My First BBC

My husband and I have owned this department store in this small town for over thirty years and his dad had owned it for fifty years before us. Its a small store in a small town. I keep myself in very good shape working out with a trainer several days a week and have for most of my life. I have to say I am not bad looking for being seventy years old. I have always been hit on and have had my share of affairs. I am not a slut but I have enjoyed some strange every now and then.
I am about four foot ten, ninety two pounds, gray blonde hair, "b" cup boobs and green eyes. I have two other ladies, Emma and Mary, that work for me and we have a great time and are close. They are around my same age. We flirt with the men and take care of the ladies. A while back I hired this k** to come work for me. He was in his mid teens and would come in after high school. Big tall black k**, about six foot two and around two hundred pounds. I wanted him to help with the heavy stuff and to clean. He fit right in with us and we all had a good time.
One day the ladies and I got to talking about our first time to have sex. We talked and this k**, William, started to blush. I asked Bill about his first time and he said he still has not had it yet. Later when William was not around the ladies and I were talking about how big William cock must be and what a waste it was that he was not out having sex. We all blushed when Emma said she would not mind giving William his first taste as we were all thinking the same thing. Mary chimed in that she had never wanted a black man but she had always wondered what it would be like.
After that little conversation I kept thinking about William and getting to be his first though I was sure he would not want a little old white woman to be his first. Then late one Saturday William and I were working cleaning out the back store room. I had on some shorts and a tank top, no bra or panties as it was hot. I noticed William seemed to peeking at me, down my top and up my shorts too. I decided to give him a little show and the huge bulge that grew in his pants made me dripping wet.
Finally, I asked William if he was okay and then apoligized for my lack of dress and having my boobs hanging out. William said it was okay, he liked my body and thought I was a very good looking woman. I quized William some more about being a virgin and that I had never been a first for a man and that we ought to help each other out. William laughed and said that a woman as pretty as me would never go for a k** like him. I explained to William that sex is to be fun and enjoyed. So then William said that he had a girlfriend that wanted to have sex with him but he was afraid as he had never had sex and that he might mess up but he really wanted to have sex with her. He asked if I could give him some pointers. After trying to explain a few things to William, I came to realize I was going to have to show him some stuff. I pulled my top off and then my shorts so that I could go over the female body. After going over several things I asked William to take off his clothes so I could show a few more.
This k** took his clothes off and I almost fell over. His cock was beautiful and huge. It was ten inches and so big around I could get my hand around it. And the biggest set of balls I have ever seen. I was trying to act all professional and like no big deal but my pussy wanted this cock. I decided to show him about oral sex and took that wonderful cock into my mouth. The salty taste and the taste of his precum made me even more horny. After a minute of oral I spread my legs wide right in front of him, his cock inches from my snatch. I opened my pussy to show him my vagina hoping telling him this is where his cock should go. He said his cock would never fit in there and I told him it would and it would be the incredible feeling ever and he would want it over and over. He said he did not believe me, I told him to try it, just push it in a little and see for himself.
So William got on top of me and positioned his cock right at my pussy and I guided him in. He pushed in a little way and then pulled back out. He did this a couple of times till it was half way in. I was about to explode a huge orgasim having that monster inside me. William laughed and said that does feel really good. He asked if he could push it all the way in. I told him that I guess it would be okay but only for a second or two. He pulled back and pushed it forward going all the way in to the hilt his cock hitting the top of my vagina. He pulled back and thrust back in again. Then again, he started to pickup the pace quickly. All I could do was hold on to this huge man as he pumped and abused my vagina with his monster cock. He seemed to be auto pilot nd mu pussy was loving it, my body was loving it. Then, I felt his cock starting to swell and his breathing got more heavy. Then he made a deep thrust and I felt his cock start to throb and pulse and that warm wet feeling flowed thru out my body causing my own orgasim to crash thru me. My pussy drank every rope of his cum as it left his wonderful cock, my womb now full of his black seed.
As soon as I was sure every drop of his jizz was inside of me I let him get up and pull out. I quickly put my legs together to keep as much of his fluid inside me, not sure why but it is something I have always done. I guess I just love sperm and the thought of it swiming thru out my body makes me tingle all over. We talked for several minutes about what had just happened and then his cock was hard again. I invited him to fuck me again so that I could get some more of that young black jizz. This time he lasted much longer and was still able to pump out a huge load deep inside me.
After that evening William was a different man, he was a man. I had told Mary and Emma about what had happened between William and I and how great it was to have such a large inside me spraying my insides with that wonderful spunk. Emma took William on next, he fucked her silly. Then Mary took him on and she is still walking a little funny. Thing is now we have a big strong young man to help us around the store, and he can fuck each of us whenever we want. William can take care of a few needs our husbands just cant fill. Emma, Mary, and I are now three very happy ladies whebn we are work. William is a great young man out sewing his wild oats and pleasing three very horny old ladies, and a few very special customers.
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5 months ago
not usualy a fan of black on white, but this one is a good job well written