WOW! I Am A Cum Slut!

It started when I hit fifty five years of age. I work out with a trainer, dye my hair blonde. Everyone says I look forty. My boobs are still some what perky and a nice C cup, I am five foot three, one hundred twenty pounds, blonde hair brown eyes. Guys hit on me alot. I am successful realtor here in this large city.
My girl friends and I get together a couple times a year at a resort or hotel for a three or four day weekend. Sometimes we just talk, sometimes we are on a mission to get laid by some strange cock. Sometimes it is a little of both. This trip turned into a talk session. There is six of us and we were all in one room drinking and talking. As always, the topic soon turned to sex and who has been getting what lately. Then we got to talking about premature ejaculation, then to our first times and then to being with someone on their first time.
I was already feeling down, after all I have had two failed marriages and I seem to not be able to keep a guy around. I mean I have had plenty of one night stands, but I can date a guy for several weeks and then we sl**p together once or twice and that is it. I love sex, never use a condom and I work real hard at fucking real good. But once a guy fucks me, then he takes off. Then tonight we got on this subject of virgins, and I have never had one. I have always had men that were somewhat experienced. My first guy was a girlfriends dad, then a college guy and so forth. Now these women are talking about taking someone virginity as some kind badge of honor. They mentioned how men always remember their first, how great it feels to know that this is the first time guy came inside a girl. Teaching them all about sex. Marge was pretty sure her second c***d was fathered by a virgin k** she had let fuck her at some high school pool party.
Four of the girls were going down to the pool, while Mary and went back to the room we were sharing. The rest of this trip was boring.
Once back in my city things went as normal. But one evening I was showing a house late. I was locking up when I noticed the neighbor boy watching me. I figured him to be in his mid teens, average looking k**. He came over and asked some questions about the house so I let him in and showed him around. It was dark and figured no one else would be showing this property this evening. We got to the back yard and the hot tub on the deck that was still warm. He asked if it worked and I turned it on. Then he asked if we could get in it. I could tell this k** was shy and that he was really pushing himself way out of his comfort zone. And asking me to get into a hot tub with him was a very ballsy thing to ask. So I said yes to see where this was going to go. We both got naked and climbed in. We played around a little then I don't know what came over me but I leaned in and started to kiss this k** and pulled him to me. We started to fondle each other, his cock was harder than any I had had in a long time. Things ramped up quickly and we got out of the tub and went inside.
We hit the living room floor and this is when I figured out he did not know as much as I thought he did. We rolled around and I had to place his hands in the right spots. It was awkward at best. He was leaking alot of pre cum. Then it dawned on me and I asked him if was a virgin. He answered yes he was and he was ready to lose his virginity. Now I knew where I stood and I started to show him some things, I was very eager to get my first virgin. I decided the best thing to do was to let him fuck me to relieve the pressure. So I laid out on my back and pulled him on top and guided his rock hard cock into my now super wet pussy. he slid easily into me, till he was as deep as he could go. We stayed like that for a moment, I am pretty sure I could feel his pulse in his cock. I tighten my pussy around his cock as he pulled back then he came forward. Then when he was as deep as he could get, he moaned and I felt his cock swell, then pulse and a warm wet feeling filled my womb. He was cumming, and boy this k** cum. When he had finished cumming and pulled out, I had cum all over my neatly trimmed bush, my thighs, my ass, and the floor.
He must have drained a gallon into me, and I loved it! I went to clean myself up a bit and came back. He had another hardon and was ready to fuck some more which we did and again he flooded my deepest insides, and outsides for that matter, with more of his hot cum. We fucked two more times after that and then I thought I had better go as it was really late. We traded phone numbers and said our goodbyes.
A couple of days later he called and asked me if I could help one of his friends lose his virginity. I thought to myself what the hell and we made arrangements to meet at his house as his parents would be gone for the weekend. Once I arrived, I learned it was not one friend but four friends. Well I thought to myself, this would get me caught up with my friends. So up to the bedroom we all went and undressed.
I climbed on the bed and laid back and spread my legs. Five boys stood there with their rock hard cocks in their hands. I fucked each one as the others watched. It only took about ten minutes. Cum was everywhere, everything below my waste was soaked with sperm including the bed. The boys were hard and ready again. This time I told them all to get in. I sucked and gave hand jobs, swallowed, took loads in my pussy, I was a total slut. Now I had cum pretty much from head to toe. I stayed the night and these k**s took turns with me all night, even when I was asl**p they kept fucking me. Most of the next day too. I left without a shower and when I arrived home I had dried cum in my hair, on my face, in my pubes, everywhere. I took a long shower and snuggled on my couch. Then it dawned on me that I had been the first for five boys, and I felt good, real good.
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10 months ago
very good
10 months ago
Well done. Love the story.
10 months ago
Awesome - pity I was not your first fuck - hot & horny now - have to cum
10 months ago
Fucking hot!
10 months ago
my sons friends are all turning 18...I should be..uhh.have a party for them:)
10 months ago
nice story :)
10 months ago
Good story. Wow such a cum slut.LOL