Tony's Story

I was in my mid teens and going thru the same thing that most men on this have gone thru at that age. I was very horny and looking to score my first piece of ass. I would spend hours at the rec center sitting around the pool or in the work out room scoping out the women. One that kept getting in my cross hairs was Manda Kerns.
Now Manda was my friend Joe Kerns mom. Well, Joe was in my class and maybe he was not a friend because he was a major dick, just like his two older b*****rs and his dad. I maintained a friendly relationship with Joe because it is good to keep your friends close and your enemy even closer. Joe's mom, Manda, was around fifty years old. I would say she was average looking but I found something damn sexy about her. She had jet black hair, probably around one hundred forty pounds, about five foot five. Blue eyes, olive skin and mid size tits, but this woman was the star of many of my wet dreams, she was the focus of many of my masturbation sessions and gave me a boner at the thought of her. She would fill in as life guard at the rec center pool, she worked out alot, she even volunteered at the school and she was on my paper route so I saw her all the time. And she would always smile real big and tell me "Hi Tony".
This one day, Joe was to loan me a book for a report I had to do and I was to go to his house and pick it up for the weekend. Joe was going camping with his b*****rs and dad. I knocked on the door and Manda answered. "Hi Tony, come in." I walked in. Manda had on some kind of work out thing on, no bra, her nipples stuck out as did my cock. "Joe was to leave a book for me." I said. "He told me you would be by to get it, I think it is in his room." Manda said as she walked off. "I have it here." She said. "Do you have a few minutes, I was taking a break from working out to get a drink and you should join me." Manda motioned for me to follow her. Her hair was up in a pony tail. She poured us both a glass of orange juice and we sat down at the bar. We made small talk for several minutes when out of the blue Manda asked "Tony, do you like the way I look?" So I replied "Well yes I do Manda, I have thought that for along time." "That is good Tony, because I really like you alot and I want to be attractive for you." She said.
Wow, I was not sure what to think about what Manda just said so I replied "I like you alot too, Manda." Then Manda said "Tony, can you keep a secret? And I mean a take it to your grave kind of secret?" "Yes Manda, we are friends and you can trust me, is there something wrong?" I quized. Manda stood up and turned her back to me "Tony, I just love you always look at me, and I have something I want to share with you but you have to promise not to tell a soul ever." "Okay Manda, I will not tell no one ever, what is it?" I pleaded. With that said, Manda Kerns pulled her top off and then dropped her shorts and turned to look at me. My mouth dropped open as my cock got hard as steel. This woman was not perfect but she turning me on and here she stood three feet in front of me completely naked. "What do you think?" She asked me. "Wow! You are a hottie" I said. She moved over to me and started to kiss me as she felt my crotch. "Oh my! I really do turn you on" She said. "yes you do." Manda pulled off my shirt and then undid my shorts. She pulled my cock out and took it in her mouth. I was a virgin and what she was doing with her mouth to my cock was going to make me cum in another two seconds, she must have sensed this and stopped. I stood up and dropped my shorts to the floor and Manda took my hand and lead me to the bedroom and laid on my back on the bed.
She then stradled me with her cunt right over my cock, then guiding my cock with her hand, she lowered herself down onto me. I watched as my cock slid easily into Manda's wet cunt. Manda then began to fuck me slowly without saying a word. Her breathing and moaning was turning me on so much. I was completely overwhelmed by what was happening that I could not hold back any longer and I exploded a massive load of my spunk deep in Manda's cunt. Manda smiled real big as she said "That feels so amazing." After a minue or two Manda lifted herself off of me and laid down beside me, my spunk was every where. "That is alot of jizz, guess I really do turn you on" She said with a laugh. My cock was still hard so I rolled over on top of Manda and buried my cock easily back into her now gooey cunt. I began to fuck her good and hard, just like I had done so many times in my dreams. I was able to last much longer this time and pounded away on her. It did not take long for Manda to roll off a good orgasim and I came with her filling her cunt again full of my spunk. "It has been along time since I have been fucked like that." She said. "I never have been Fucked." I replied. "I know, I am glad I could be your first, I have never been a first." Manda said. We fucked two more times, both times I came inside her. Then we showered and I dressed and went home.
I ran into Manda a few days later at the rec center, we said hi and she acted like nothing had happened. She did smile a little bigger, and gave me a little wink. From then on she acted like nothing had ever happened so I acted the same even though I wanted to fuck her again so bad.
It was several years later, I ran into Manda. I was walking by her house and she was trying to get something heavy out of her car. I helped her carry it into her house. She started to kiss me and we pulled each others clothes off. This time I had fucked many girls since our last encounter that I was able to really give Manda a good fucking. She swallowed one load and took two loads in her pussy.
That was the last time I fucked Manda Kerns. I went off to college. I would still see her around town when I was home from college. She had aged alot since our last fuck. I would like to hit that pussy again, and maybe I will. You just don't know about these things.
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9 months ago
Another great story,man.
10 months ago
so good but so short
10 months ago