My Fetish

This is something I can not talk to anyone about, I am glad to be able to get it off my chest here. My deal is that I love it when a stranger cums inside me. And I mean a complete stranger. My big fanasty is to be placed in a room with another woman, blindfold me, and men can come in and fuck her. When they are ready to cum they can just slid deep into me and unload and then leave. I don't want foreplay, I don't need to be pumped on for five minutes, I don't want to know his name, just spew and go!

Now I am not some young trailer park slut. I have a MBA from an Ivy Leauge School, I earn a six figure income and own my own software company. My husband earns six figures also. I just turned fifty, work out with a trainer three times a week. I am five foot one and weigh about a hundred pounds. I have been told that I am attractive.

This has always been a secret. The way I make it happen is that I will go on PR/Sales trips for my company. I will stay in a nice hotel, take the big wigs to dinner. When the business is done I will drive across town, book a room in a business class type hotel with a bar in it, put on a dress or skirt without panties and start my quest. I will go into the bar or club, I will get a coke but I will act very buzzed. I look for a man who is married, and not very good looking and as if he has not been laid in a long time. Now I do not want to know their name or their k**s, wife, job or even hear about their dog. I just want a big gooey load delivered in my pussy. So I will just walk up and tell them that I am mad at my husband and would like to give them a blow job to get back at him. What loser would turn down a BJ from a good looking mature woman so we end up in the parking lot or up in their room. I have gotten good at sucking their dick right up to when they are about to cum, I can sense that they are getting right to the edge. I then tell the man that I want to feel his hard cock in my pussy for just a second and lift my skirt. My pussy is dripping wet as they slide it in, I love watching it disappear into my hungry cunt. when it is in as far as he can go I clamp my pussy around his penis and let a sexy gasp, I will say something about their cock being so big or never felt like this before and that will cause them to start pumping that wonderful jizz deep into me. As soon as they are done pumping, I will jump up, tell him thanks and run off. Yes, sometimes the guy will blow it in my mouth or start trying fuck the heck out of me. I have even had a couple of guys whip their dick out and squirt their load all over my trimed bush, go figure.

My favorite surprise would have to be going up to the man's room. going thru the routine and getting my pussy filled with sperm. The man falls asl**p and I find out he has a room mate in the other bed that has been us watching silently the whole time. This is great because that guy has been sitting there playing with his pecker and is ready to blow. I will let that guy dump his load in me also. I will go back to my room and play with the sperm as it leaks out of my pussy.

I will do these trips five or six times a year and will generally collect sperm from six to eight guys every trip. I just love the feel of a complete stranger pumping my pussy full of his sperm and then never seeing him again!
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2 years ago
god why cant i find these type of girls cause i have cum to give all day
3 years ago
good one
4 years ago
Thank you She sounds like me
4 years ago
5 years ago
hot story, if your ever in my area...