The Church Lady

As I was growing up my parents always took me to church. I enjoyed it. There was this one couple that were big wheels in the church and I saw them every Sunday and around town. They were almost like f****y. Mr. Bob and Ms. Anna were their names and they were an older couple, very friendly and active in the church.
At the time this story happened Ms. Anna was I am guessing in her late fifties. She was a thin petite woman, reddish blonde frizzy hair, maybe a hundred pounds. She dressed very conservative. I did not her very attractive or sexy. She did have a drinking problem that very few people knew about.
We had a big outdoor BBQ and party at our house one weekend. Everyone was there including Ms. Anna and Mr. Bob. I was excited as I was looking for my first sexual conquest, I knew there would be plenty of girls and I was going to do everything I could to get my first taste of pussy.
I had had several drinks and was working the crowd, I had two girls picked out that I was working when my Dad and Mr. Bob came to me and asked that I take Ms. Anna to my room as she had too much to drink and they did not want her to make a fool of herself in front of the crowd. I took Ms. Anna by the arm and led her up to my room. She was wasted, she was sluring her words and stumbled as she walked. Once at my room, she produced another bottle of drink and swallowed half of it before I could get it away from her. She then collasped on my bed and I thought she went to sl**p. I pulled some porn up on my computer and settled in for a long lonely night. Ms. Anna snuck up behind me and took a peak at what I was doing. "Why are you looking at those pictures when you have the real thing right here" she said playfully and she unbuttoned her top. "Anna-get back in bed!" "Only if you join me!" She pulled her top off and threw it across the room. Then she popped her bra off as I tried to point her to the bed. Her boobs were bigger than I had expected, and they did not help my boner that was making a big tent in my pants. "I can see that you like what you see!" Anna said pointing at my boner.
I caught her and threw her on the bed, but she pulled me with her and started to kiss me. I resisted as much as I could when somehow she pulled my pants down letting my cock pop free and somehow got her mouth on it. This was my first blow job and I had to stop fighting her and let her have her way with me. I was enjoying this and all and nearing blowing my wad when Ms. Anna looked up at me with her big green eyes and stopped all of a sudden. "This is your first time isn't it?" she asked. I wanted her to finish giving me a blowjob thinking she would go to sl**p so I told her the truth, "yes-I am a virgin."
Ms. Anna smiled real big and stumbled off the bed leaving me laying there with my boner sticking straight up in the air. She dropped her pants to the floor and stood before me completely naked. She had a nice body, her snatch was covered in red hair but I could her pink pussy lips and I could smell her cunt. "I have something special for you!" Anna said as she climbed back on the bed and stradled me placing her cunt right above my rock hard cock. "We should not be doing this" I said but Anna lowered herself down onto my cock. "How does that feel for you, I have not been with a virgin since I was in high school" she said. "I love the feel of your cock inside me." Ms. Anna worked her pussy around my cock and I started to near the point of no return. "Ms. Anna, we should not do this, I am going to cum!" Ms Anna replied "Nobody will ever know, it is our secret, cum inside me and give me your virginity!" With that said I pushed myself even deeper into Ms. Anna's cunt and exploded flooding her womb with a huge load of my sticky spunk. She screamed that she was cumming also and she thrashed about. She laid on top of me, my semi hard cock still buried deep in her. "That was amazing" she said. "Ms. Anna, you are married and all, get up we have to get dressed!" I protested. "This is our secret, noone will ever know." Ms. Anna tried to assure me.
We laid there for several minutes and I was thinking about what my next move will be. My cock was getting rock hard again and was still buried deep inside Ms. Anna's old cunt. She started to kiss me trying to get me to fuck her again, so I gave in and we rolled over so I was on top. I started to fuck her good and hard, her sloppy pussy made sloshing sounds as my cock plowed back and forth. Her tits giggled with each of my thrust. I felt like a porn star as I pounded her. She was begging me "harder, harder" and then she begged me to fill her with my cum. Then she said "I am starting to cum!" Her cunt clamped down tight around my cock, her legs wrapped mine and she held me tight as wave after wave rushed over her. With all this I could hold back no longer and released another huge load deep in her.
This time we both feel asl**p. I awoke a few hours later and Ms. Anna was sound asl**p. It sounded like the party had finished up. My cock was hard so I slipped it into Ms. Anna's sloppy cunt and drained my balls into her for a third time and fell back asl**p with my cock still inside her. I awoke the next morning with my rock hard deep inside Anna. She woke at the same time and realized that a hard cock was in her. I drained my morning wood in her filling her womb. She seemed satisfied till she rolled over and realized it was me and not her husband. "What just happened? Did you just cum inside me? What have I done?" She exclaimed.
Ms. Anna sat up, my limp cock falling from her gaping and well fucked pussy. "Tom? What happened? Did we have sex, I must have d***k too much, this always happens when I drink. Where is my husband?" Anna exclaimed. I assured Ms. Anna that no one knows what we have done. I explained what had happended and that no one saw her d***k and that no one knew we were here together. I showed Ms. Anna to my shower, she was covered with my cum. I went back to my bed to wait for her to take a shower, she came over to me "would like to fuck me one more time now that I am sober so that I can remember it." My dick got hard right away and we fucked like there was tomorrow. She came again and blew two more loads into her. We were both sore after that. We both showered and got dressed. Ms Anna then stated "I hope we will do this several more times, I love her young cock."
Ms. Anna fucked every chance we got after that night. The rest of the time we acted like we always had and no one ever knew. I knew Ms. Anna would drink and fuck some one else but I was okay with that as I was fucking as many girls as I could also. No one ever knew what we had going or that I was fucking the church lady.

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Great story of great sex with an experienced woman to teach you how it is done.
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sexy story Thanks for the posting
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Excellent story!
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Great story-it was worth the wait.