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So the other day I walken thru the woods without much to when this guy and his wife come up to me. Very rarely do I run into people in the woods but here is this couple, I mean an older couple I am guessing in their mid fifties and looking like they have a education and maybe some money. The guy sttarts in about how would I like to make twenty dollars and I bite. He says all I have to do is fuck his old lady while he watches, like right now and all. His old lady is not all that bad looking, blonde hair, kinda skinny, blue eyes, nice tits, and she is wearing some kind of long little house on the prarie dress. I have been on a masive dry spell for a couple of months and figure what the hell. I tell the guy I will do it but he can not touch me and I ask if she is okay. He says he has had this fetish to see his wife get fucked and creampied by a complete stranger for a long time and she finally gave in. So they came up here and spied me and thought I would be perfect for the job.
Well the pussy gods have smiled upon me. We walked a short distance to make sure we secluded and the woman found a flat rock to lay on and lifted her dress. This woman was not bad looking at all and her pussy was hardly wrinkled or sagging. I asked for some lube, and the guy only had a small thing of vasoline which I placed on my cock head and pushed inside her cunt. AsI pounded this woman the man had his cock out and stroking it like mad. I built up a good load and pushed in as deep as I could and drained my balls then pulled out. The man immediatly moved in and ushed his smallish cock into her and blew a nut inside her also. The he told the woman to clean us both up which she did. The man handed me twenty bucks and asked if I had a friend or two that might like to get off inside her pussy. The woman started to protest but the man told her to wait. We exchanged phone numbers and off I went twenty dollars richer and the smell of pussy on my cock. Great day.
I did not think I would ever hear from this guy again but he did call and wanted me with three of my friends to meet at his house. He had another man and wife that wanted to get in on the action. So I rounded up three horny friends and we met at this nice house. The two men lead us to a back bed room with the woman I fucked the other day and another woman layng on the bed naked. The other woman was a little shorter, short of chubby, and a red head. We all got naked and moved over to the women. The men told us to start. I was with the red head, her pussy was nice and tight, I banged her then let my buddy do her. We were gong to both try to nut at the same time which we managed to do, he drained his balls first then I planted my pole deep and drained mine. Then the womans husband jumped in and drained his. The same happened with the blonde. We all hung out and talked which I found to be a little wierd as I don't that I could to two strange men that just nutted inside my wife.
Then after about twenty minutes the men wanted to watch us fuck their wives some more but this time they wanted to switch around so each man fucks each woman. We did that but it was more challenging as both women had three loads of cum in their snatch. I was getting about ready to bust a nut in the blonde when the red heads husband comes over and starts to shoot a load on her pussy getting his cum on my pecker, the other guy did the same nutting on the red heads pussy. I blow my wad thinking this is it as I don't like someones dick sauce on my dick. Every body got thier second nut and the women seemed to be overflowing with cum. The men gave us some money and asked if we could do this again, maybe if we had a couple of black freinds and asked if they video tape this. We said okay.
A couple of weeks go by and I figured the women drew the line and had enough of the stranger fucking. But then I got a call and the date was set. I found three black friends and another white friend to go in on this, so eight total. When we get there all is cool. but now the guy has another man and wife, and now his 70 year old mother. He claims she had always had this fetish also. I don't know about that but we agree to do this. The mother is not bad looking, all of the women are not bad looking, especialy naked. We all set to work, one of the men is taping and the the other two are stroking their meat. The women do not seem to be one hundred percent onboard for this but as long as we get laid and paid we are okay. We are switching and jumping around and this is al going well. I decide I have a full load and let it flow into the granny, having never nutted in a senior citizen I was game to try it out. I filled her dusty womb full to the hilt with my jizz. Everybody else creamed the other ladies as the guy got close up footage of the creampies being made. We did this several times till everyone was drained and had no more jizz.
we got paid more this time and were all pretty happy and headed to the bar to get d***k with money in our pockets and the smell of pussy on our cocks!
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4 months ago
Great story! I have been cuckholding for my wife for about 10 years, and I have let a lot of men fuck her. Once there were 11 guys that fucked my wife, and 6 or 7 nutted in her more than once or twice. She had cum all over her and running out of her ass and pussy. I am one that likes to eat up all of that cum, so I got to it and cleaned her pussy and ass spotless. That was one great night
5 months ago
good story
5 months ago
hot to read
5 months ago
Great story!