My Babysitter

My wife's older s****r came to stay with us for a week or two. She and her husband were having some marital troubles. My s****r inlaw, Lori, is three years older than my wife, bottle blonde hair, b cup tits, around 130 pounds, 5 foot 5 inches tall and brown eyes. Lori looks alot like my wife and I have always wanted to pork her.
My wife, Lisa, and I have done some swinging and swapping and I have cheated on her too and from what I understand Lori and her husband have done all the above also. So I figured I stood a pretty good chance of blowing a wad in Lori. Lori and Lisa wanted to go dancing and drinking so we called our babysitter, Jenny, to come over and out we went.
Lori and Lisa d***k alot, I mean they got hammered and I was figuring I was going to get laid by both women. The men flirted and I kept buying drinks and the girls got horny. Soon we called a cab and went home. The girls were so wasted the cab driver had to help me carry them in the house. Once in I tipped the driver and Jenny help the rest of the way. We guided them to the bed and we removed their tops, and then the mini skirts. Neither woman was wearing bras or panties, they were both face down on the bed with their legs spread just wide enough to give one a shot of beaver. Jenny commented on how cute beavers are when they are peaking out from underneath like that.
Jenny had been drinking and wanted to talk to me. Jenny just turned s*******n, she had dirty blonde hair that went to her butt and was braided, stood about 4 foot 10 inches tall, had really cute titties and a great cowgirl ass with big brite brown eyes. She was having troubles with her boyfriend. We got into a deep discussion and she was putting away the drinks. She wanted to cheat on him to get even for him cheating on her. I told her that would be a problem as sl**ping with anybody word would get around school and cause her more problems, I suggested she fuck someone not connected with school and would keep their mouth shut.
I fixed us some more drinks and we talked a little longer. Jenny then asked if I woulf fuck her, she trusted me not to spread it around that we fucked. I had not thought about fucking Jenny but I was really horny. Jenny then said that I could fuck her good and then go and fuck the two passed out women. I thought for a moment, my dick hardend, my balls were numb, this would work out real good for me. I said lets do it and we both removed our clothes and got in the 69 position.
Jenny had a cute little cunt and it smelled as good as it tasted. I wanted to bury my whole head in her cunt. She was dripping wet as I worked her clit with my tounge. She was going crazy, she said no one ever ate her cunt that good before. She said she could not wait any longer and got on top of me and lowered her fine cunt down on my cock. I slid easily into her hot wet tight snatch. She wasted no time and went right into fucking me hard. She had a huge orgasim two minutes in and then I flipped her so I could be on top and pile drove my cock into her hardcore. Her tight little cunt and her body were the stuff of dreams. And she thought I was a fuck god. After several more minutes my numb nuts started to build a load, a huge load. They tingled and I soon pushed as deep as I could into Jenny's hot cunt and flooded her insides with my DNA. The feel of my cum flowing into her caused her to orgasim again. We both collasped, my cock stayed in her tight little cunt.
Jenny said I was the best fuck she had ever had and she wanted more, she said I could fuck whenever and where ever I wanted. I told her I would take her up on that offer, but I wanted to fuck my s****r inlaw before the liquor wore off. My whisky dick was still hard when I pulled it out of Jenny and I went to stick in Lori. Jenny followed me into the bed room, I spread Lori's legs so I could get access, Jenny guided my cock into Lori's pussy. My cock was coated with Jenny's cunt juice and my ball juice so it slid easily into Lori's cunt. I banged around in her for a few minutes and then thought I should fuck my wife too. So I switched over to Lisa's cunt and banged that for a minute. Then I went back to Lori. Jenny was kissing me and rubbing me making me get closer to cumming. My balls started to tingle and I pushed deep into Lori and drained my balls deep into her cunt. When I pulled out Jenny cleaned me up with her mouth.
We put some panties on the girls and got them under the covers so they would not know I fucked them while they were passed out. My cock was done for the night and I needed to sl**p, Jenny went home.
The next morning, I was up and fixed breakfast for Lori and Lisa. They were up and had nothing but t-shirts on, I kept getting beaver shots and made a comment that they should cover up or else I would fuck them both. They both smilled and dared me too. I could not believe it, next thing I know we were fucking like there was no tomorrow. I banged Lori, then Lisa, then back again. Soon I blew a large load of jizz deep into Lori. She said that she wanted to get back at her husband and thanked me. We fucked several more times during her stay.
I fucked Lori and Jenny many more times after that for many years. My wife seemed to get a kick out of sharing me with her s****r. Jenny was a great ego boost for me. If you guys ever get the chance to blow your wad in some s*******n year old pussy or your s****r inlaw's pussy-do it!!
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2 years ago
two of my dreams!
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
As always a great story. thanks for sharing
3 years ago
Great story, made me very horny. thanks!