s****r And Me

This is a true story as told to me by my swinger friend RonJohn. Enjoy!
My s****r is four years older than me. We have always been close growing up. I must say that I have always loved women-and I mean from my earlist memory I can recall always trying to see my mom, s****r and any other woman naked.
I would walk in on mom right as she was getting out of the shower, suprise my s****r when I knew she was changing clothes. I would pop in on granny when she was in the bath. I even peaked at some of my friends moms. It seemed to not bother anyone as I was young and I think they all got used to it so when I got older so I keep it up.
On f****y trips my parents would get two rooms at hotels, one for mom and dad and one for s****r and I. We would watch movies before bed and talk. s****r and I never worried about being naked in front of each other. Sometimes we even checked out each others parts. I can remember when s****r hit puberty, her boobs starting to grow, her pubes coming in. I had a front row seat! Now my s****r looks just like my mom, she has dirty blonde hair, long. Nice boobs, and a great neatly trimed bush. Once I started into puberty I started to wank off all the time. s****r took great interest in this and would watch, and sometimes even wank me off. This grew into s****r letting me watch her have sex with her boyfriend a time or two.
About the time of all this happening we took a f****y trip to the beach for a week. Again I would walk in at just the right time and bust mom or my aunt changing into her swimsuit. My hormones were raging and this made it tough for me to act all inocent. At the beach or the pool looking at the all the hot women kept my dick hard and I had to keep going to my room to get a wank. But it seemed that I could not wank off enough, I needed some real pussy. s****r noticed that I was running to the room all the time and started to make fun of me. Then one time she followed me and popped in as I was almost about to jizz.
She took her hand and finished me off.
I told s****r thanks and that I was going to stay in the room the rest of the evening. She tried to talk me into going back out to the pool, siad that there was plenty of good looking girls out there for me to wank off to. I told her no so she offered to stay with me. s****r said we could get a payperview movie and some popcorn which we did. s****r had on a cute little bikini and with the smell of suntan lotion. This again was starting to make me have a boner as we sat next to each other watching this movie. There were some dirty sex scenes that made my problem even worse. s****r noticed this and asked me what the heck was going on? She was amazed that I was wanking off all the time and was still horny.
I told her I did not know what to do to fix the problem. She said her boyfriend gets like this sometimes. I asked what does he do about it? She said she would show me, but I would have to never ever tell anyone. I promised as I wanted some relief. s****r then told me to take off my shorts and lay on my back on the bed. I did as she said but was a little embarrasssed by my dick being rock hard and standing straight up. I was afraid s****r was going to play a trick, but then she took off her bikini and climbed onto the bed. She went straight for my dick, she started to wank me off. I was alittle dissapointed, but then she put her mouth around it and swallowed it. The feeling was amazing as she swirled her tounge and sucked ever so lightly. It was so cool to have my hot naked s****r sucking my dick, I was so horny I did not last but two minutes. My dick exploded in s****r's mouth, I could not help it. She swallowed it all.
She moved up next to me and we snuggled, still naked, and started to watch the movie again. The only problem was that my cock was still hard, and even hurt worse now than before. s****r was playing with it and then asked me why it was still hard, she said it should have gone soft by now. I told her I did not know why as it was the first BJ I had ever gotten. She told me she had never seen one that hard before. I told her I was not sure what to do and she agreed. She played with it a little more then s****r did something that I never expected.
s****r rolled on top of me, her boobs in my face, and then in one slow motion, pushed herself down onto my hard dick. The feeling was just incredible as my dick slid into her tight, wet, warm cunt. Once she was all the way down she sat up so she was sitting on me with my dick deep inside her. s****r started to work her hips around, the feeling was intense as s****r fucked me. She just slowly fucked me, and I could not believe that this beautiful was fucking me. Again, I could not hold out and told s****r I was going to blow. She just smiled real big and kept working her hips. I held back as long as I could and then exploded, I could feel the spurts of cum flowing up my dick and into s****r. When my dick finally stopped throbbing she asked me how it was? I told her it was the greatest, and she said it was the same for her, she said she came also. She lifted herself off of me and as she did a big glob of our cum fell out of her and ran down my still hard dick. She looked surprised and I just pushed her over onto her back and slammed my dick back into her gooey cunt. I pounded away on s****r cunt like a mad man. She screamed and moaned as I showed her no mercy. After several minutes of hard core fucking I pushed in deep and let loose of another huge hot load of spunk flooding s****r's womb. She arched her back as she took my load causing her to orgasim.
We collasped on the bed next toeach other and after a few minutes she reached over and felt my soft dick. s****r sighed and said it was too bad as she wanted some more. I told her thanks for helping me out and that she have my dick any time she wanted. After some time we fucked again and then many more times during that trip. From that time on we fucked every chance we got. Even when we both had others it always seemed the best sex was between us. We continue to fuck to this day.

95% (73/4)
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Thats awesome!!!
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awesome sister
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what a great sister
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Great Story.
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Very hot
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very hot, now I need sister!