Doing My Mom

It was summer I had just got my drivers license. I was pretty stoked as I figured now I can get a girlfriend and find out all about pussy and girls. Mom and dad seemed to be having some problems. All of a sudden dad said he had to go on an extended business trip and left the house. Before dad left dad he asked that I let him know if anything wierd happens. I was worried that if mom and dad split up I may not get my own car.
The next several days mom was acting very different. We would go to the store or mall together and I would catch mom talking to men. I mean talking and flirting with men like she was trying to get a date. I started to keep a close eye her. When the weekend came mom seemed to be very uneasy. We were going to have some dinner and watch movies. Then mom got a call on her cell phone. I listened and could hear her giggle like a school girl but she talked too soft for me to hear anything. Then she came and told me she had to run out for the night.
I told mom she was making a big mistake. I told her she needed to work things out with dad. Mom seemed to be getting mad. I told her that going out with other men she might get a diease. I told her she should stay home and be with me. If she wanted to even with dad she could just be with me. That did not come out right and she took it even further. I told her it would help us both out. I then took mom's hand and lead her to my bedroom.
Once in the room I was not sure what I was going to do. I told mom this was best as she could get even with dad, be safe, and teach me a thing or two. I told mom to pretend I was a strange man. She was falling for it, I guess she was plenty mad at dad. With that mom knelt down on her knees and undid my pants and pulled out my dick. She engulfed it into her mouth.
Now my mom is no super model, she has dark brown hair about down to her middle back. Average size boobs. She is about five foot ten. Mom is skinny, around a hundred and ten pounds. Not much of a ass.
She worked my dick with her mouth and I was fearful of blowing my load in her mouth. I told mom I wanted to see her naked. She stood up and took off her clothes. My dick got even harder as she removed her panties. Mom had a nice thick dark bush, with her pink pussy lips showing thru. She was not bad looking and seemed to be wet. She got on the bed and laid back spreading her legs. I was not real sure what to do so I put my face in her snatch. It smelt great and was plenty wet but again I was unsure so I licked around. After a few seconds mom pulled me up and as she did my dick met up with her snatch.
I tried to push it in, mom had to guide me in. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever had. Mom's pussy was so tight and warm. I did not know how to fuck so I thrust around for a few seconds. That was all it took for me to go over the edge. My dick swelled and exploded. I could feel the ropes of cum flow up my dick and spew deep into mom's cunt. Mom seemed to like me filling her cunt full of my sticky cum. She held me tight till I was done cumming.
I then realized my cock was still hard. I started to fuck mom some more. I was able to last longer as her cunt was slimey from my cum. I came inside her again and this time my cock went soft.
We fucked several more times that night and the next day. Each time I came deep inside mom's sweet pussy. I did cum once in her mouth and she swallowed. Dad showed back up and surprised us but he did not catch us fucking. Mom later told me she was glad that she fucked me and not a stranger and I told dad that nothing wierd happened. Mom and dad worked everything out, but I still fuck mom on the side. Mom tells me she likes having two men fuck her, she thinks it makes her feel younger.
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1 year ago
Nice one,,keep going
1 year ago
this really lacks details...
1 year ago
1 year ago
nice story
1 year ago
1 year ago
Good story!
1 year ago
hot mom.. kisses
1 year ago
that's how a family should be :)
1 year ago
the family that cums together, stays together