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I know right when it happened, I was the head of the high school cheerleader squad. I had just reached the age of consent for my state. I was young, popular, and hot as hell and all the guys wanted me. Sure I had had sex before. I was up to four guys now, but it really was not doing it for me.
I had a couple of people I would babysit for. This couple I loved, they would go out all happy and come home d***k as heck. They would stumble in and go straight to bed and fuck. A few times I would watch, they did not know. They were both very hot. I had wanted to fuck that man for along time. Just looking at him made my pussy tingle and wet, and this man was older than my dad. I would peak in the door as they fucked, he would be slamming that wonderful cock of his into her cute little pussy. I would run home and rub my clit and cum in a few seconds. Then I would dream that this man, Greg, was in my bed fucking me.
This night was like the others, the k**s were asl**p and I am sitting on the couch reading a book when they stumble in. Connie could hardly walk or talk and Greg was not better. But tonite for some reason Connie come over to the couch and collaspes, her little skirt flips up giving me a wide open view of her cute little snatch. Greg goes into the bedroom but comes back out after a few minutes in his boxers, that cock of his standing straight out pointing the way. He comes over to the couch, pulls his boxers down and mounts Connie right there like I am not there. He humps her a few times then realizes I am right there. He stops and sits next to me. Tells me he did not see me. I tell him to go ahead but he sez Connie is a limp fish and he is just going to watch some porn instead. I tell Greg I will watch it with him as I did not need to be home. He turned on some kind of gangbang creampie thing, got me even more horny and more wet and must have done the same for Greg as he started to rub his hard cock and play with Connie's pussy.
Greg looked at me then asked if I liked the show and if it was making me horny. I told him I was crazy horny and that my cunt was like a river. He stuck his hand up my the leg of my shorts and started to play with my clit. I had decided I wanted to fuck this man and fuck him real good. I started to play with his cock and balls. He pulled my shorts off and I took off my top and bra. Sitting next to a passed out Connie with my legs spread, Greg knelt down and ate me out. I could only take a minute of this and pulled Greg up and as he came up his cock slid into me. It ws the most amazing feeling ever. My cunt felt like it had died and went to cock heaven. Greg started to move in and out of me, slow deep strokes. I was matching his strokes and this seemed to push him right over the edge and he blew a huge load deep inside me filling my womb full of his spunk.
Greg moved to sit on the couch next to me, but I not done with him yet. I knelt down and started to give him the best blow job I could. And after a few minutes his cock was rock hard again. This time I mounted him and rode like there was no tomorrow. This was not like me, I was like super slut, I wanted this man to remember fucking me. We did this for several minutes till he spunked my insides again. Greg fell asl**p and I got up and went home.
A few night later Connie called and wanted me to come over. When I got there she wanted to know about Greg and I's little fuck session, she said Greg has not stopped talking what agreat fuck I was. Ends up Connie and Greg are swingers and now Connie wants a threesome. I agree and out walks Greg with just a boner and a smile. Connie and I move in and it is on. Now I have to fuck the shit out of both of them which I do. After these two nights in the same week I come to realize how much power I have between my legs and how much I love pleasing men and women.
Connie and Greg get me into the local swing seen and soon I am fucking plenty of men and women. And I am getting to where I love cum, love it on my tits, love it in my cunt, love it on my cunt, love it in my ass, love cum in my mouth. Connie and I and other ladies I met at the club would go out and find some fresh at the clubs. I was getting plenty of quality cock. That was twenty three years ago, I just turned forty and lost count of how many guys I have fucked or how many women I have been with. Connie and I still go out, I know what you are thinking, Connie must be in her sixties now. Yes she is but she still looks late thirties and can still pick up and lay guys in their twenties.
I just want to let the ladies out there that may not know this, life is short so get laid as often and by as many different guys as you can. You have a pussy that can bring a smile to many faces so share it! I do every chance I get.
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