I Cannot Believe This Happened

This is a true a story and I still can not believe it happened to me. I had just finished high school two weeks ago and was all ready to go to college. I was excited to get to college and get some college pussy.
I am just a regular guy, that is what makes this story so wierd. I have had girlfriends, I have sex many times. I am not super good looking nor am I butt ugly. My mom and I have had a normal relationship also. Nothing sexual, no peaking at her in the shower. My mom and dad seem to have a good relationship also. My mom is no super model, she is average, dark hair, blue eyes. Mom has okay tits, she is not fat and nice wide hips. She is only five foot tall.
It was a thursday night and mom was home alone. Dad was out of town. I went on a date with my girlfriend and wanted so badly to get laid. It had been more than a week since I had had any pussy and if this girl did not put out I was going some where else. We drank and made out but no sex. So after dropping her off at her home I thought that this weekend I would go out and get some strange.
Once home I noticed mom seemed to be acting a little strange. Something was bothering her and she was not talking. I sat on the couch with her to watch TV. She was drinking wine and already in her pjs. We were both cold so we got under a throw to stay warm. Mom's hand was on my cock which I thought was a little strange but thought maybe she did not realize it. As we watched the movie I could feel mom's hand moving around my shorts, like she was feeling me up. My cock started to get a little hard. Mom then started to kiss me on the neck and her hand was really feeling me up. I am not sure why, maybe the drinking I did earlier or that I was super horny, but I went for it. I started to put the moves on mom and she was doing the same to me. Without ever saying a word, we got up and went to my bedroom. We fell on the bed and were kissing and feeling each other up like high school k**s.
Mom was on fire, I pulled her pjs off and started to play with her super wet pussy. Mom had a nice dark bush and her cunt smelled great. Her tits were perky. Mom was trying to get my cock out so I removed all my clothes and laid back on the bed. Mom then moved into the sixty nine position. As she engulfed my rock hard cock I buried my face in her dripping wet pussy. After a few minutes, I was getting close to the point of no return. Right then mom stopped sucking my cock and moved around to mount me. She lowered herself down on my cock. Her tight little cunt felt great around my cock and mom went to town. She was working my cock hard I had a thumb on her clit which quickly sent her over the edge to a tremendous orgasim. As soon as she calmed down I flipped her onto her back and pounded her good and hard. It did not seem like it was my mom at all. Both my balls were overflowing and ready for release so I pushed as deep into mom's cunt as I could and let them drain filling mom's womb full of my spunk. Mom asked that I stay inside her which I did. My cock never went limp so I slow fucked mom for several minutes and then dumped another load in her. This time my cock went limp and feel out of her. I got up to go to the bathroom.
When I walked back into my room I realized that my mom was laying naked on my bed with my sperm leaking from cunt, I had just fucked my own mom. I was not sure why this had happened, but it was good sex and I wanted more. Mom wanted more also and she went to work on me. I fucked mom two more times that night. I then fucked her the next morning. I got one more fuck in before mom went to go get in the shower. After mom came out of the shower she was another person and was acting like nothing ever happened.
We never talked about that night and I never got to fuck mom again. Mom acted like nothing happened. I wanted a rematch but the way she acted it was like it never ever happened in her mind.
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fucking hot
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dad's cheating...
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Loved it!