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My wife and I went to have a beach vacation. We rented a nice condo right on the beach. My wife's s****r and her husband was to join us but they had had a big fight and only my s****r inlaw showed up. My wife, Lucy, was 43 when this story happened. She has black hair, big blue eyes, 5ft 6inches tall. She weighs about 130lbs, nice 32c tits. Her s****r, Sandy, was 37, 5ft 3inches tall. Blonde hair with the dark roots, big blue eyes and 32c tits. Both women are fairly attractive.
The first day we spent getting all caught up and hearing about the big fight. The next morning we gat up and hung out at the beach. That evening we went to a bar very near the condo. We drank alot and I was hopeing that my wife would pass out and I would get to stick my dick in Sandy's nice little snatch. The girls were getting d***k and I was watching them when these two midgets came up and started to flirt with the girls. These were like "mini me" midgets, you know, little people like babies. Sandy and Lucy were having a hoot with these guys and so was I just watching.
They were talking about kinds of things and soon the talk went to sex. Now Lucy and I have tried the swinging thing. I really enjoyed it but Lucy did not like the idea of getting porked by strangers. Now she was asking me if she and Sandy could take these guys back to the condo. Both girls said it would be alot of fun to have sex with these cute little guys. Then they said I could watch, okay, I can get down with that. We invited the midgets back to condo. We had not been at the condo more than ten minutes when they had paired off and Lucy had all her clothes off. The guy she was with was named Cliff and he just needed to remove his underwear to be naked too. My wife had a very wet pussy, I could tell she really wanted to fuck this guy.
Sandy and her guy, Bill, were naked right after Lucy. Sandy had a very nice pussy, neatly trimed and very wet. I felt very sure I would get to spend some time deep inside in Sandy's very fine pussy. I figured these little people would not be able to satisfy either pussy with their little dicks and I would have to jump in and finish the job.
These guys gave it the ole college try. They were working it as best they could. Bill was hammering away on Sandy and soon filled her cunt with his sticky jizz. Cliff very soon afterwards drained his little balls into Lucy. We all talked for a few minutes and soon the little men had gained new hardons and wanted some more pussy time. This time they switched women and started to fuck again. This time it took a little longer but they soon blew their nuts into the fine pussy. The guys dressed and thanked me for the good time and left. I saw them out and returned to two women ready to fuck one more time. I plunged into my wife first and brought her to an orgasim within minutes. Then I turned to Sandy, I plunged into her tight slightly gooey pussy and hammered down. She hit a massive orgasim and I emptied my nuts deep in her sweet pussy. I left my deflating dick in her as my wife cuddled next to me. I awoke later in the night with a hardon and my dick was still deep in Sandy's pussy. I just released my load and let it flow into her and went back to sl**p. The next morning I was awaken by Sandy pumping me, wanting some more of my sauce. I drained my balls again into her. Both women spent the morning walking around the condo naked and talking about the night before.
We went out again and soon ran into the same two guys, but they had two other little guys with them and a little woman. We ended up at our condo and mywife and s****r inlaw getting fucked by four "mini me's". As I watched this the little woman started to hit on me. This woman was 3 feet tall. She striped down, little boobs, little hairy snatch, it was very wet and smelled great. I thought what the hell and let her suck my cock as I buried my face in her cooch. She neared orgasim and wanted to be on top, cool. She mounted me, I watched as my cock disappeared into her tight little snatch. She could only take half my rod, I could not believe I was fucking this little woman. She came in seconds and I soon exploded deep in her, my cum running out of her as fast as I could pump it in. I feel asl**p with this little woman laying on my chest. The men must have finished fucking my wife and s****r inlaw and left. I woke with three naked women in my condo and I had a hardon. I pumped Lucy for a few minutes then Sandy and then the little lady and back to Sandy, I drained my balls into Sandy and then put my dick into the little lady before it went soft and added a squirt in her. She left and we never the little people again. I did get to fuck both women several more times during our trip.
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3 years ago
very sweet & naughty of your wife to share her sis? or you like that
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks