I Caught My Mom Dogging

I got into the dogging thing in my mid teens thanks to an older neighbor guy who was into everything sexual big time. He had all kinds of videos and pictures, he and his wife were swingers. He took me out the first few times to show me the ropes. He even let me watch his hot wife dog a time or two. This guy always knew who would be where.
My favorite woman was one older lady who would only fuck one guy but afterward would let all of us masterbate and blow our wads on her bush then she would rub her fingers thru it and then stick her cum covered fingers up her snatch. I would fuck some of these women if I could be first or second in. I wore a jacket and sunglasses to keep my age secret.
On this Thursday night I went to the normal place where dogging happens. There were three mini vans there. It was dusk and I had my stuff on to hide my age and who I was. The first van had a younger woman in it and she was taking on anybody and everybody bareback. She was a mess, after several minutes watching I moved to the next van. Everything at this van looked familar then I recongnized my neighbor and my mom's good friend, Betty. She was taking a guy doggy style, her big boobs swinging like mad as he pounded her. Then the other woman was laying on her back with her legs up in the air. Some guy just busted a huge nut in her cunt, it was dripping out onto the floor of the van. I went to the other side to see who it was and it was my mom!
She was guiding another guy into her cunt so she did not see me. I could not believe it. I stood and watched as Betty and my mom worked the crowd of guys. Mom took six loads as I watched. This was making me real mad. This is my mom, the woman did not even seem to like sex or ever talk about sex. I was not sure what to do. I left and went home. I thought about what I had seen all night. I was not sure what to do or say to mom the next time I saw her. This went on about a month then she said she was going over to Betty's house again.
I went back to the dogging spot and sure enough mom and Betty were there doing their thing. I watched for a while and left. I was still mad about what mom was doing. Then it dawned on me what I could do to get back at mom.
About a month later mom told me she was going over to Betty's again. So I headed straight to the dogging spot, I wanted to be first in line and I was. Soon mom and Betty pulled up. I was undercover, so mom did not who I was, mom invited me over and proceeded to suck my cock. After a minute or two I had my nerve up and told mom to lay on her back which she did. I got on top of her and slid my cock into her tight wet pussy. I grudge fucked my mom hard, and she seemed to enjoy it. I had a huge load saved up just for her, and when it was ready I buried my cock deep inside her and let loose flooding her womb with my sticky spunk. Mom came at the same time and held me tight till my balls were drained. She smiled real big at me and told me that was one of the best fucks she has ever had and that she wanted me to come back for more. She cleaned me up and stood back and watched as several over guys took turns dumping their loads inside my mom.
For the next several months everytime mom said she was going over to Betty's house I would go out to the dogging spot and wait. When mom and Betty showed up I would be first in line to fuck my mom and would always dump a huge steaming load of my spunk deep inside her. I did the same with Betty a few times too. It was my way I getting back at mom as I was so mad at her for being a slut. I thought that if mom ever knew that I had fucked her and spunked inside her she would be sick. Mom never found out what I had done, and I still go out dogging and still fuck her every now and then. It is a good feeling for me to bust a nut in my mom and she does not even know it.
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4 months ago
Super sexy being able to fill your Mother's well fucked pussy with a load of your hot cum. You need to blast a load down her throat and also give her a slutty facial..... Then say " Thanks Mom" and wait for her to come home..!!
8 months ago
you lucky man
1 year ago
I agree with dmf### &chucke####: Not only does fiction-Mom know (she hums "I'm having His baby..."), but now your IRL-Mom knows too! So, ZimaBean, my good-son, I'm at Bettes (our neighbor's true name), Cum Fuckenzee Her-and-Mee!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Nice but you should tell her straight after you empty your load into her,,,"thanks mom we'll chat when you get home",,,and see what happens
1 year ago
1 year ago
She knows it's you, she's a real slut and i'd start fucking her at home.
1 year ago
1 year ago
nice story I'm thinking she knows its you and really likes to get fucked by you ...you should tell her and maybe you'll get to fuck her and better more
1 year ago
crafty little bugger you are hope there is more to tell
1 year ago
Hot stuff. maybe she'll have your baby.xxxxxxxxxxx
1 year ago
1 year ago
Awesome, thx for sharing...
1 year ago
cppl tell her may be she will like it more knowing its her own son