Another Party

This happened last Halloween, I was home from my first year of college. Our small town always has a large all adult halloween party at the community center. I bet over three hundred people show up. My friend and I have been sneaking in the last three years. It is alot of fun as there are some very racy costumes and someone always get in a fight. Not to mention all the d***ks that stumble around. And we both have managed to get laid every time we have gone.
This year we had to sneak in again as we are not over twenty one. We had on pirate costumes to help hide who we are. So we mingled around and were having a pretty good time. Soon we had several d***k MILFS picked out that we decided we could bang pretty easy. I had picked out the one and was working on her, had her almost ready to go and do the deed when her husband popped up out of nowhere and unknown to him cock blocked me. Lucky for him, too bad for me. Jim, my friend, still had two ladies and was working on getting to just one. I decided I could take one off his hands so I signaled him to meet near the bathroom to let him know my sure thing dried up.
As we were talking about Jim's ladies, two guys came in and swiped his girls. Now we were back to square one but lucky for us there were plenty of d***k ladies out there. Jim wanted a smoke so we walked back through the of offices and store rooms and out the back service door to the center. Upon our return we noticed the light on in one of the offices. We opened the door to find two very d***k pirate women and two very d***k super hero men in there. One woman was her knees giving superman a blow job. The other guy dressed as batman thought we were someone he knew, told us to lock the door and throw this towel across the bottom of the door to block the light so noone would know we were in there. These were some very good costumes as we could not make who these people were. The two pirate ladies, were older ladies with wedding rings, the costumes had very short skirts and the ladies had no underwear on. Both guys were trying to get their cock sucked by the one lady so Jim and I took care of the other.
We got her to sit and the small desk and had her skirt giving us full access to her hairy wet snatch. She was still a little resistant so Jim knelt down and ate her out which turned her super horny. The other woman must of got tired of sucking cock and got on the desk also raising her skirt asking to have her pussy eaten also. I took the honor and buried my face in her fine vintage crotch. With in seconds both women were very ready for cock and some how the super heros cut us out and started fucking these women leaving Jim and I to watch with pussy juice all over our faces and hard cocks in our hands. Thinking that most of the time women do not want to fuck several men in a row we were just going to twist one off when the super heros pulled out and switched girls. Then they pulled out all together and let us in. What gentlemen hey were. We too after fucking for a minute switched partners. Then decided to be gentle men and let the super heros back in.
This time the super heros went at it harder and after a couple of minutes they both came, problem was they came inside the pussy getting it all gooed up. The gentlemenly thing to have done would have been to pull out and squirt the load on the woman's bush so as not to ruin the fine pussy for the next guy.
Jim and I looked at each other and decided to go for it anyway. I buried my cock in that cum soaked pirate pussy and pounded away. After several minutes Jim and switched pussy and I pounded away on the next one. I was able to get the d***k woman to cum and at that time drained my balls deep inside her. I am not sure if Jim got his woman to cum but he did cum inside her.
We pulled our pants up and told the ladies thanks and sarcastically told the super heros thanks for the mess and walked out of the office closing the door behind us. I did not see the super heros again that night. There were a ton of pirate women there so I might have seen those ladies but do not know for sure. I did manage to fuck and nut inside a chubby older woman dressed as super woman later that night. I wonder if she was the wife of the superman that was in the office with us. I hope it was and I hope he enjoys his wife's cunt filled with my spunk!
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