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Friend Kate

As we started the second bottle of wine I could not keep my eyes off Kates hot little body. She looked like one of those Texas college cheerleaders. Big blonde hair, big brown eyes, tight little body, perky tits and a great smile. She had a to die for ass and the cutest little bald pussy. She was only twenty three years old. The wine was getting Kate all relaxed and loosend up. She was now starting to talk about what was on her mind.
It would seemthat Kate and her husband have been trying to get pregnant but not having luck. Kate's husband is shooting blanks so he told her to go get knocked up by a stranger. Now Kate is at my house asking my advice. I explained to her that I could take her to my swingers club and she could do three or four guys bareback and that would do the trick. Kate thought that to be a little gross and out of her comfort zone. I then offered to go to a bar with her and she could pick some guy and take him out back. She was not up for that either. I knew my husband and his friends at the swing club would love to bust a nut in her tight little cunt and I would love to lick it out. I had to get Kate to the club. We finished the second bottle and opened the third and thought we should get into the hot tub. Kate was pretty well buzzed as we stumbled past my teenage son and his friends on the way to the tub.
Once outside we undressed and climbed in. Kate has a great body, it makes me wet. We were half way thru that bottle of wine when my son and his three friends came out to the hot tub. Kate was more d***k than I had ever seen her. She invited the boys to join us and stood up giving them all an eyeful of her hot little body. The boys peeled their clothes off and got in.
The boys seemed a little unsure of what to do or how to do it. I had two on me and Kate had my son and another boy with her. I thought that I would get this party going so I put my hand on one the boys rock hard cock and fondled it. Several other hands found my tits and cunt. I could tell the same was going on with Kate. After a little bit we all got out of the tub and went to living room. I took a young cock in my mouth and worked it like a pro. Kate was next to me and was playing with a young man, my son was behind her checking out her pussy. Quickly he moved in and mounted Kate. Kate gasped and squirmed but my son pounded away for a minute then flooded Kate's womb with a huge load of young cum. As he pulled out I leaned over and planted my face in Kate's dripping clam. I found her cum covered clit and went to town and she had a earth shaking orgasim within a minute or two. Another boy jumped into her and banged away and finally one planted his young cock in me and very quickly filled my thirsty cunt full of hot young sperm.
These young men fucked us both for several hours that night and even the next morning. Kate ended up pregnant and she is not sure which boy it was. The nice thing now is that Kate will go the swing club with my husband and I every now and then.
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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Nice story