That's My Boy!!

I knew mom had been out late, I knew she probably came home d***k. I was hoping that she was alone. I walked down the quite dark hallway with just my boxers on trying to be very quite listening. As I came to mom's bedroom door it was open and a light on her dresser was on. I peeked around the corner and found mom alone, naked on her bed. It looked as if she had sat on the edge of the bed and then just laid back, her feet still on the floor and her open showing off her pussy.
This was new, as mom would come in and get under the covers. Very rare for her to lay naked on top of the covers. I could tell by her breathing that she was in deep sl**p. So I carefully moved towards her to get a better look at mom's twat. Mom was about five foot two and maybe 140 pounds, she did have "D" cup tits and dark curly hair and big brown eyes. Now I am looking at her dark hair snatch up close. Her pussy lips slightly parted showing a little pink. My cock is now rock hard as I lean over and take a wiff of her aroma. My first smell of pussy, my cock grows even harder. I reach over and touch her pubes, they are soft. I am very careful not to wake mother as I continue to inspect her pussy. I lightly I touch her pink lips, they are wet, I push softly and my finger goes between her lips, a little more and my finger is almost inside so I push a little harder and my finger is in up to middle knuckle. I pull it out and place it to my nose and inhale. Mom's sweet pussy smell fills my head and my mind starts to race as my cock hardens even more.
I decide to push my luck even more, mom has not moved since I began my inspection. I pull my cock out and figure I will stroke it and jizz on mom's bush. As I slowly stroke, I decide to rub my pecker head thru her bush. That feels real good, so I decide to rub it between her pussy lips, that feels even better. I become brave and decide to push my cock just a little way into her. I push just the tip in, but then push it a little farther to half way then I decide to go for it and I push it all the way in. The feeling is the best I had ever felt. Mom's cunt is holding my cock tight and I am just soaking it all in thinkng about how my cock is now right where I started. I pull back just a tad and forward again. All of this is more than I can handle and my cock starts to squirt mom's cunt full of my jizz. I keep my cock in mom till all is calm again. Mom is still snoozing so I think more about her pussy and tits. I slowly move my cock around and after another minute I am ready to nut again so squirt more jizz deep into my mom's cunt. I remove my cock and inspect mom's cunt. It is now dripping with my cream. I go back to my room satisfied.
The next day mom never said a thing, she does not know I creamed her cunt twice last night. Then mom tells me that she and Aunt Kate are going out tonight and I should not wait up. I m thinking that I can some more pussy. I wave as Mom and Aunt Kate get into the cab. About one they show up so d***k they can hardly stand. I wait for them to go to sl**p.
When all is quite I sneak down the hall to mom's room, sporting a huge boner and full jizz balls. I am surprised to find mom and Aunt Kate both naked on the bed, again like both had sat on the edge and fell backwards to sl**p leaving their sweet cunts in the right spot for my easy access. I inspected both pussys and decided I should try to fuck both as the women seemed completely out of it. I carefully went thru the same steps as I had the night before with mom. I was able to stick my cock in and cum in both mom's and Aunt Kate's cunts. I felt pretty good about this latest adventure. The next morning neither woman said anything. I was so good at sneaking a poke!
That was that till the next weekend when granny came over. Granny is in her late fifties and has big boobs like mom. Mom and granny go out and come back snockered and again they both fall asl**p just like I was hoping. I sneak in and again fuck both women and jizz inside both women. Next morning nobody knows what I have done. Aunt Kate, Aunt Peg, And Aunt Marge all come over. I am getting ready to leave as this is to many women when I overhear them say if they could get a boy to ave sex with so they would not have to run around and deal with all the losers. Then I heard granny say my name but I did not hear all that she said. I walked into the kitchen and everybody is looking at me with coy smiles. I felt like they were going to eat me. Then granny said that I was getting good at sneaking pokes. I tried to act I did not know what she was talking about. Then mom and Aunt Kate both said they knew I was sneaking pokes and nutting inside them.
I was embarrassed and started to tell them I was sorry but then they said I did not have to sneak around. I was confused till mom said that they wanted me to be their sex toy. They had planned this all out to see if I would go for it and after I had busted one in granny they knew I up for it. A young man like me should be able to handle all of their needs and they could quit haing to mess around with assholes just to get a good fuck. Aunt Marge said they would train me to know all I needed to please them. I told them I was ready to get started and we all undressed. I heard mom say "Thats my boy!" as I dropped my pants showing off my hard cock. Sometimes it is good to be the only man in the house!
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5 months ago
I wish that happened to me good story
5 months ago
great story it is a family of very horny people the lucky man:)
5 months ago
Excellent story!!
5 months ago
Great story! It brought back memories. I fucked my mother twice when she came home stone drunk with her boyfriend. Also, he would usually be laying on the couch naked and passed out with his cock for staring right at me. I have taken the opportunity a few times to lift his cock and taste my Mom's dried pussy juices right from the cock that just fucked her. He even started to get hard in my mouth one time, so I think he either knew I was sucking his cock, or he thought she was, but he did not open his eyes to check it out.
Those were very HOT times in my young 15 year old life.
By the way, I did shoot a big load of cum all over my Mom's pussy before I left them to sleep it off!!!