This is a true story about how I lost my virginity. I am now twenty one and this started six years ago. It is still ongoing.
The neighborhood we live in in somewhat upscale, most of the houses have pools and are nice. We have a nice pool with lots of trees around. Annie lived next door with her husband. They are in their early thirties and a good lokking couple. Very friendly. Annie's husband is gone alot and she and I became good friends, we talk alot about alot of different things. This summer I was spending more time than normal with her. She would either come to my house or I would be at hers.
Annie has strawberry blonde hair, long, down to her butt. She id not even five foot tall and she only weighs about ninety pounds, her tits are tiny but she does have a "to die for" ass. She is smart and easy to talk to. She looks great in her bikini!
On this day I was at Annies house and we had been in her pool and had come in to cool off. We were talking and flirting back and fourth. We got on the subject of sex, and Annie stated that I probably get jiggy with alot of girls. I blushed and told her that I had not been with any girls at all, but I thought guys would be after her. She smiled and said she had been with alot of guys in high school and college but we need to work on me getting with the girls. I pried Annie to tell me more about her exploits which she came clean with a couple of storys giving me a huge boner in my swim trunks. She said that she and her husband have been trying to pregnant but have not had good luck. Her friend had gone out and fucked some strangers to get pregnant and she was thinking about that but really did not want to do that. She said she had that out of her system, she rather find one person she could have a long term relationship with. We talked alot about that and then I tried to steer her back to her exploits which she happily told me alittle more. Then she noticed my hardon, and she smiled real big. Then she said I should help her out, I was a good friend and I could help her get pregnant. She said it would help me learn about girls. She then lookedd at me all sexy and said please.
I looked her up and down and at that moment I wanted nothing more than to fuck this fine ass woman. My cock was so hard it hurt. I told Annie I would help her out and how do we get started. I thought she would have me spunk in a cup and she would put it inside her somehow. But she just undid her little top and dropped herbottoms right there in front of me and took me over to the couch, pulled down my trunks and laid on my back. Her little nipple were rock hard and her pussy was shaved with a stripe just above her slit, it was blondish red also. Annie played with my cock for a minute or two then she stradled me and lowered herself onto my rock hard wang. Her pussy was so wet I slid easily into her and her pussy was heaven. I could not believe this fine ass woman was on top of me fucking me. I watched her move for a moment then it was too much for me and I exploded pumping what felt like a gallon of my hot sticky spunk inside her. She moaned loudly and siad she could feel every squirt and loved it. Annie stayed on top of my still hard pecker and started to really work me over.
Our cum was leaking out of her and all over me making a sticky mess as she worked my cock. After many minutes we were both nearing an orgasim and came at the same time. This time she got up and closed her legs together tight, she said she had to keep my spunk inside. I watched her fine ass as she walked into the kitchen. She made us some thing to eat. Annie was on a cloud, she could not stop talking about getting pregnant. She said I was going to have to fuck her all the time which I did for the next week. It was great, if one of us had a few minutes we would just fuck and then we were off again.
Then her husband got back from out of town. Annie told her husband about everything and it turned out he was real cool with it. he would allow us to fuck even when he was around, he soon enough joined in. Annie did get pregnant by me. But she and her husband said I could still have sex with her which I did every chance I got.
As I said at the start, this is still ongoing. I knocked Annie up three times, I am the father of her three k**s and she does not want anymore. But I still go over and have sex with her. Many times with her husband tag teaming with us. She has another friend that needs to get pregnant and Annie is trying to talk her into letting me have the honor, we will see.

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Very lucky guy
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Wow,,some guys have all the luck..thanks
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Great story, wish you luck in your endeavours to be a breeder