My husband and I went on a trip with another couple to some remote islands in the tropics. At the time I was only 28years old. I had only been married three years. I always had plenty of guys to date, they told me I was good looking. my boobs are "c" cups and I weighed only 105lbs. I am five foot tall and blond blond hair and I shave my pussy. The other woman was named Jill, 5 foot 2 inches tall, blondish brown hair, about 110lbs and nice "d" cup tities.
The second day there our husbands went to play golf and Jill and I packed a pick nick lunch and rented some jet skis and went to a island we thought would be deserted. We ate lunch and drank two bottles of wine. We were pretty buzzed from the wine and decided to lay out naked and get some sun. After a some time I got the feeling that we were being watched. I looked up and caught some very young tribal boys peaking at us. I nudged Jill and we both looked at these k**s. There were six black boys probably 13 or 14 years old and they were staring at our naked bodies. They came in close. They could not speak english.
Jill and I thought maybe they had never seen a naked white girl before or maybe because we had shaved beavers. They just kept looking at us as if we were aliens. I did noticed they were getting hardons and that was making me horny. Jill spread her legs wide and pulled her pussy open and the boys came in real close, I could see that she was getting wet. I did the same, it was a big turn on for me to have these boys looking at me and getting hard dicks. One boys touched my pussy with his finger. Then he stuck his finger in me, I reached up and grasped his hard cock. He pulled his finger up to his nose and smelled my pussy, then he shared it with the other boys. They all wanted to feel our pussies then.
Three boys were fondling Jill and three were fondling me. I was getting so turned on and so wet. I had six hands all over me and three rock hard cocks, i was trying to fondle them back. The boys dropped their little bit of clothing. Their cocks were standing straight out and hard as rocks. Jill had one in her mouth and one in each hand. I pulled one boy over and took his cock in my mouth. It was salty tasting, sweaty, and pre cum was ozzing from the tip. I wanted to feel this cock in my pussy. I thought that these boys were virgins and I had never been with a virgin. I laid on my back and spread my legs and pulled this boy over to me and guided his hard little cock into my hungry pussy. it slid in with ease and felt good. He pushed all the way in and sat there, enjoying my warm cunt around his cock. i think he was unsure what to do, I am so used to men that just pound away on me. I pushed him back till the tip of cock was about to leave my cunt then pulled him back in. He started to do this on his own and watched as his black cock disappeared into my cunt and then reappeared. He moved faster and after several strokes he thrust hard and deep into me and I felt his cock twitch and felt his hot cum squirt deep in me, giant squirts of hot cum flooded my love tunnel. It caused me to cum very hard. I held that boy tight until he finished draining his balls. He pulled his semi limp cum covered cock from me and got up. Another boy moved in and slid into me. He followed what the first boy did and moved back and fourth into me, it felt so good. He soon exploded deep in me. Then the third boy mounted me and did the same and pumped my cunt full of his seed.
I just had three virgins, all the men I had ever been with I had never had a virgin or a black guy. Jill came over to me and said this was great. She, like me, had never had a virgin nor a black guy. She was on a cloud. She said that we should each fuck each others three guys. We motioned for the boys to come over, I pulled the over to me, I could smell Jill's smell on him. I pulled him into me and he fucked soft and slow. Nice long deep strokes and soon he pushed deep and filled me with his spunk. Then the next gou and then the last guy. I laid there with six different boys cum leaking from my pussy. Six different boys sperm swimming thru my womb. I looked over at Jill and she smilled back at me, cum leaking from her snatch. A couple of the boys wanted an encore and pumped more sperm into our sloppy cunts. The boys all left, Jill and I laid there giddy about our conquest. My pussy just tingled with satisfaction. We went back to our room and got in the shower together. We got out and were getting ready for our husbands to return. As I was putting on makeup it dawned on me that I was fertile, no birth control. I asked Jill about this and she said not to worry she never uses birth control. Jill said that she loves having men cum in her unprotected cunt. Jill said she does this all the time and has never gotten pregnant. jill told me that you have to do it with the same guy many times to get knocked up. Jill also said that those were too young to knock us up. She also said that boys can't get girls pregnant on their first fuck. I was feeling much better and quit worrying.
We enjoyed our vacation and went back home. I missed my next period and went to the Doctor only to find out that I was pregnant. I called Jill and found out she was pregnant also. Jill said that she had slept with several men on top of the boys we fucked on the island. I had fucked one other man on the trip but he pulled out of me before he came. my husband and that man were both white. When the baby was born, it was black. Jill had a black baby also.
91% (76/7)
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1 year ago
great a bit out of the ordinary
2 years ago
Not bad. Really liked it ;)
3 years ago
Taboo for sure.
3 years ago
Nice story. Thanks.
4 years ago
sweetie to have some black meat
4 years ago
what a cheating whore.
4 years ago
nice to hear you got pregnant with a black baby
4 years ago
nice story, nonsense but lovely tale
4 years ago
some untruths in this can get knocked on your first fuck.
you dont have to do it with the same guy many times as u say in your story in makes no differance whather its the 1st time or the 100th
4 years ago
naughty naughty
4 years ago
not bad.....taboo
4 years ago
4 years ago
just so hot and naughty a real turn on