Teaching The Young Ones

I had gone for a jog just like I have always done. It clears my head to jog early in the morning after the k**s are at the sitter and my husband is gone to work. I like to keep myself healthy and want to look good for my husband. I jogged out to the old swim hole which is a hot spring that is the size of a small swiming pool with several large rocks around it for sunning. The tempature of the water is like warm bath water. I arrived at the spring and no one was there. I stripped off my clothes and went for a skinny dip. As I swam I thought about how I was pretty sure my husband was cheating on me. I was thinking about how to get revenge or what to do. I climbed onto one of the flat rocks and stretched out on my back to let the morning sun warm my breast and cunt. After several minutes I awoke to the feeling of someone watching me. A teen boy stood nearby looking at me. He was very much turned on looking at my naked body. I could tell that by the large tent in his pants. I tried to act like no big deal, it really was not a big deal as I was old enough to be this k**s mother and figured he was not interested in me but he kept looking at me. I asked him what he was doing and he said just hanging out watching the scenery. This turned me on but I walked over and got my clothes, dresssed and jogged off. A few days later I was jogging again to the swim hole and again went skinny dipping. The boy came out from the bush, again with a tent in his pants. I asked him to join me. He dropped his clothes and jumped in. I got a kick out of his cute hard cock with a furry little man bush. We both swam for a few minutes then climbed onto the rock and laid on our backs. His cock sticking into the air. He was still sneaking peeks at me. I rolled over and asked him if he had ever seen a naked woman before and he replied no. I felt bad and told him he shoould just look as it did not bother me. Then he asked if he could touch me and I thought what the hell and said yes. The teen reached over and touch and then fondled my boobs then moved to my cunt that was getting wetter by the minute. I guess this k** had never had sex before nor touched a woman and was not sure what to do next. I decided to suck his dick and leaned over and took him into my mouth. I worked him for about a minute and he exploded, I swallowed it all. I forgot how much I enjoyed pleasing a man with my mouth as I had not done that since college. I dressed and told my new friend goodby and jogged off. A few more days later I again was jogging and hit the spring again. This early in the morning no one is around and that is why I skinny dip which I did. Again this boy was there. I asked him to join me trying to be nice and thinking that since I blew him a few days ago he would be satisfied and would not bother me. I did not realize how horny teen boys could be. He flirted with me and fondled me in the spring. Then when we got onto the rock he was all over me. I decided that the way to fix this was to let him have his way and he would leave me alone afterwards. So I moved on him with some fore play and then let him on top of me. I guided his cock into my wet cunt. He pushed slowly into me and his cock felt good inside my cunt even though he was smaller than my husband. I told him to start to thrust into me slowly, which he did about three times before he flooded my womb with his warm cum. I do love having a man cum inside me and it had been a very long time since a man other than my husband had cum inside me. I had a small orgasim myself. The teens cock never got soft and he started to fuck me some more. This time he lasted much longer and gave me a fair fuck before he exploded a second time deep inside my cunt. I held him tight with both my arms and pussy till his balls were drained and his cock had deflated. We both agreed that we had some great sex and I got into hte pool to rinse his cum from my cunt. I got out and dressed and went home feeling really good about my being the first for this k**. My cunt was tingling and full of his warm cum. Several days later I again went on my routine jog and again ran into this teen, and I again let him fuck me and cum inside me twice. And I again felt really good about having a pussy full of his sperm. The next jog no one was at the pool and I was happy and sad both. A few days after that I was going to jog again but my husband wanted a quickie, he entered me and drained his balls deep inside me and off to work he went and I went fot my jog. At the swim hole I jumped in naked and was relaxing. My teen boy friend came out from behind a tree naked. He jumped in and we playfully splashed and kissed. Then a friend of his came out naked also and joined in. I was alittle unsure about this but thought it was harmless fun. We swam and played and then all three of us climbed out onto the rock. Both boys started to fondle me and I stopped them. My friend pleaded that it was his friends first time and he had promised him I would accomidate him. I am not sure what I was thinking but I said okay and both k**s started to fondle me again. I really enjoyed both boys exploring my body and they both had hard cute cocks. I let the new k** get on top of me and guided his hard little cock into me. He pushed his cock easliy into my soaking wet cunt and made it about thirty seconds before draining his balls deep inside his first pussy. As soon as he was done he pulled out and the other k** mounted me and fucked me good for a couple of minutes then drained his balls deep inside my womb. As I had taught him he stayed inside till he was deflated and then got up. The first k** was ready for his second crack at my cunt and mounted me and went straight to work. He lasted longer and then flooded my cunt with more hot cum. We laid there in the morning sun, I could feel the cum trickling from my pussy. I had three different mens sperm swiming thru me. I had never done three men in a row before but I felt pretty good about myself having pleased these men. I told the boys I needed to get home, dressed and left. The next jogging trip resulted in my two friends having brought two more virgins for a total of four hard cocks. I took them all on. I decided to make the best of this and I fucked those four boys like I had not had cock in years. Each boy pumped two to three loads of hot cum each into me. When we finsihed I was sore and dripping cum. I dressed and jogged home. Once home my shorts were drenched with sperm leaking from my pussy. I jumped into the shower to clean up. I never saw those boys again. I hope they enjoyed using my pussy and my fucking them. I know my cunt still tingles and gets wet just thinking of each of those young cocks filling me full of hot cum.
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3 months ago
I love letting young nigga cocks nut in my slutty white pussy...the younger the better!
8 months ago
11 months ago
a really nice story,i got HARD.
1 year ago
Oh, so much fun!
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Lovely woman, making Young boy's happy.
1 year ago
i should have taken up swimming as a teenager..great story with a happy ending!