The Wilsons

The Wilsons lived next door to me. I think they must have been around seventy years old. Mr. Wilson would always come over to my house and watch football or help me in the garage. i think he was kind of lonely and wanted another guy to hang out with, even though I was in my mid twentys we got along pretty well. I hardly ever saw Mrs. Wilson, she stayed busy with other things.
After Mr. Wilson got to me pretty well, he started to say things about how he would like to watch his with another guy. Then he would ask me about my sex life and how much action I was getting. He would come over after one of my girls would leave and ask if I nailed her and how good was she.
Then one day we were watching football when Mr. Wilson said he would like to see me nail his wife. I thought he was joking, but then he said he would pay me one hundred dollars. Now I know one hundred dollars is not much money, but add that to free pussy and you have a deal. I told Mr Wilson that I had Tuesday off so we decided to set that as the day.
All day Monday at work I was thinking about what I had committed to, I was going to have to fuck this old wrinkled dried out lady while this old perv watched. Maybe he would be naked too and have his old perv wrinkled pecker out too. What if he wanted to get in on the action or worse yet what if he wanted to get into me! I was getting plenty of pussy and did not really need to be doing this.
When Tuesday came I decided I go next door and try to get out of this. Tuesday got here and I went next door. Mr. Wilson had me come into his living room and I started to try to talk my way out this when Mrs. Wilson walked in. She was naked, she was five foot eight, nice "c" cup tits with tan lines, small pot belly, her legs were a little chubby, light brown bush that must have been trimed into a nice landing strip. She had white hair on her head with pretty brown eyes. This woman had a great body, hell! it was nicer than some of the girls I had been banging. Mrs. Wilson name was Norma and she walked over to me. She seemed very up tight and I started to put the moves on her. With in minutes we were on the floor and she was wet. I moved on top of her and slid my cock in. She had a nice little tight pussy. She did seemed very reserved and uptight but I banged her all the same. I hammered her home and drained my balls deep inside her. Mr. wilson seemed pleased with our performance so after about fifteen minutes I nailed Norma again filling her cunt full of my spunk. We said our goodbyes and off I went. I did not think too much about that day or about fucking Norma.
Then about a week later, Norma came over to my house. Mr. Wilson had gone off to play golf. Norma wanted to talk to me about what had happened. She told me that her husband had wanted to see her with another man for years. He kept pestering her more and more till she said she would gladly do me just to get him to shut up. Norma said he was plenty happy with our performance, but she was very happy and wanted more from me. Norma told me that I was one of the best lays she had ever had and wanted us to do it again as she was a little up tight last Tuesday and may not have performed to my expectation.
I could not believe what I was hearing and within a few more minutes I was balls deep in Norma's fine vintage pussy, but this time she was fucking me back. We fucked like teenagers, every which way. And climax, boy did Norma climax. I was having a hard time believing what a great fuck this woman was. I pumped alot of jizz into that cunt of hers, and she even swallowed a couple of loads.
Now I have a new fuck buddy. When ever Mr. Wilson goes out, Norma comes over. We fuck and talk and have a great time. She is truly an amazing woman.
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8 months ago
I always enjoy reading your stories. Keep writing and I will keep reading.
8 months ago
love it+
9 months ago
very good