Country and Western

I am just starting college and had to move to this new town and find a job which I did at this country and western store-they sell cowboy stuff and I like that. There are alot of hot girls working here so I was hoping to score some cooch along with some new clothes cheap. My girlfriend is going to a different college so I am plenty horny as I have been very busy getting settled and getting used to college and all which can be tuff for a eighteen year old.

It was a Tuesday night and the woman I worked with left work early and I had to close up. It was about seven when this man and his wife came into the store and started trying on clothes. They were having fun and I was preparing to close at eight. The woman was very attractive, brown curly hair, nice tits, nice cowgirl ass and big brown eyes and in her 40's. I thought that he must have alot of fun fucking that pussy every night. The man came to me and handed me a fifty dollar bill and told me to keep his wife occupied and ane he would be back at nine thirty or ten pick her up as he had to go do something. Off he went and then it dawned on me that we close at eight-well no one else was in the store so I went to help her with selecting clothes, we both flirted with other big time. She tried on many different things, she has an amazing body and looked hot in everything she put on, it was making me very horny. At eight I locked the door and shut off the lights to the mens side of the store and went to check on Lisa. She asked me if any one was in the store and I told it was just she and I. She then asked if she could just try on clothes on the sales floor rather than having to keep going back and forth to the dressing room? I told her it would not bother me. She then pulled off jeans and shirt and put some others. She was wearing this cute little bra and thong panties, my dick sparng to attention. She tried several different jeans and shirt combos, then she just left the off and was trying on shirts. I find a woman wearing just thong panties and a shirt to be very hot. My cock was now rock hard when she took off one shirt and then removed her bra revealing a great set of C cup titties. She put the shirt back on and was looking in the mirror. My cock was now throbbing and she noticed that I had a made a nice tent in my jeans. She removed the top and stood there in just her panties in front of the mirror and asked if I found her attractive? I told her she was very hot and that her husband is very lucky. She said her husband never tells her things like that and that their sex life is not very exciting. She knelt down with her face in front of my crotch and asked if she could help me with my swelling as she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. It was so hard that a cat could not scratch it. My pants fell around my ankles as she examined my cock. Lisa told me she had never cheated on her husband before but there was something about me that made her want me. Hearing this made me just want to explode. I removed my boots and jeans and she pulled off my shirt. I laid on the floor in front of the mirror and she climb on top of me still wearing her panties. She was rubbing her cooch on my bare cock and I played with tits. I could not believe this was happening and looking at the mirror and seeing this hot woman sitting on top of me was a site I will never forget. I wanted my cock in her pussy real bad but was afraid of pushing my luck. I continued to play with her tits and bite them. She leaned over and I was able to kiss and knibble on her neck, the smell of her perfume mixed with the smell of her pussy and the leather smell from the the store was having and intoxicating effect. She finally said that she could not put it off any longer and had to have me. She got up and removed her thong her pussy was shaved with a nice dark racing stripe above her slit. Her pussy was wide open and soaking wet. She asked what I thought about her now as she stood above me. I told her she was breath taking. She smiled real big and moved over me with a leg on either side of me and pussy over my roack hard cock. She knelt down and slowly slid down my pole. OMG what a feeling!! Her pussy was so wet and hot and just grabbed ahold of my cock. She told me that my cock felt incredable inside her. She started to move slowly back and forth on my cock. I could not believe that I was balls deep inside a so very hot older married woman. She started to fuck me faster and was fingering her clit. I did not think I was going to be able to last much longer. She was really going at it, her boobs were shaking and my crotch was soaked with her juices when she said that she was going to orgasim. She screamed and I felt her cunt contract around my cock and she arched back, this was all it took and I flooded her insides with my cum. I came so hard and pumped so much jizz into her I was surprised that it not come out her nose. We both laid on the floor next to each other after it was over trying to catch our breath. She told me that was the amazing sex she had ever had. I could believe I just fucked the shit out of an older woman. After a few more minutes my dick was rock hard again so I rolled over and mounted her missionary style and pounded away on her good and hard. I lasted much longer this time. I was like a mad man and fucked her gooey pussy real good. I moved her legs up to my sholders to get deeper in her. Watching her boobs shake to my thrust and her heavy breathing and her telling me harder and digging her nails into my back. I soon exploded deep in her filling her full of my hot young spunk. We sat there for a few minutes as my cock deflated in her pussy. When I got up I could see all my semen in her pussy. She told me that was the most amazing sex she had ever had.
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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Would like to ride a married lady like this when I have a Vacation in the USA!