Getting To Know The Inlaws

Every six months my wifes f****y gets together somewhere and they have have a good time and drink and do other goofy stuff. Not everyone shows up to every event. It can be alot of fun. This time we were meeting in a large city, getting a room in a fancy hotel with a club in the basement are the girls wanted to go to, it was supposed to be all hip and shit. Well it ended up being me and my wife, my mother inlaw and father inlaw, and my wife's granny. Due to a mix up we got one room but it was a two room suite so there was more than enough room for everybody.
Now just to let you know up front, my wifes whole f****y is smoking to die for hot, her mom, dad, granny, and even their dog! The whole crew is hot. My wife looks like a model, okay, she really is a model. Her mom has blonde hair and a real nice tan. Boobs that are perfect! Not too big or small. Nice legs, very pretty face. I have wanted to drop a load in her since I met her. Her granny too, looks like her mom's s****r. I just don't get it.
But so we get all checked in to this hotel and then we eat, get all dressed to kill and go to this fancy club. The whole f****y got completely wasted. They drank and danced and drank some more. I got a good buzz on but they could hardly stand. We did not even make it to mid night which was alright with me as these women were getting hit on big time. My wifes dad did not seem to care but I was getting a little jealous, well you know, when you have super d***k women geting hit on all the time things happen. We decided to go back to the room. Once there wifes dad went straight to his room and passed the hell out along with Wifes mom. Granny had a another drink before falling asl**p on the couch. Wife and I went to ur room and went out like lights.
Part way thru the night I woke having to piss like a horse. I snuck into the bathroom trying to not wake anyone. About half was thru my pee, wifes mom came in the bathroom, still way d***k and stumbling and sluring her speech. She was trying to be really quite. But the first thing I noticed is that this woman is completly naked and just enough light in the bathroom that I can see everything. This woman looked just as good naked as she does dressed to the hilt. Great tan lines, nice dark haired beaver, and perky tits. I would have thought her to be in her early thirties. I finished my pee and my pecker grew to half staff as this woman went to sit on the pot and take a pee herself. I decided I had seen enough and was about to walk back to my room when she asked me to wait a second.
She wiped her snatch and grabed me and pulled me over to her still sitting on the pot. She pulled my boxers down and told me she wanted to all of me. She felt me up for a second or two then engulfed my cock into her mouth. This woman knew how to suck cock and within seconds my dong was standing proud and rock hard. And good for me I had d***k just enough that my cock was in it for the long haul. Wifes mom stood up and leaned back against the counter spreading her long legs, her pussy opened up showing that she was way wet and wanting my cock. I could not turn down wet pussy, especially when it belonged to such a hot woman. I buried my cock deep insode Wifes mom's cunt. Then I went porn star on her, both of us trying to be quite. I hammered on her for minutes till she came so hard I had to hold her up. Thats when I decided to drain my balls and I filled her womb full of my DNA. She knelt down and took my still hard cock into her mouth to clean our juices off of it.
That was when I noticed wifes granny was standing there weaving around. She asked if she could have a ride. I figured what the heck and granny lifted her shirt showing off a body almost as hot as wifes moms including neatly trimmed bush. I pushed granny against the counter and buried my cock deep into her suprising tight cunt. Granny got off rather quickly and after several minutes I busted a good nut deep inside her. We all went back to our beds after that.
Next morning I figured would be akward. I waited as long as I could to make an appearance. When I emerged from the room, everything was normal, except for everyone being way hung over. We all went to eat and then just hung around the pool. I know I did not dream this as I could pussy all over my hands and face. But no one ever said a word. Except at one point I caught wifes mom looking at me, she smiled a little and winked. I think I will be hitting that again real soon.
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6 months ago
I hope you do! Great story!