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This story started thirty five years ago. Mom was thirty five and I was twenty years younger. Dad had got another job out of state and we were going to move as soon as our house sold. I liked our house, it was nice with a little pool in back. On this day me and two of my friends were sitting by the pool, mom was laying next to us in a string bikini, the strings untied.
As teen boys do we sat talking about girls and pussy and stuff. We all three had boners when Ben said out loud "Bill, I bet your mom has a nice tight snatch." I could not believe what Ben just said and he said it loud enough that I was sure my mom heard. The Jack said "I bet she would be a great fuck." Now none of us had had sex yet so we knew little about pussy or great sex. At that point mom sat up on her lounge chair, her top still laying on the chair, her pert tits on display for all of us. Our cocks grew even harder. "I could not help but over hear you boys talking" mom said. Mom got up and started to walk to the house, her bikini bottoms still on the chair. "She is naked!" Jack stated. Mom stopped and looked at us "come on boys I have something for you." We all looked at each other then got up and walked into the house. Mom was in the living room spreading a blanket on the floor. Then she laid on it and said for us to check her out. Jack and ben went to her and started to explore her body, pussy and tits. I joined in still unsure of what was happening. We all stuck our fingers in mom's cunt and kneaded her tits. Then without warning she took Jack's wang into her mouth. She sucked it for about a minute before Jack exploded in her mouth with a loud yell. Mom swallowed his whole load. Then Ben asked my mom if he could fuck her and she said yes. "Is it your first time?" Mom asked. "Yes, yes it is, for all of us" Ben said. "I love helping virgins" mom stated as Ben pushed his cock inside her. Ben slid easily into mom's wet cunt and made about three thrust before he came. I could not believe my friend just came inside my mom. Then Jack pushed himself inside her and came straight away. My cock hurt from being so hard and I wanted release, looking at mom's cum dripping cunt made me want to cum inside her also. As both of my friends watched I pushed my virgin cock into mom's cum filled hole. It was gooey from the cum but felt great anyway. I made it a minute before I flooded mom's womb with my cum. Mom got up and went to the kitchen with our cum dripping down her legs. For the next several days, Ben Jack and I fucked mom as much as we could. It was great! Then mom asked if we had any friends that needed help lossing their virginity. We said yes, and for the next couple of weeks we brought in a few new guys everyday to get their first taste of pussy. And I also took advantage of moms good graces and fucked her as often as I could. I think mom must have had close to thirty k**s dump a load in her hot cunt. Then the house sold and we moved. Once at the new house, mom acted like her old self and nothing was ever mentioned about all the sex that had happened. It was like a dream except I know I fucked my mom alot. Well I grew up and got married and life went on. Now move forward to today, thirty five years later. Mom is now seventy and moved into my house. I have a couple of friends over to watch the game and the wives are out for the night. We are drinking and laughing and having a great time. Mom makes an appearence, and then starts to walk away. Fred makes the comment "Your mom is pretty hot, I bet she could really fuck back in the day." Bob agrees with him. Mom turns around and says "I can still out fuck most of them, wanna try me?" Fred stands up and drops his pants showing off a pretty good size cock and set of balls. Mom knells down and start to give him a blow job. Within a minute, mom, Fred and Bob are naked. Fred pulls his cock out of mom's mouth, "I want to cum in your hot little pussy" and he mounts mom doggy and really starts to pound away on her her boobs swinging wildly. Then Fred grunts and moans and fills my mom's cunt full of his seed. As he pulls out, his cum trickles down and sticks in mom's bush. Mom rolls onto her back and pulls Bob over to her, and Bob slides easily into her. Mom's body looks almost the same as it did thirty five years ago. Bob pounds mom sloppy cunt for many minutes then pumps his cum deep inside her. I decide to get in on the action and mount up wanting to see how time has affected mom's hot cunt. I pound her hard making her boobs jiggle with every thrust. Fred and Bob are cheering me on till I can not hold back any longer so I push deep and flood mom's dusty womb full of my spunk. We all lay back admiring how much cum we pumped into mom. She is all smiles and said "I have not been fucked like that in a long time, you boys let me know when you are ready for another round!" Fred said he was ready now and mounted mom again and this time he banged her for much longer as we all did. Mom let many of my friends fuck her after that day. Best thing is now I get to fuck mom whenever I want. I am not sure why she waited thirty five years to get her slut on again but I love filling her snatch full of my sperm every chance I get as she has one sweet pussy.
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11 months ago
Great stuff.
1 year ago
Everyone needs a piece of your mom!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Excellent! Great story!
1 year ago
Thanks,,very hot
1 year ago
Wow,,,very hot indeed,,grab some hot pics of mom ,,,please let me know when you post more,,thanks