I have several married women that I sl**p with and my wife has several men. One of my women,Janet, has told me a story that she wanted me to share with you all. Janet is married to a man that makes a six figure income. She is in her mid forties, about 5 foot 5 inches tall, 130 pounds, well tone, and dish water blonde hair. She has a real nice set of "C" cup tits. Sex with her husband was not what it had been and she was looking for adventure.
I am not Janet's first affair. Several years ago she had gone to a party with a friend of hers and she met this guy. She was buzzed and he was really d***k. They ended up in a back bathroom. She did her fore play and when she thought she had him near the edge she pulled her pants down and leaned back against the counter she he could enter her. She was really excited to finally be about to have sex with another man. The man tried to push his cock into her cooch. She grab hold of his cock and was rubbing it along her slot to get it wet and lubricated when all of a sudden he started to cum and pumped a full load of jizz all over her bush. The man pulled up his pants and left her there with jizz all over her bush and very unsatisfied.
Janet's next adventure occured at a conference she was at for her job. She was sitting listening to the speaker give his presentation when she noticed a good looking younger man giving her a smile. Every time she looked up this man was looking at her. She was very horny and still looking to find a satisfying partner. They had a twenty minute break and she went over to talk to the man. He grab her hand and said to follow him and they went thru the kitchen and to a door leading to a dock for unloading trucks. They noticed cameras all around so they ducked into a small office that appeared to unoccupied. Janet was fantisizing the whole time they were walking about having wild sex with man. When they closed the door she started to kiss him with passion. She moved her hands down his pants and felt his hard cock. She knelt down and released his cock and placed her mouth over it. She worked his cock with her hands and mouth. Then she decided she wanted to feel him inside her. She stood up and pulled her panties down and lifted her skirt and leaned over a chair, giving this man good axcess to her cunt from behind. He moved in behind her and pushed his cock into her wet snatch. She could feel it slide into her. he thrust into her several times and Janet was loving the feeling of this strange cock deep in her. The man was being f***eful and grab hold of Janet's hips and plunged his hard cock as deep as he could into Janet's hot tight cunt and exploded. Janet could feel his cock pulsating and the warm feeling of his semen flowing into the deepest reaches and filling her cunt. Janet came too and stood there enjoying the feeling of what had just happened. The man pulled away and told her "thanks" as he pulled up his pants and he left the room. Janet was getting herself put back together and thouht her man would be waiting in the hall. When she emerged from the room no one was around. She made her way back to the conference and her man was not there, She sat and waited. The conference started again. She sat waiting, she could feel semen leaking from her cunt into her panties. Her man never showed up, she never saw that man again. Janet never even got his name.
About a year after that was when Janet met me and I have been banging her ever since. She has her marriage and when she wants a good fucking she comes to me and I take care of that for her.
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3 years ago
Was this story about ME?? x
4 years ago
very good