Community Service

I had got a DWI and had to do eighty hours of community service. The first 48 hours I worked picking up trash off the side of the road and other stuff like that. The last 32 hours I ended up working with this group cleaning up trails that go thru the woods. My first day I showed up and there was another guy who had to do community service and a old man, I would guess in his 70's. Three women that must have been around that age were also there. They were peppy and ready to work. The women went one way and us men went the other.
After about 6 hours we had done alot of work and it was hot. We came upon a hot spring just off the trail. We removed our clothes and got in. It was a great way to relax. The old man had a flask full of some kind of hard liquor, we were sharing, he said we should save most of it for the women. The three old ladies showed up shortly there after. They removed their clothes-I had never seen old people naked but it had been months since I had any pussy what so ever so I was glad to see any kind of bush.
They got in and started to drink and we all had a good time. We soon paired up and I started to think that I might get a little stinky on my wanker. The woman I was working with was proably 115 pounds, small tits, nice hips, salt and pepper hair. She had a giant dark haired bush and was getting plenty wet. Her hands had been feeling up my cock. We laid on a large rock and I soon enough buried my face in her snatch. It smelled very good and she was really getting turned when she pulled me up and told me she wanted me inside her. I slid my cock into her pussy and to my surprise it was tight and felt really good. She told me she had not had any in a while and had never been with a guy my age before. I started to plow into her good and proper when she had a massive orgasim. Her pussy clamped onto my dick like a cop on a doughnut. When she was done I contiued to pile drive her and soon drained my balls spewing what felt like ten gallons of pent up cock sauce deep in her old snatch. My cock stayed hard and we laid there with it still in her. I was thinking about my sperm swiming thru her pussy, I wondered when the last time her pussy had had any sperm swimming thru it. After several minutes I fucked her some more and spewed some more of my hot sauce into her again.
I looked around and could see that the other young guy had blew his wad into his lady and took off. That lady came over to us and we all started talking. I was looking at her snatch and my cock hardened. The ladies took note and the one that had two loads of my sauce in her told the other woman that I was a good lover and she should take me on. We looked at each other and started kissing. Her hands were all over my cock and soon I was pistoning her real good. Her cunt was not as tight as the first woman's but pussy is pussy. I was able to make her cum pretty soon and then I filled her old with with a large load of my DNA. I pulled out of her and placed my cock into the first woman's vagina and let it deflate. The other couple came over and we talked and I watched my jizz leak from the woman's cooch.
I had several more days till my hours were done and these people had more trails to clean up. We cleaned and fucked till my hours were all done. I ended up fucking the third woman and all the women several more times. I still help out every now and then and when I do I always get some good old pussy.
88% (25/4)
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3 years ago
Some of the best I ever had was from older women. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
Where do I sign up?
4 years ago
I would say good but a HOT spring on a HOT day??
I would want to cool off in a natural pool in a tree shaded creek.
4 years ago
good but needs more details