months ago
Like Mother, like Daughter.... Both are sexy Cum Sluts.
1 year ago
2 years ago
very considerate of you man
2 years ago
nice story Sir.
3 years ago
Great passtime, I can recommend it.
3 years ago
keep it in the family
3 years ago
3 years ago
now thats a good son-in-law very hot
3 years ago
very hot story. did they suck any cum from each other pussies.
3 years ago
mmmm very hot loved it, any more
3 years ago
very good, such a sweet son in law.
3 years ago