Triming The Beaver

Dad had left sometime ago, so mom had to fill in as both mom and dad. This made the two us very close. I had never known mom to go on a date, if she did she kept very secret. Mom and I could talk about anything with each other, including sex. So I as entered puberty I began to ask a lot of questions and mom answered them. One time when I was asking about viginas and peckers and how all that works, mom showed me her beaver to help explain what it was all about. Then mom kind of got me into internet porn, I think because I was starting to follow her around a little too much. I started to use the internet porn and masterbate all the time.
I think mom did a lot of that too as I busted her a few times. I think mom would spy on me also as I could catch her out of the corner of my eye. Any way. One day we went to the beach to spend several days, just her and I. We had been planning this for sometime. We packed the car and drove for the eight hours to the beach. We were having much fun, it seemed like we were more close friends, or boyfriend girlfriend than mom and son. When we got to the beach we out to eat and walked along the beach holding hands and watched the sun set. We made our way back to the hotel room, watched a movie and drank wine in our pjs.
Next morning we got up and mom wanted to show me something she had bought just for me. She had bought a new swim suit. She came out of the bathroom with her suit on and started to show it off.
Mom has a nice body, she is not bad looking. She is not fat, perky tits, pert ass. She is a nice looking lady and I don't know why she does not date. As I looked over mom's new suit, I noticed her beaver hair was sticking out from the crotch of the suit. I pointed this out to mom and she tried to tuck it in but could not get it all in. I told mom she should trim that thing or else I would shave it bald when she is sl**ping. Mom looked at me and asked if I could trim it for her.
I have had the biggest pussy shaving fetish for the longest time and I was dying to shave someone's cunt, never thought about shaving mom's cunt but I could not turn her down. Without even asking her if she was serious I ran to the bathroom and got a towel, beard trimmer, shave gel and a bic. I put the towel on the bed and told mom to take the suit off and lay back on the towel, I was acting all professional like I had done this a millon times. Mom did as she was told and I took the comb and started to comb out her pubes just like the videos I had watched over and over. Her pussy hair was dark and soft and very long and thick. just like a barber I asked her how she wanted it cut, mom laughed and told me I was silly. Then mom said that I was the one who looked at all the porn and naked women so I should know how to make it look good. I took the beard trimmer, set it to three, and started to cut mom's bush. Within a few minutes I had mom's bush high and tight and uniform plus I had a massive boner. I noticed mom seemed to be getting turned on by this also as her pussy was getting wet the more I played with it. I then took the shave gel and lathered her up real good. I took the bic and started to give her a nice wide landing strip. Then around her hole I decided to shave it all off, just like the porn stars. As I was doing this, I was having to hold her pussy lips so as not to cut her and to help remove the hair. This seemed to really get mom very horny. When I had finished, I wiped her snatch with another towel and I could see she was dripping wet so much I could smell her sweet aroma. I got the hand mirror and let mom have a look. She laughed and said she had never really seen her pussy before. She thought it looked real good.
Then mom pointed out my boner that was causing a tent in my trunks. I was not even thinking about that and became embarrassed. Mom said that we were both very turned on. I told her maybe we should masturbate and then go swimming. Mom agreed and we both started to play with ourselves. I found it a little weird to be jacking off in front of mom but was turned on by watching her. I think she felt the same way. She asked that we help each other as it had been a very long time since she had been with a man. Mom took hold of my cock and started to stroke it. I had never been with a woman before, so mom took my hand and showed me how to play with her clit. We did this for a few minutes, I think we were both about to explode. Mom asked for me to just rub my cock tip against her clit a few times.
Mom had her hands stretched out above her head and her legs spread wide. I was standing on the floor and moved over to push my cock against her clit. Mom said for me to be careful and not slip inside her which gave me an idea. As I pushed my cock against and rubbed it up and down her slit I let it slip into her vagina and pushed it as far into her as I could. I pulled it almost all the way out and pushed it back in again this time going in till my balls hit mom's ass. Mom told me I had slipped inside her like I did not know. She said I should pull out. But I kept thrusting back and fourth. Mom started to match her hips to my thrust but at the same time she said I not be doing this. Then mom started to rub her clit as I kept thrusting. Then mom began to buck and shudder, she closed her legs around my waist holding me deep inside as she ground her pussy against my cock. I could hold back no longer and let loose a huge stream of hot sticky spunk that flooded mom's womb.
Mom released her leg hold on me and I stepped back. I looked over mom's freshly fucked, freshly shaved cunt that now had my sperm tricking out of it. My cock was still rock hard. Mom was still coming down from her orgasim when I climbed up on the bed for seconds. I mounted her and began to bang away. Mom did not protest this at all and I pounded her like a rock star then filled her cunt full of my baby maker sauce again. This time I keep my cock inside her as I collapsed on top of her. We laid like that for some time before mom came to her senses.
Mom pushed me off her and asked me what we had done. She looked down at her cum cover, cum soaked cunt and said she could not believe what we had done. I told mom not to worry as we had shared something very special. Mom was still thinking that it was wrong. I told mom that no one would ever know, it was just between us. Mom said she was horny from not having a man for so long. I told mom that now she had me and could have me any time she wanted and no one would ever know. As I said this I pushed my cock inside her again. Mom moaned and said that I had the best cock she had ever felt inside her. She asked me if what we were doing was wrong and I told her no and that no one would ever know. Mom said okay and asked me to fuck again which I did and many more times after that.

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Your a good son wink wink