How I lost My Virginty

When I hit puberty I could not jack off enough. I spent most of my time spanking my meat and trying to sneak peaks at my mom and older s****r naked. I loved looking at women naked, seeing their boobs and bush. I would stay the night with friends and sneak a peak at their moms. One night I spent with my friend Jay, I got up to get a drink of water and his mom was sitting in the kitchen, her robe was kinked just right to give me a wide open view of her wonderful red haired snatch, her lips open. I wacked off to that view many times.
At f******n, my friend Linda who lived a couple of houses down played a game of "show me yours and I will show mine". She jacked me off and I got to stick my fingers in her pussy.
At that same time in my life, my dad was traveling alot leaving mom home alone. We had a pool and mom would invite her friends over. One of her friends was named Lisa, and she was super hot. Lisa was so hot that I would not go near the pool because I would just get a boner looking at her. She was thirty years old, blonde hair, and a body to die for. Her husband Jack was a good looking guy also, I think mom really liked him. My mom was pretty hot also but not as hot as Lisa.
This one night, Lisa and Jack had come over and they were swiming in the pool with mom and they were all drinking pretty heavy. I was staying away and had yet to jack off for the evening. I went downstairs to get a soda, as I approached the kitchen I over heard Lisa and mom talking. Lisa said that she and Jack had been trying to get pregnant but Jack's sperm were getting the job done and she was looking for a doner. I proceeded into the kitchen and Jack made the comment that a good one just walked in. I grabed a soda and turned around and walked out, eyeing Lisa and mom in their bikinis. Jack asked me to come back, which I did.
Jack started to ask me some questions and mom and Lisa just winked at other and smiled. I noticed that all three were pretty d***k. Jack asked me if I had ever had sex before and if I would like to have sex right now with Lisa. I thought nthat he was joking and asked him if we were going to do it on the kitchen table or if I could take her back to my room. Everyone laughed and Jack said on the table so mom and him could watch. I told Jack to quit bullshitting and at that point is when Lisa got up and took off her bikini showing the hottest most beautiful bodies I had ever seen. She ahd perfect boobs and a mouth watering snatch that was neatly trimmed. Lisa laid back on the table and spread her legs, my cock got so hard it hurt, I could not believe what I was seeing. Mom and Jack sat there smiling real big. Jack said for me to jump on and enjoy. I was not sure what to do, mom came over and pulled my shorts down and stroked my cock. This is something I had always dreamed about. Mom pushed me over and told me to get after it. I climbed up on the table and Lisa pulled me over and guided my cock into her very wet pussy. I pushed into her and I must say it was the most incredible feeling. The most beautiful woman in the whole world was taking my virginity. I started to pump her, my dick hurt so bad I could not wait to blow my wad, I pumped in and out several times and heard Lisa moan and that was it took for my cock to explode. I came so hard I thought I would pass out. Lisa held me tight the whole time. My cock stayed hard and I started to fuck her some more. Her pussy was the greatest. I looked over and saw that Jack was fucking my mom. They were on the table across from Lisa and I. I watched the look on mom's face and the way her boobs jiggled as Jack pounded away on her. Lisa was thrusting her hips fucking me. All this was more than I could take and I pumped another huge load deep into Lisa, at that same time Jack flooded mom's cunt with his seed.
Jack gave me a high five as he got off mom. I pulled my limp dick from Lisa's tight snatch, still not believing I just nutted twice deep in her. Jack got a beer and handed me one also. I drank it and watched the two women sitting on the table talking. Jizz was dripping from both pussys. Jack and I joined the conversation. Of course it was sex talk and soon my dick was hard. Jack's dick was hard also and he said we should switch.
I was not sure about fucking my mom but once I got up close to her pussy I could not resist, mom pulled me onto her and my cock slid easily into her jizz soaked cunt. I started to pound her and got a good rythum going, mom was moaning and I was watching her boobs jiggle when she grabbed me tight and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she screamed, she was having an orgasim which caused me to blow my wad deep in her, I think that made her cum harder. She held me tight for several minutes, my cock stayed hard and I could feel another load building as Jack and Lisa fucking was making me horny. Jack and lisa both orgasimed at the same time. I was banging mom again and nearing another nut when Jack got up and Lisa was open. I stopped fucking mom and moved over to Lisa and pump her for a minute and then drained what was left in my balls into her.
I went to my room and Lisa followed, mom and Jack went to mom's room. Lisa and I fell asl**p and when I woke the next morning I had a huge boner which I stuck in Lisa and drained my balls, I did not even pump her and she did not wake up. Everybody was hungover and still naked, mom was cooking breakfast. Lisa just smilled and said she was hoping that I had knocked her up. We all ate breakfast and Jack and Lisa went home but said that I would need to come over and do Lisa several more times, which I agreed to.
Mom told me she was d***k and did not mean to fuck me or for Lisa to fuck me either. I told it was a dream come true and I loved every minute of it. She told me that was great and asked if I would fuck every now and then because she liked it also and wanted to teach me about women and how to fuck. I told her I can not wait to get started.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
that was such a hot story. that would have been awesome.
3 years ago
As always your writing is great.Such a good way to
learn about sex.
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story, so hard. is there more?
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Good story. Got me super hard haha