Shopping Day With Granny

One summer day When I was fifteen my mom sent over to my granny's house to help her go shopping. I had brought my friend Joe and granny had her friend Maggie join us. We set off to the mall. My granny looks like Mrs. Howell off of Gilligans Island if any of you remember that show. She was about five foot five, small boobs-b cup I think, bottle blonde hair. She was very upscale classy looking lady. Her friend Maggie was much the same way. We must have a million stores that day. Granny and Maggie were drinking the whole time. When we finally got back to Granny's house Joe and I were tired and Granny and Maggie were buzzed. They wanted to try on the clothes they had bought and wanted us to see them.
They started to change clothes right in front of us! First they had changed pants and shirts, but I still got a massive boner as did Joe. I have always peaked at my mom and s****rs when they were changing clothes. I guess you could say I was always a pervert but I think of more as I was always horny and just wanted see some pussy. When both women were standing there in just their bra and panties I could see the dark hair of their bush and the dark around their nipples. Joe and I kept looking at each other and smilling. I dont think these women understood what effect they were having over young boys like us. They changed a couple of times and our dicks were starting to hurt. Maggie then looked over and must have saw the tent in our pants. She leaned over and whispered something in Granny's ear and granny looked over and then smiled real big.
Here are two fifteen year old boys about to nut in their pants watching two mature women change clothes. The women stood there and smiled and both slowly removed their bras and played with their boobs. Granny said is this what you boys want to see? We both shook our heads yes, the women continued to play with their boobd making their nipples hard. Joe then asked if they could take their panties off. The women said they would but we could never tell anybody. Again we both shook our heads yes and off came the panties. I could not believe I was looking at naked women, two bare pussies. Granny pussy had a nice brown bush, and one could clearly see her pink moist lips, she was very wet. Maggie had black hair for her bush and was very wet also. The women seemed to be enjoying showing off their pussies to us. They were pulling their lips apart and putting their fingers inside. I was starting to think that I was going to explode. Maggie then looked over at granny and said that they should not leave us all worked up. Granny agreed, and both women came over to us. Maggie came to me and asked if I had been with a woman? I said no, granny asked Joe and he said no. They said for us to remove our clothes and we did.
Maggie took my little cock and put it her mouth, the warmness and her tonuge felt great. Granny was doing the same for Joe. Maggie then laid on her back on the floor and spread her legs, she said for me to explore her body. I looked at her cunt, the whispy dark hair, her moist pink pussy lips, her pussy was opened enough for me to see inside a little. My dick was hurt real bad now. Granny was laying right there also doing the same for Joe. I could granny's wet pussy too. I could smell both womens pussy. I watched as Joe pushed his finger into granny's pussy, then another and another and started to work them in and out. I did the same to Maggie, three fingers in and out. Maggie reached down and moved her hand across her pussy and was rubbing it. I pulled my fingers out and smelled them. Maggie pulled me on top of her and guided my little dick into her cunt. It slid easily into her. It was the most wonderful feeling. I got as deep as my balls would let me go and stayed there enjoying my first feel of pussy. Maggie told me that I felt great inside her. I started to pump in and out and in about a minute my dick exploded inside her. She pulled me deeper into her as my dick pumped alot of goo in her. I was embarresed as I was not sure that that was suppossed to happen. About then Joe did the same thing inside granny. I had jacked off alot and knew what squirted out of my dick when I came but I was not sure if that was supposed to go inside a woman. Granny told us that women like it wwhen men squirt inside. My dick was still hard and was getting harder watching these two womens pussy's and talking about sex.
Granny said we should do it again but this time she wanted me and pulled me over to her. I watched as Joes dick dissapeared into Maggie's cunt and then I watched my own dick dissappear into granny's pussy. It felt just like Maggie's pussy. I banged away on granny for a little bit then told granny that I was going to cum again and she said she wanted to feel me cum in her so to let it flow. I pushed as deep as I could and granny held me tight and blew a huge wad in her. As I came she said she coould feel it and she was very happy. She said for me to stay in her, not pull out as she loved feeling a man deflate inside her. Joe came in Maggie and they laid there also. We all started talking some more. My dick was still inside granny and it got hard again as we talked. Just thinking about it made me cum again, granny looked at me and said she could feel that. The women got up and were putting the items they bought back in the sacks and cleaning up, they were still naked. My dick got hard again and I was able to dump that load in Maggies pussy. We all dressed, the women said they can not remember ever getting fucked so much in one sitting. They said they loved how we kept getting boners and cumming in them, It made them feel young and attractive. Joe and I kept fucking Maggie and granny for the next several years. Then Joe moved away and I had to fuck them both on my own which was okay with me. I fucked granny for the next fifteen years till she died. I fucked Maggie for about two more years after that till she died. Those two women sure loved cock!

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2 years ago
It was surely a very god education for the boys, and a great pleasure for the grannies. lovely.
2 years ago
i kove these grannys, i wanna fuckem. good story
3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
See Granny can do a lot more than make cookies.
Who better the teach young men ?
Great Story.
3 years ago
nice story