Pussy Power

I learned at an early age, around ten, that I had a power over men, that I could have any man that I want and that I could get men to do what I want. At 12 I lost my virginity to a college boy. I had him believing that I was much older-that same summer I fucked a married man at a block party at my aunts house. I learned how to please a man and learned that I get great satisfaction from pleasing men. I learned that my pussy and my body could be used to control men. I learned how to give the best blow jobs and how to best use my pussy, I love the feel of a man pumping his hot semen deep in my tight little cunt. My mom put me on the pill after I told her that all the girls were on it to control their periods.
Now I know what you are thinking, but you are wrong. i am 4foot 11 inches tall. I weigh about 89lbs. I have been a cheerleader since sixth grade. I have nice medium size breast and a great ass. Long natural blonde hair and green eyes. Everyone thinks I could be a model and I have done modeling. I also have a 4.0 grade point average and take all honors classes.
By the time I turned 13 I had already fucked twenty two men-all of them were over twenty and all of them thought that I was 20. The summer of my 13th year was great as I spent half the summer at grandmas and part of the summer at my aunts and then some time at camp. Grandma had several men she was fucking and thought that I was clueless to her sexcapades. At grandmas I boned many men-so many I lost count. Most were married, and over fifty. I would walk down town and just meet a man and strike up conversation about something and then turn the conversation to sex. I would tell them about my k**s and my husband and how crappy my sex life is. Within ten to fifteen minutes of meeting one of these guys I would have my skirt up and they would pushing their cock into me. two minutes later my cunt would be full of hot sticky spunk and I would have a smile on my face and the men go back to their world dreaming about the time they boned some ultra hot married woman with all kinds of problems.
At my aunts house I would go to the clubs with my cousons. I would end up out back fucking some loser. I was walking through the woods and came upon two construction workers and fucked them-I fucked those two guys everyday for two weeks, those two men never asked for my name!
This continued until I turned sixteen and got my drivers license. Then I was able to drive all over to search for cock. I fucked men in parking garages, mall parking lots, and behind bars. I fucked men in dressing rooms, in clubs, at the rec center, and at a country club. I learned about adult book stores and the rooms with the glory holes, oh wow do I love the glory holes. I can suck and fuck and nobody ever sees me! I can stay at the glory hole for hours, my record so far is ten loads swallowed and ten loads in my cunt! I can not tell you just how much I love the feel of an older strangers cock pumping my cunt full of his hot sticky semen.
I am 17 now, almost 18. I have my college picked out. I am going into law and will be attending an Ivy Leauge College. I plan on getting as much cock as I can while I am away at college. maybe one of those men will be one of you guys.

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3 years ago
good but not enough details