Sloppy Seconds

My husband and I have been married for eight years. My husband is ther greatest and I will do anything to please him. He is fifty years old, maakes very good money. I am thirty years old, about 110 lbs, I bleach my hair blonde, shave my cooch, have nice boobs, and work out everyday. I am a model and have modeled for many department stores. I have slept with alot of men before I met my husband and know my way around the block.
One night my husband wanted to meet me at a bar, I waited for him all alone at the bar. Several men came up to me and hit on me. I found out that my husband was watching me from across the bar, he was so turned on from the men hitting on me he fucked the ever living shit out me when we got home. Now my husband has the biggest cock that has ever been in my pussy. It is about eleven inches long and real fat. He has giant set of balls to go along with his giant cock and those balls pump enough jizz to fill several pussies. I truly can not get enough of his dick.
We started going to the bar and having my husband watch men hit on me. Then we moved up to me making out with the men, then getting fingered, then to me giving blow jobs in the parking lot. Then one night my husband wanted me to fuck a guy in the parking lot as he watched. I met a guy in the bar, he was wearing a wedding ring. We taslked for several minutes then I asked if he would like to go out to the lot and fuck me. He said hell yes! We got out there and I pulled his pants down and sucked his dick for a minute. I was wearing a little black mini dress with no panties so I leaned over the hood of a car and this man lifted my litle dress and pushed his cock into me and started to thrust deeply into my hungry wet snatch. He pounded me hard for several minutes and then exploded a large hot load deep in my cunt. After he had pumped every drop he could into me he pulled up his pants and left. My husband appeared and took out his cock and laid me back on the car hood and pushed his wonderful cock into my gooey snatch. I watched as the strangers jizz squished out around my husband cock as it went in my cunt. He started slow thrust and picked up speed. I came hard after only a few minutes and he soon flooded my womb with his hot jizz. I loved the feeling of two mens cum being in my pussy.
my husband and I would do this once a month and we both loved it. Then one night we were on holiday in another country and we took a man back to our room. My husband and this man took turns fucking me. It was wild to be fucking another man and that man pumping my cunt full of his sperm with my husband standing there holding my hand. The next night we met a couple and took them back to our room. Now I got to watch my husband pump his seed into another woman while at the same time I was getting the seed of another man. I came so hard I thought my head would fall off. I loved licking my mans sperm from the woman's pussy. We met up with that couple a few nights later, our husbands found five young men willing to come to our room and fuck the both of us while they watched. Our husbands sat in chairs watching these young cocks pound our pussies. Me and the other woman each took four loads from these strangers. When the strangers left our husbands took over. Her husband mounted me and drained his balls into me rahther quickly. My husband dumped his load into her after several minutes then put his slimy cock in me before it went limp.
Sometimes my husband would tell me to get a couple of loads in my pussy and come home so he can check it out. other times he might hide and watch or maybe he would sit in chair and watch or even tag team me with the other guy.
I love my husband and I love his cock but I do love the feel of fucking a stranger and feeling his hot sperm pump deep into my hungry pussy and knowing that I will never see him again. I love it when my husband pumps his cock into my cream filled pussy and adds his hot load to the ones already deep in my snatch. I think my husband has turned me into a true cum junkie.
98% (38/1)
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3 years ago
I have always loved sloppy seconds. Thanks
4 years ago
hot story 4 stars ****
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
just amazing
4 years ago
4 years ago
great story!