The Neighbor

This story is true. Zima wanted me to write it for you as he thought it was good. I tended to not think much of my first time, I never thought that my story was too cool as I did fuck my mom or some super model. But here goes.
It was summer and I was at the age when a boy becomes a man. I was pretty happy with the my body was changing. I had hair on my balls and was shooting what I thought was big loads when I stroked my cock. I was having much fun with this as I pretended I was fucking different women from my neighborhood. The bank lady, mom's friends, the lady at the store. I fucked them all in my mind even though I had never seen a real pussy much less had my cock in one.
Norma and her husband lived down the street form me and had for many years. But they had recently sold their house and were moving. Norma had asked for me to come over and help her with some last minute clean up as her husband was at the new house getting things set up. I worked like a dog for two days in the Texas heat. Norma had said I could use the pool if I wanted. The third day I was done by noon and Norma had gone into town and had told me she would gone most of the day. I thought I would take a dip in the pool to reward myself for the all the hard work that was well done. Having no suit I just striped down naked and jumped in knowing that no one would see me.
After about fifteen minutes Norma showed up. My clothes were up by the door and I had no towel. Maybe Norma would not notice I was naked and go back inside. Norma walked around and said she was glad that I was using the pool. She glanced around and I am sure she noticed my clothes and she looked at me with a lustful grin and asked she could join me. The look in her eye gave a shiver down my back and I said she could join me though I was not sure how to explain the fact I was naked. To my surprise, Norma removed her clothes and threw them with my clothes.
Now Norma is no super model, she was skinny, small tits, wide hips, some stretch marks. She did have very pretty eyes. Her curly brown hair had some grey and I am sure she was in her early fifties. Her bush was brown also, not trimmed but not over grown. She had some big pussy lips hanging down. My cock was harder than it had ever been. Norma dove in the pool and swam around. She made her way over to me and said she had not been skinny dipping in a very long time. As she swam around me talking to me, Norma kept brushing against my rock hard cock. I was afraid she would figure out I had a huge boner for her and that she would think I was a creeper or a perv. Which she did grab my cock and said I had a really nice sized cock. Then she said she was happy to be able to give me a boner as her husband and she did not a lot of sex anymore.
I was still unsure of this whole situation and stood there speechless and just smiling. Then Norma came up to me, her cunt pressed against my throbbing cock under the water and gave me a huge deep kiss. Then she took my hand and told me to come with her. We walked over and got out of the pool and she led me to the living room and laid me down on the floor. Norma then knelt down and started to play with my hard cock while she kissed my chest and stomach. Then Norma moved down further and started to kiss my cock and balls, she even took my rod in her mouth and quickly gave a few sucks. I could feel the tension growing in my balls, the load building as she teased me.
Then Norma straddled me placing her cunt right above my cock, She grabbed my cock and rubbed my cock head between her cunt lips, she was dripping wet. Norma asked me to put on a rubber, but I told I did not have one. I told Norma that I was a virgin and that she did not have to worry about me having a disease or anything. She smiled real big and started to lower herself down on my rod. She told me not to cum inside her. Her pussy felt so amazing as she worked herself down on my cock. When she was all the way down on my rod she sat there without moving. I could not believe that I was balls deep inside this woman. I think I was actually touching the top of her pussy. I thought I must have the biggest cock as she was breathing heavy and Norma even told me I felt amazing inside her.
Norma started to move back and fourth on my cock. She was getting off as much as I was. She was really moving, her tities shaking and watching her cunt move around my cock proved more than I could handle and I exploded inside her pumping my load deep into Norma's pussy. I played it cool trying not to let her know I came too soon. It must have worked as Norma kept riding my still hard pole. My load was huge as it was running out of Norma and coating my balls. Norma took my hand and placed it on her clit and made me rub it. Within a few minutes she screamed out and clinched her pussy tight around my cock causing me to again explode deep inside her flooding her womb with my young seed. This caused Norma to cum even harder and longer. Norma collapsed on top of me, my now limp cock still inside her now gooey cunt. She was out of breath and I felt like a porn star for making this older lady cum so hard.
I told Norma I came inside her, she told me that was okay and that I could cum inside her anytime I wanted. She said she does not let just anyone cum inside her. I was not sure what that meant. I fucked Norma several more times that day. I even stayed the night. I can remember waking in the middle of the night with my cock deep inside Norm's sl**ping pussy and just letting my balls drain filling her full of my cum. We fucked many more times that week. Her husband showed up for the weekend and I stayed away even though I wanted to bang her some more. Then the movers showed up. They loaded all of Norma's furniture into a big truck and left. I thought I would never see Norma again as I watched the big moving truck leave. But then I realized her husband and her were still there loading a few remaining items into his pickup. I went over and said hi and he thanked me helping his wife the past week. He gave me fifty dollars as a tip. Then he got into his pickup and left. Norma told him she had one thing to do and would be leaving in about thirty minutes.
Norma took me into the house and we fucked for that thirty minutes. I dumped three loads into her. We dressed and she told me goodbye. That was the last time I ever saw Norma. I had her pussy smell on my hand for a day or two and then it was gone just she was. I ended up fucking several other older women and younger women. But none have ever matched fuckings I got from Norma. Every now and then I wonder where she is and what she is up to and if she would still fuck me now the way she fucked me then.
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7 months ago
Hey Zima enjoyed the story. Wow you just keep posting some the greatest stories on this site.