Learning From Mom

We had gone a vacation to some fancy resort. Dad was taking my b*****rs off somewhere and would be gone all day. This left just me and mom to ourselves for the day. The resort we were at was huge, several pools, clubs and all kinds of stuff going on. Mom and I decided to start at the pool.
We both had on our bikinis and the guys were checking us out. Mom looks like she could be my s****r, I am not sure if that means she looks younger or I look older. It is my last year of high school and this may be the last trip we can all take together. We set up by the pool and ordered some drinks and started to get some sun. We were drinking wine and it was going right to both of our heads. Soon a couple of older but nice looking men came over and started to talk to us. They had brought us both another drink. Mom was way more flirty than I had ever seen her before. The men had asked where our husbands were and mom answered that they would be gone all day leaving the two of us to get into trouble. Mom asked the men where their wives were and they said they were shopping and would not be back till late.
Mom then surprised me by saying that we should go party. The men invited us to their room and off we went. As we walked to the room two other men joined up with us, mom said they could join us. I guess all these men and their wives were on some kind af group vacation. I was wondering what was going to hapen once we got to the room.
We hit the room and one of the men fixed everybody some more drinks. Mom was getting more and more d***k, she was acting very slutty and sluring her words. I was getting a pretty good buzz on, well okay I was past that and not thinking straight either. Two men were working me over on one bed and two men were all over mom on the other bed. I looked over again and mom had her top off with her tits out, her bikini bottom was down enough to see her snatch and one of the men had his pants undone with his cock out. I was not sure what to do, try to save mom even though she seemed to be having a great time or just go with it. I was not sure about that or what I should do, I had not had sex yet but the attention from these men was making me plenty horny. I looked over at mom and now she was naked and so was one of the men who was now with his face between her legs eating her out. The other man took off his clothes and pushed his cock into her mouth.
Now the two men on the bed with me have now removed their clothes and had their hands all over me. My bikini soon was gone. These men were old enough to be my dad and they were all over me. One started to eat me out which got me so super horny. The other man pushed his cock into my mouth. I had never done this before and just moved my tounge around his cock. I could taste his precum and smell his sweaty pubes.Then the man eating me out got up and told the other man that I was plenty wet and he moved on top of me and pushed his cock into my virgin pussy. His cock slowly slid into my cunt, I loved the feeling. Once he was all the way in, he told the other guy that I had a tight pussy, way tighter than his wifes. He started to thrust back and fourth inside me. He was breathing heavy and sweating. I loved the power I had and the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I loved the feeling of his balls slaping my ass. I was holding him tight and gripping him with my cunt when all of sudden he teansed up and could feel his cock throbbing, then a warm wet feeling went though my body causing me to orgasim. After everything settled down he pulled out of me, I sat up and looked down at my gaping cunt and could see a white fluid leaking from it. The other mounted me then and he did the same as the first man. He lasted a little longer before cumming inside me also. After he had finished I stood up and some of the cum ran down my leg.
Mom and the other two men had finished, everybody was standing around with fresh drinks talking. I looked at mom's bush and it plastered with cream like mine, she even had some running down her leg. The men decided they should all switch and I was back on the bed with the men that had just fucked my mom. This seemed to move a little quicker and both men finished with me.
Now that all four men had fucked me and mom they were ready for us to get going. They found our bikinis and did not even say thankyou. We dressed and were out the door. As I walked I could feel my pussy being all creamy, leaking into my bottoms. Mom said we should head to our room and clean up. We got in the shower together and once out got dressed in street clothes. My bikini was soaked with cum. I asked mom about cheating on dad, she said that life is meant to be enjoyed and god made women to please men. Then mom said it is good to get some strange cock every now and then.
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1 year ago
great story
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
2 years ago
It is real live....
2 years ago
OMG that was awesome
2 years ago
Well you two certainly pleased them alright, and mom is right, it's what your cunts are for.