My First Time Dogging

My aunt Beca is only 32 years old. We get along great-she lets us drink when we are there. She loves to talk about sex also. Beca has long black hair, a really nice body, boobs that are a c cup and blue eyes. Guys are always hitting on her.
It was the middle of summer and my parents were going out of town for the weekend so I had to go stay with Aunt Beca. I was only sixteen and I got to bring my friend Lori. Lori was sixteen also, she has blonde hair, a great body also, nice boobs and blue eyes, people think we are s****rs as I look just like her. We have bben friends along time. We both get hit on alot and we have had many boy friends and we have both had sex many times.
When arrived at Beca's house she was already drinking and said she wanted us to go with her to meet some friends. We got in the car and drove out to field where we met up with two other women who were pretty also. We started drinking and they were talking, Lori and I were not sure what was going on. It was starting to get dark and some men walked up and started to talk. The men were older and flirty. Then one of the women knelt down on her knees and started to give a man a blow job. As she worked his pecker in her mouth another man pulled her shorts down and fingered her twat. Four more men walked up and pulled down their pants. Beca and the other woman started to suck those cocks. Lori and I stood back and watched. More men walked up, Beca and the other women were naked and the men were all around them. Then the fucking started, I had never seen people fuck like this. It was making Lori and I horny, then a couple of the men started to work on us.
I let this fat man who was old enough to be my dad take my clothes off and finger my pussy while I played with his cock. I took his cock in my mouth, I could taste his pre-cum and smell his sweaty balls. His cock was hard as a rock and this made me super wet. Everybody else was getting fucked so I wanted mine. I got on all fours and the man got behind me and pushed his cock into my wet pussy. I had never fucked a complete stranger before nor had I fucked in a group but I was really liking this. The man thrust in and out of me. I loved how hard he was being with me. I could feel his balls slapping against my cunt. I could feel my orgasim building when the man grabbed ahold of my hips and held me tight, I could feel his cock twitching inside of me and then felt his warm cum flood into my body causing me to orgasim. As soon as his balls were drained he pulled out and was gone, I rolled over onto my back just in time for another man to mount me and fuck me good and deep. That man soon nutted a huge load deep in me-I loved it.
Now I looked around and noticed several more men were here along with a couple more women. All the women were getting lots of cock, all the women had cum dripping from their snatch. Lori and I figured we were here to please and we were going to do our best. We started to work together and were really having fun. The men would fuck Lori for a few minutes and then they would switch to me. We licked each others pussy.
That was the first time I went dogging but not the last. I dont know how many loads I swallowed or how many loads I took in my cunt but I loved it! When we got home we told Beca to take us again which we did the next night.
I do not know how many men pumped their cum into me that weekend but I have done it many times since then. I love the feel of a stranger spraying his cum deep in me and knowing that I brought him great pleasure.
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8 months ago
Really want to go to England and experience this myself!
3 years ago
very good but condoms are a must
3 years ago I know what it is..thanks for sharing.
good story
3 years ago
very nice