Keep It to Ourselves

After a crappy first marriage and many, many sexcapades I met the woman of my dreams. Alice is about eight years younger than I, she is thirty years old. Blonde, petite, nice perky tits, dynamite ass, and a tight little pussy that gets dripping wet at the drop of a hat. This girl loves to fuck!! She never says no. After several months of dating we decided to get married.
a couple of months before the wedding we were at Alice's parents house. I had met most of the f****y, most of them women and all of them very hot. Her s****rs, mom, aunts, even her granny all look a lot alike and are very hot.
It was evening and Alice and I were sitting on the couch in the f****y room watching something dumb. I told Alice I wish I was balls deep in her tight little cunt right now. She looked around and dropped her shorts and mounted me right there. Like I said this girl will fuck at the drop of a hat. She is riding my pole like no tomorrow when her mom walks in. "Alice!! What are you doing?" Her mother exclaimed. Alice kept right on fucking. Then her mom told her to give it a rest and share. Mom then dropped her robe to reveal a smoking hot body, perky tits, shaved wet pussy. Alice got up off my hardon and moved beside me and mom took her place and slide down my well lube cock.
Mom was rocking my cock just like Alice, and Alice sat beside me kissing me. Then mom said "Alice, you were not k**ding about how good his cock feels, I have not had one feel this good in a long time." I was nearing the point of no return so I decided I better let mom know so I said "I am going to cum." To which mom replied "fill my pussy to the brim, I just love young cum." With that I pushed up into mom's pussy and released my load flooding her womb with my sperm. Mom had and orgasim along with mine. She started a conversation with Alice with my cock still inside her.
Then Alice's dad, her husband walked in. I was ready to throw that bitch off my cock and run but he was cool. "That is some nice pussy right there." he stated. Then he dropped his robe showing a boner smaller than mine. Alice lifted her leg and her father slid into her cunt, "you don't mind do you?" he asked me. "Sure, enjoy it." I replied. He slow fucked Alice saying that it has been a long time since he coated her walls. After a few minutes he busted a nut inside her and got up and went to his chair. Mom was still siting on me with my now semi hard cock still up in her.
Mom said "We like to keep this in the f****y, if you ever want pussy you can come to any of us and get some pussy as we do not want any of men having to stray." I could not believe what I just heard. Then dad said "of course that means we men folk get to bone Alice." About that time Alice younger s****r walked into the room buck naked. "Mom get up and stop hogging the fresh cock." Mom got up and her s****r mounted my slimy rod. I had had my eye on this little bitch from the day I met her so I rolled her over and put the hard fuck to her and busted my nut deep inside her to the applause of the other f****y members.
We sat around and talked about how they have always kept the fucking inside the f****y and have shared each other for generations. They stated how right now they have twice as many women as men so everyone was excited to have a fresh man in the f****y. Alice laughed and told me I was going to be getting a work out. The next day, everybody showed up to welcome me to the f****y. Alice's mom has three s****rs with their husbands that showed up, each with two daughters. The f****y granny, who is uber hot and fucks like a twenty year old. Plus Alice's younger s****r and older s****r. That totals f******n pussies and only five men. And I nutted in each pussy as many times as I could. Granted the other four men could not wait to blast Alice's cunt full of their jizz.
The next week was just a pussy fest, I have never pumped so jizz in all my life. I am thinking I married into the perfect f****y!
86% (25/4)
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5 months ago
please supply introductions....
8 months ago
Hey can I get in on the action? Great story,man.
8 months ago
would love to join that family
8 months ago
Great story