Mom's Secret

I do not mean to brag but I get plenty of pussy and always have since I was young. I am twenty now but when I hit puberty I fucked the girl next door and I was in love with pussy and wanted to sample as much as I could. And being that I am a good looking k** that meant alot of pussy for me, I fucked some of my buddies moms, older s****rs, girls younger, older, fat, skinny, tall, short, just all kinds of pussy.
But my unicorn pussy, that is the pussy that I thought I would never get to bust a nut in, woulld be my mom. I mean she is well educated, keeps herself in great shape. She looks more like my s****r than my mom. A very classy lady. She dresses nice all the time, has very prety blonde hair, great tits, nice petite little body and pretty face. Big blue eyes. You get the idea. I have seen her naked a few times, she has perky tits and a neatly trimmed brown bush. Even though I have dreamed of fucking her I never thought it would ever happen.
Then one day dad had to go out of town for work and I needed to go catch a plane to see some friends in another state. On the way to the airport my car got a flat and by the time I got it fixed I missed my flight so I drove back home. When I arrived there was a strange car in the driveway. I went in the house thru the open garage and heard some noise coming from the living room. I quitely made my way to the living room only to see my mom on the floor with her boss and some other guy fucking. I could not believe it. It was like a porn movie right in front of me. My mom on all fours with her boss fucking her doggy style and a guy with his dick in her mouth. She was moaning and breathing all heavy. She had on a black garter and bra thing, she looked really hot. I took out my Iphone and shot some really good video as her boss reached his limit and drained his balls inside her. When he pulled his cock out a big glob of his spunk dripped out also.
Then mom got on her back and the other guy mounted her and went to town showing her pussy no mercy. He pounded her good and hard for several minutes till he blew a huge load into her also. They all sat and talked for several more minutes then the men got cleaned up and dressed and left. They said they wanted to come back tomorrow with another client and mom said that would be fine. Mom walked the men to the door and saw them out. I went back to the kitchen trying to figure out what I should do. I had decided I should just leave out the garage when mom walked in and caught me. "What the hell are you doing here? I thought you had gone out of town, how long have you been here?" Mom said as she stood there naked with cum running down her leg.
Not sure what to say I blurted out "I saw everything, I saw you fuck those two men, I saw them cum inside you, I have video of you fucking them! What the hell are you doing? Does dad know about this? You slut!" Mom started to cry and told me that I did not understand. She started to explain to me why she had done what she done. She ended up telling me everything she had done. All the men she had fucked. Her boss, everything. I could not believe what she had said. It all boiled down to that she liked the attention and liked pleasing men with her body. The whole time mom was talking I could help but stare at her cute little jizz filled pussy and her tits. By hte time she had said everything she wanted to say my cock was rock hard and I was pretty horny.
Then mom went to begging me not to tell dad. "Please do not tell your father a thing, I will do anything for you not to tell" mom begged. "If you tell him it will ruin all of our lives." I thought for a minute then replied "Give me a blow job like the one you gave that stranger man." "Are you sick?" mom said. "You just told me all about how you like fucking strangers and pleasing them and all and then you said you would do anything for me to keep my mouth shut-so suck my cock you slut" I said. Mom smiled this little smile that made my spine tingle and she knelt down and started to give me the best blow job of my life. OMG can that woman suck a dick!! Mom knows her way around a cock. In no time at all I was ready to explode and I grab her head with both hands tightly and exploded sending several spurts of my cum down her throat. I let loose of my hold and mom looked up at me plenty mad. "You came in my mouth and made me swallow your sperm you pig, you came in your mothers mouth!" Mom screamed.
Without a saying a word I pushed mom onto her back and moved in between her legs, my cock still hard as nails. Mom protested "we can not have sex, I am your mother this is so wrong!" "You can have strangers fuck you and cum inside you, then you can let me fuck you" I said as I pushed my cock into mom's tight little pussy. "please, do not do this, this is not right." I started to pound mom's pussy hard and she started to like it. Mom was meeting my thrust and really getting into it. I was like a porn star pounding away, and I could tell mom was nearing orgasim. I kept up for another minute and was nearing that point of no return myself when mom screamed out and her body started to convulse, mom went into this massive orgasim, thrusting about and clawing at my back. I pushed deep and flooded her insides with my hot sperm, one of the biggest loads ever. I collasped on top of her, my deflating cock still deep inside her. We laid there for many minutes. Then mom said "That has to be the best fuck I have ever had." "I know, me too" I said. "I came inside you, a huge load, sorry about that." I said. Then mom replied "I know, it felt so amazing having your cock pump that load into me, it made my orgasim so much better. I want more, please fuck me again." With that said my cock hardened up and I started to fuck mom some more this time she got on top as we finished, I dumped another load inside her. This time as we laid there recovering I thought about the other two men that had just fucked mom a little earlier and that they had cum inside her also. "Wow mom, you are really good at sex, now I know why those guys want to come back tommorrow. You have alot of different guys sperm swiming around in you right now." I said. "That is what women are made for, to please men." She said. Then mom added "I am glad we did this as I plan on spending alot time fucking you!"
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1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
That is cool@Raves415
1 year ago
nice man I can relate to you as in having no problem getting pussy all the time fucking my friends moms ex gfs moms. The only difference is I never fucked my mom don't get me wrong she is sexy as hell so is all the women in my family they are all trophy wives, but instead I fucked her little sister lol my aunt.
1 year ago
Great I love the sexy thoughts and thanks for posting it for us
1 year ago
So fucking hot. Want to hear more.
1 year ago
Very hot,,,thanks
1 year ago
That was a HOT story, hope to hear more of her and your escopades, May she will drop the strangers and concentrate her motherly attention soley on you, or not!!
1 year ago
Nice,,and it's what good moms do for their sons.
1 year ago
Hot! Cant wait for more!
1 year ago
well hot story,thanks for sharing
1 year ago
Great story. I would love to hear more about her and her adventures.