Aunt Meg

"You are just like my husband, A big piggy pervert!" Aunt Meg yelled at me. I just sat there with my bowl of cereal with that "deer in the headlights" look. Aunt Meg pulled her sl**p shirt off and threw it in the floor. "Get a good look now." She said as she put her leg up on the table placing her pussy right in front of my face and she pulled the lips open giving me a great view and smell. I had been trying to sneak a peak at her goodies, but that has been going on all my life. "I don't know why you want to be looking at me when you are getting all those high school girls." I again looked puzzled. Truth be told, I wish I was getting all those high school girls, and have tried ever since I hit puberty but I am not the best looking guy and now my final year of high school I still have yet to even see a girl naked. Meg glared at me, something was going on in her head. "You are getting the girls aren't you boy-I have been here almost two without any cock. One of us has to be getting laid."
I was embarrassed, "No Meg, I have not been getting any girls, what you did a second ago was as close to pussy as I have ever been." Aunt Meg looked at me in disbelief as she drank her coffee, I could tell she was thinking about something. This gave me time to check out Aunt Meg's body. She was about five foot six, no tits just big nipples, no hips, and not much of an ass. Her pussy had lips like a clam, not very hairy and she had dark curly hair on her head and brown eyes. I bet she did weigh much over one hundred pounds. Ugly? yes she was, but so was I-beggers can't be choosy.
Meg looked straight at me and said "I have an idea that will help both of us out." Why don't you stay home from school today and we can spend the day together?" she said. My pecker got hard as I started to think about what she was leading up to so I asked her "what do you want to do?" "I think you know what I want to do." She replied as she walked towards me. My cock was hard as steel now as she placed her leg on the table again placing her now wet cunt right back in my face. Meg pulled her lips apart again and then pointed to her clit "You see that boy, start licking that little button, gently, all women love to have their clit licked." I leaned forward enough and stuck my tounge to her clit and started to lick. "Thats right, that feels real good." she said. Aunt Megs breathing got more heavy so I knew I must be doing some good. Then she pulled away and said "Its been a couple of weeks for me, this is going too quick-remove your drawers." I quickly pulled my bottoms down while still sitting in my chair, my breakfast completely forgotten as my cock sprang upwards. Meg moved over to sit on my lap facing me and slid down onto my cock. She was so wet she slid easily down my pole. She started to move back and fourth on my cock, she was breathing very heavy now. I knew I was very close to ready to explode and was sure I would not last too much longer. Aunt Meg was in the same boat as she was moving faster and faster, I could feel my cock swelling and my balls were starting to boil when Meg started to thrash about, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock causing it to explode. I could not help but fill her womb with my hot sticky spunk, and there was alot of it. We stayed in that position for a minute or two then she lifted herself off of me. "My goodness! That is alot of spunk boy, I am surprised it did not come out of nose I don't think I ever had a man cum that much before." She exclaimed. "Sorry Aunt Meg I could not help it, it happened so quick and felt so good, hope I did not knock you up." I said. Meg giggled as she rubbed my spunk all around her cunt and said "Boy, you are not going to knock me up so feel free to pump as much of that spunk into me as you can,that is milk to my kitty and my kitty loves to drink milk." This made my cock hard again and I got up and went over to Meg and said "I have more milk." Meg laughed and leaned over the counter with her ass pointed towards me. I went behind her and pushed my cock into her wet sperm filled hold and started to pound her. I lasted much longer this time. I must have banged her for several minutes before blowing another load deep inside her. As I finished cumming Meg said "You keep this up I may never go back to my husband."
Meg and I kept fucking for the rest of the day and the next day for that matter. We had to behave when my mom was around. Aunt Meg did go back to her husband but we kept fucking every chance we got. Seems Aunt Meg really liked my cock. She liked it so much she told my mom about fucking me and what a great lay I was. This caused mom to have sex with me, but that is another story. I still fuck my Aunt Meg to this day, every chance I get.
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9 months ago
wish she was my aunt
10 months ago
very good
10 months ago
lol@ milk to her kitty..good story
10 months ago
Aunt Meg sounds like a awesome thanks for posting the story for us
10 months ago
This is going to be a great series of stories.
10 months ago
Aunt Meg wanted to eat his ass..............but was a little shy..............sweet
10 months ago usual the best author...thanks
10 months ago
Another great story. One of xhamster's best authors. Good job my man-please write more
and keep writing.