The Park

I had just finished high school and was having a hard time finding a job. I had spent months going from place to place putting in apps but this damn Obama economy was making it really hard to get an entry level good job. I decided to head to the park and sit and watch the world go by and think about my future, yes I was depressed.
As I sat there watching people, picking out the girls and moms I would like to fuck this man came up and sat next to me. He told me he was wanting to video a stranger fucking his wife and he would pay me fifty bucks. I said show me the money and he held up two twentys and a ten-I grabbed a twenty and told him I would do it for this bareback. The man got all giddy and asked me to follow him. I was a little afraid of getting rolled as I followed him into the trees to a secluded spot which was shaded and had a flat rock.
There sat his wife, she was powerful ugly. I mean at first glance I thought she was a man. And at that point I was afraid this was going to be one of those freak things where this dude has some tits and a cock and starts fucking me. It was not that at all. The woman was older, bottle blonde, and about six feet tall. She did have a man face and the smallest tits I have ever seen. Her pussy was even yucky looking, Brown pussy hair that was not thick but it was long and sticking out all over.
I could tell she was not one hundred percent up for this but she removed her clothes and took her place on the rock. My balls were full to over flowing as it had been months since I had any action or even jacked off for that matter, which is why I wanted o bareback and then cream pie this bitch. I dropped my clothes and went to the rock, my cock was already so hard a cat could not scratch it. The man was getting his camera ready the woman told me she did not want to do this. I asked why she was and she replied to make her marriage better. She told me if this not get her husband to fuck the shit out of her she was thru with him.
The man said he was ready and the woman started to suck my cock. I was streaming pre-cum like a man who had not had pussy for twenty years. The woman was not bad at cock sucking but I could tell she did not want to be doing it. After a minute or two the man directed me to eat her out which I did. Her pussy smelled good and she liked what I was doing as she got wet rather quickly. She was getting way turned on and really into it, then she poked me and asked me to mount her. I came up and pushed my cock into her mangy pussy. It slid in with just a little work. She was not bad, a little loose but this worked to my advantage. I got in a good position beside the rock, pulled her legs up beside my head and pounded her good and hard. She was getting off on this, I guess because she had been fucked good in a long time. I kept up my pace pounding her deep. From her breathing and actions I could tell she was nearing her big O, which was good as my balls were full and ready to drain. Then she started to moan and buck, wrapping her legs tightly around my waist pushing my cock deeper into her cunt. I stayed deep and let my spunk flow deep into her womb. This seemed to make her orgasim stronger.
I dumped the biggest load I think ever had in my life into that woman's pussy. So much that it sprayed back out around my cock covering both of our dirty parts with sticky goo. The man gave me the camera and told me to keep filming and he knelt down and started eating the bitch out, licking up all my spunk. The woman was still in space from her huge orgasim. The man then dropped his pants and mounted the woman. He thrust his cock wildly into her gooey cunt. I kept the camera on his cock as slid in and out of her cunt. Then the man groaned loudly and blew his nut into her.
The man pulled out and asked me how it went. I told him good and went back to the woman as I still had another nut to bust in her. I pushed her onto her side, with her facing the man. Lifted her leg up by my face and plowed my cock into her again. She was so slimy from two loads being inside her I just pounded away. When I hought I was half way to my cum I placed my down on her clit and started to rub it. Just as she hit another orgasim I blew another huge ass load deep inside her, this time pulling my cock half way out of her cunt so there was plenty of room for my seed. Most of my load stayed inside her and she was completely wiped out. The man was so greatfull. He could not wait to get home and watch the video.
I gave the woman a card with my phone number and told her to call me whenever she wanted some cock. I know she is ugly but its like riding a moped you know. And she did call. I have to admit, the sex was much better when it was just she and I without her husband shoving a camera all around our naughty parts. I go over once a week and plow this woman, and her husband has no idea. He did call me once to make another video but I told him no. Oh, and I did get a job finally working at a computer store. So a job and a fuck buddy, going to the park can be good sometimes.
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5 months ago
You did a good thing helping them out.vulcan is right too! Nice plane
6 months ago
hey, ugly women need hard cock too.