Mom's Best Friend

Mom and her best friend, Lori, had been spending alot of time together lately. I was not sure what they were up to. I know that one day I came home and they were both eyeing me up and down and acting all wierd around me. Later that eveing my mom came into my room wanting to talk to me.
"What do you think about Lori, do you like her?" Mom asked me. "She is okay I guess." "Well, you know Lori and Bob have been trying to have a baby and have not had much luck. They were hoping you could help them out." "How can I help Lori and Bob?" I asked. Mom said "Lori was thinking that if you could help them out by masterbating your spunk into a turkey baster and she could then put your spunk into her and make herself pregnant." "Really mom?" was my reply. Mom said for me to think about it.
I thought about what mom had said all night. The thought of a woman squirting my spunk up her snatch was a real turn on for me. I had never even seen a real woman naked. The next morning I told mom I would do it. Later that day Lori came over and mom told her the good news. Mom had me come in so Lori could talk to me. Lori was very excited and told me she would set everything up and let me know.
Lori is not a hottie, she is tall, about five ten, dirty blonde hair, and a wide ass. She does have some big tits and a pot belly. My mom is dark complexion, mid size tits and about five foot tall. Mom has black hair. Everything got planned out and Lori and Bob showed up. They handed me a turkey baster and I went to my room to wack off and fill the thing with spunk.
Well that did not go as planned, it is hard to get a hard on when everyone is waiting outside your door. It puts alot of pressure on a guy. Bob decided maybe he could help so he came into my room to cheer me on. That made things worse, so then mom joined in. It is even harder to get a hardon with mom and some guy standing there. We ended up stopping for the day and would try again the next day. The next day Lori showed up alone as Bob had something come up and could be there. We went thru the same process and I could not get it up. So now mom and Lori both wanted to help. Since I was naked they both got naked and came into my room. I have to admit that two naked women in my room did get my pecker to tingle but not a full hardon.
So the women decided to have me lay on the bed and then they played with my pecker and balls. Then out of the blue, mom leaned over and took my cock into her mouth, she worked my soft cock with her tounge. Instant boner. Mom pulled off and then Lori did the same thing. My cock was now hard as nails. Then they both backed off and left me to stroke my own rod. Which I did but was not getting anywhere. After some time Lori told mom to let stick the tip in her cunt to help get this moving. Mom balked at first then decided that was okay. Mom laid on the bed next to me and had Lori guide the tip of my cock into mom's wet cunt. She rub my cock back and fourth a little and I made one thrust and sunk my whole cock deep into mom's cunt. Mom screamed out but I was in there. Lori told me that when I was ready to cum to let her know so she could have the baster ready. Mom then said "you just let him put it directly in you, just let him cum inside you." Lori thought for a moment and then replied "you are right that would be much easier and better, when you are ready just put that thing in here and let it flow!"
Then it dawned on me that I was going to fuck two women today. I thrust back and fourth inside of mom then moved over to Lori. Lori spread her legs wide and I sunk my cock balls deep inside her wonderful pussy as mom laid beside us and watched. I made about three thrust and exploded deep inside Lori filling her womb full of my spunk. When I finished draining my balls I pulled my cum covered cock out of Lori and stuck it back into mom before she really knew what I was doing. She did not object, so I slow fucked her for a few minutes and blew a load deep inside her. At this point both Lori and mom told me that all cum needed to go inside Lori's cunt and that I should not tell Bob that I was making direct deposits, let him think we were doing the turkey baster.
This went on for about two weeks with me fucking both mom and Lori several times aday. If Bob was around, I had to fuck mom and squirt into the baster and mom would run in and squirt that up Lori's cunt. Lori got pregnant like she wanted and I continued to fuck her and mom as much as I could.
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1 year ago
1 year ago
Nice one
1 year ago
1 year ago
story had a good pace then got hurried and ended..wishh it had been a little longer..or another one about fucking pregnant Lori
1 year ago
sweet way to have mom & her hot friend
1 year ago
that was a fantastic story and got me so hard I had to pull off I just love the idea of a boy helping out his moms friend and getting to fuck her till she is pregnant Pm me I can tell you how I got our local shop keepers wife up the duff col
1 year ago
Like the story it was good