Mom, dad, s*s and I had been having sex as a f****y for a long time now. I was about twenty and must say that I enjoyed having mom and s*s avaible for my cock whenever I fancied. Dad did keep strick rules in place one of which was that no one but him could nut inside the women. So I had to wear condoms whenever dad was present but mom and s*s would would let that slide when dad was not around.They had also taught me how to install the condom wrong so that it would break during sex allowing my jizz to "accidently" flow freely and so that my little man could feel pussy. They loved having cum flow into them during sex and would tell me about their adventures outside the f****y (s*s more than mom) which I was never to tell dad about. I was still looking for my first out of the f****y adventure.
Dad decided one day that he would like to get a little strange himself, but more so would like to see the rest of us getting some also. He found this swing club that we could go to. No single aloud, so s*s and I had to act like we were married. And condoms were the rule. So we all got together and dad laid out the plan and off we went.
Once at the club, s*s and I were introduced as husband and wife. We started to mingle. All the people here were over fifty, so s*s and I were getting alot of attention. I put a condom on and made my way to an older lady, kind of heavy and pushed my cock into her hairy snatch. She was loose and not much fun. I pulled out after a few strokes and moved to the next. I found another woman who really wanted my cock in her. She too was loose but I was able to get a small nut off. I still was not satisfied. I threw my condom in the trash and went to the bar to have a drink and watch. I spied a woman off in the corner, which I found very attractive for her age. I figured her to be about mid fifties, no super model, pot belly, okay boobs, wide ass and she had a nice light brown bush. A large man was banging her and another was face fucking her. I walked over and as I got there the man finished boning her. I decided this was the woman. I purposly placed my condom on wrong like mom had shown and moved in. i started to bang away and as I did the man fucking her face finished and left leaving me alone with this woman. Her face was beautiful, blonde hair with just a touch of light brown root, warm brown eyes and nice cheek bones. I had her ankles up around my neck and was banging her good and she was meeting my thrust. Her boobs were shaking to our thrust. My nut was building and then the condom broke. Our pace quickened and realized she was about to cum also. I could hold back no longer and exploded deep inside her causing her to cum also. Rope after rope of warm jizz shot out of my cock like a fire hose and her pussy seemed to be milking it from me. My first strange pussy!
Once my balls were drained and cock started to deflate I pulled out of her. She looked at me and smiled real big."Looks like your condom broke, you know that the rules say you are to stop right away and replace the condom when they break." She put her legs together as she said this. She pulled the torn condom off my cock and threw it in the trash. "I could not stop, it felt so good." I said. "I am okay with this, I love having a man fill my womb with his seed, especially a young one like you. But I better go clean up before someone notices. My name is Darla by the way since I have a pussy full of your cum we should know each other." "Oh sure, I am Rocky, like the fighter." I replied. "Well Rocky, you can bust a condom in me any time." She said as she walked off.
I was ffeeling good about what happened and wlaked around checking out what was going on.i did get a blow job but did not fuck any one else.
We returned home and the next day dad wanted a full report on what we had done during our visit. I know dad was watching all of us so I was not sure why he wanted a report but one by one we gave him the low down. He got off on this and went to fucking mom and s*s and quickly came inside mom.
He had talked to a man during the visit that wanted to set up a private get together at his house. Dad was excited about this and said we would all go but gave us no details. it was in a few weeks. When the day came we all dressed and off we went. Once there we all talked and mixed then were all asked to remove our clothes. There were only six couples total there and the six women were asked to stand in a line for an inspection. Then six young black men came into the room all naked. They had rather large cocks and the walked around inspecting the women also then they went to stand behind the women.
Then the main guy said "you can start now." Each black man led a woman off toand started to have sex. Myself, dad and the other four men stood and watched. the black men quickly had the women reved up and going. The sound of skin slapping and the smell of pussy and ass filled the air. Then the guy boning mom, doggy style, came! I mean pushed inside her pussy deep and blew a load, so much so that jizz ran out around his cock and dribbled onto her bush and then onto the floor. Mom came also. Mom turned and cleaned his cock with her mouth and the man left the room. The other men all followed suit, blowing their wads deep inside each woman and getting cleaned up and leaving the room. I figured dad would come unglued but his cock was hard as steel. Then after a few minutes we were aloud to go fuck one of the women, but not our wife. I got stuck with the ugliest one there but wanted to get a release as the whole show was such a turn on. I stuck my cock in her gooey snatch and pounded away for a minute and drained a huge load, my jizz mixing with the previous man's jizz inside her old womb.
No condoms, this whole exercise was about getting as much strange jizz into each woman. Because now that this was done we were back to mixing and talking like nothing had happened. Mom and s*s were both glowing having just been fucked royally and having their cunt filled with jizz by different men. Dad was very happy also and I was a little perplexed but happy having had drained my balls into my second strange pussy.
This turned into the norm for the f****y. We would go to these private sex parties and allow our women to be used as cum dumps for strange men, then the strange men would leave and we could all fuck and mingle the rest of the evening. they would have them about every couple of months.
We all enjoyed it. But I am waiting to see what dads next kink is going to be.
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