Love My Mom

This all started when I was young. I would go over to a friends house and we would sneak up to his old man's closet and look at the old man's stash of porn. This was back in the days of no computers and we had to look at magazines. His dad would have the latest issue of Playboy, Penthouse, Oui, and even a few Hustler. We would look at those then dream about seeing real pussy. Where was four of us and we would spend the night at each others house. We would all try to get beaver shots of each other moms. For some reason, my mom would always be the one that everybody always got a real good look at.
As I grew older, I tried even harder and very successfully, to get a good look at my mom naked. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to bust a nut deep inside my moms dark haired pussy.
Mom and dad got divorced and I spent time at both houses, hell, they only lived a few blocks from each other. Usually if one had a date, I had to be at the others. When I hit puberty, I was hardly ever home as I spent alot of time and effort unsuccessfully trying to stick my dick in someone. That all changed one day when dad and I got into a huge fight and I left and went to moms. I walked and the house smelled of sex, you know the smell-sperm, cunt and ass mixed with sweat. I could hear women moaning and guys grunting with skin slapping. I slowly walked back to moms room and there on the bed was two naked fat guys fucking the hell out of my mom and one of her friends. Mom was on her back with her legs spread up in the air and this guy was going to town. Mom's tits were bouncing, next to her was her friend Terry from the bank and she was in the same way with her legs up and spread with a big pasty dude giving it hell. Her red hair was all frizzed out and boobs bouncing. No one noticed me as I stood there watching. Then both men came within seconds of each other and this was my cue to head to my room.
I hid out in there till I heard the men leave, then thinking all was well I emerged from my room and headed to the kitchen to say hi. I walked into the kitchen to catch my mom and Terry standing there buck naked, sperm all smeared into their pubes. "Well, did you have a good time watching us?" mom said to me. "Gee Ben, all you had to do was ask and we would let you sit in" was Terry's reply.I was uneasy and replied "You girls busted me, dad and I got into a fight so I came over here and did not know you had company and I am cool with whatever you all are doing." Both women stood there drinking big glasses of water and I could not help but to check them out. Mom I have always thought to be hot, nice wide hips, neat dark haired bush, great ass, perky tits about c cup size, dark curly hair and big blue eyes. Terry was a red head, b cup tits, narrow ass, neatly trimmed red bush, and she too had a nice ass and big green eyes.
"We have some friends coming over in a little bit and if you going to be here then you will need to help out." mom said. "Sure mom whatever I can do." I replied. After a couple of hours some people showed up, two women and six men. I was running drinks to them and snacks. After about thirty minutes things started to heat up and the women lost their clothes and very quickly the men did too. A little orgy was happening right in front of me on my mom's living room floor and I was not sure what to do. As I try to act like it was no big deal still running drinks back forth my cock was rock hard. I watched as the men started to fuck the women, and switch between them. I still had yet to fuck one girl and these men were switching back and forth basically fucking four women in one night. As the night went on I was put on clean up duty, I brought some warm wet wash clothes and was told to clean everybody up. Cleaning up cum filled pussy was not too bad but wiping some guys limp dick clean was a little weird. Then one guy wanted me to jack him off, I hesitated as I really was hoping to get to stick my cock in one of these girls but ad no interest in touching another guys cock. I went for it rather than cause a stir. I jacked this guys cock till he was about to cum and then held his cock as he stuck the tip into one of the women's cunt and blew his wad. I could feel his cock pulse as he pumped his load into her.
They all laughed and started to fuck some more, having me jack off another guy and then do clean up. Then everybody dressed and left and mom and Terry went to bed as did I.
Next morning, I was in the kitchen thinking about the night before and how I got to see four different pussies and those pussies getting fucked and filled with cum. I stood there getting a huge boner in my pj's when Terry walked in with a just a t-shirt on. Her perky tits with hard nipples sticking straight out as she sat at the bar. My cock got even harder. "Wheres the coffee?" Terry asked. "It is almost ready" I said as I looked her up and down. I fixed her a cup and thought about what it must be like to fuck someone like her. I took the cup to her and as I set the cup on the counter in front of her she grab my cock. "Wow, you are packing young man!" she said. I blushed. Then Terry said with coy look "too bad you helped out last night but did not get to partake of any of the booger." "Well" I said blushing some more. Then Terry asked me "Are you a virgin?" "Well yes" was my reply. With that Terry pulled me over and said "Come here and I can fix that for you right now." Terry pulled down my pj's releasing my cock, she slowly stroked it and fondled my balls all the while she kissed my face and mouth. Then she moved herself to the edge of the bar stool and opened her legs revealing her her wet pussy. She guided my cock right into her, the feeling for me was the most amazing I have ever felt. I slid into her right up to my balls and stopped and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy holding my cock tight. "How does that feel for you, it feels great for me!" she said. "Un-freaking-believable!!" was my reply. I moved back and forth for about a minute and that was all I could take, I pushed my cock into her as far as I could and exploded. Rope after rope of my sperm pumped into Terry's womb, she whispered into my ear how good it felt. I stayed inside her till I had gone soft then pulled out.
Mom was standing at the entry of the kitchen and watched the whole thing. "Wow, that was great you two, hope you saved some for me!" mom said. Mom sat on the bar stool next to Terry and lifted her t-shirt showing her wet dark haired snatch. My cock immediately responded by getting rock hard as mom pulled me over to her. "You are not going to get all weird about this fucking your mother thing?" mom asked. "Hell no!" I said as I pushed my cock into her tight pussy with one swoop. I pounded mom like a poor boy. Terry got in the action by playing with mom's clit as I pounded away. Within minutes mom and I orgasimed together, me filling mom's warm cunt full of my spunk. Terry knelt down as I pulled my limp cock from mom's cunt and cleaned my cock quickly then she worked on cleaning mom's pussy.
After that I fucked mom every chance I got. Mom liked having me around and liked having me fuck her. I got to fuck Terry often along many of mom's other friends. I also got to get in on mom's little fuck parties too, but now I got to do more than cleanup and jack off old men.
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8 months ago
my cock is very hard and leaking
9 months ago
9 months ago
Hot hot hot - love these horny bitches
9 months ago
hot storrie, i am curious about those orgies
9 months ago
wow :)
10 months ago
I loved it I cannot wait to read more of them
10 months ago
I always enjoy your stories. This was another good one. Thanks.
10 months ago
very good story