Skinny Dipping

Mom and I were back in her town to help granny with some household cleaning. After several days mom and I went driving around as mom wanted me to see where she grew up. It was neat to see. We stopped at the end of this road and got out and walked a short distance to this very secluded swiming hole.
Mom said they used to swim in here all the time. we sat there for a minute or two then mom stood up, looked around and took her clothes off and jumped into the water. She told me to join her. I thought for a minute then removed my clothes and got in. Mom was very playful, almost as if she was a teen again. It was like she was tranformed back in time. It was weird how she was acting. She was dunking me and flirting with me. She even grabed my cock a couple of times.
We both got out of the water and sat on this rock, mom said they would lay out here and get some sun. Then mom laid back flat on her back. This was the first time I had really seen my mom naked. She was in her mid fifties, about five foot ten inches tall. Her hair was gray with some black in it. Her tits were an okay size, not huge. She was skinny but had a small bulge at her tummy. Her hips were wide and her bush had just wisp of dark hair, she was not hairy at all. I thought she was very pretty but I had never seen her naked and had not ever thought about sex with her.
Mom got to talking about her past and told me she had lost her virginity here. She talked about some of the other times she had had sex at this swiming hole. I had never realized that my mom was so easy back in the day. As mom talked I looked over at her pussy. It was now wet and open, I could see pink. This in turn made my cock start to get hard. Mom talked some more about her past sex experinces making us both very horny. Then she sat up and looked at me, asked me about my experience. She thought that I must be pleasing the girls with what I had between my legs. I had to tell mom that I was still a virgin. She laughed and asked me again. I told her that I was still a virgin. She seemed shocked that I was Junior in high school and still a virgin.
Mom looked at me then down to my cock and back at me and said that it looks like my cock would like to be inside her and she got up and walked over to water and got in. Mom was right, my cock was so hard it hurt. And I was crazy horny from the sex stories she had told me about. I have to admit that I was thinking of fucking my mom and she seemed to thinking the same about me. I got into the water.
Mom and I played in the water some more but this time I was not holding back. I grabbed he tits, her ass, and even mom's pussy. And she did the same to me. At one point I even slipped a finger inside her pussy. This play was getting us both pretty worked up. We got out of the water and back onto the rock. Mom sat down but I stood and looked around, my young cock standing straight out, all hard and proud. I was looking to see that we were alone and trying to decide if I could actually fuck my mom and how I would go about that. Mom then put her hand on my cock and said for me to come be with her. I turned and mom took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. It was heaven, she worked it and made it feel so good. She pulled away and told me to lay next to her.
Mom then started to play with my cock with her hand as she kissed me on the mouth and neck. Her breathing and touch were about to make me explode. I started to explore her body with my hands. Mom worked her way down to my cock again with her mouth, but she did not spend much time there. She looked up at me and said that she thought I was on the edge. She pulled herself up and stradled me with her pussy right over my cock, the tip just barely touching her pussy lips. Mom lowered herself down onto my cock so slow. I watched mom's pussy swallow my cock. The feeling was so amazing. Once I was all the way in mom's pussy, she started to work my cock. I had never imagined sex could feel so good. I had never imagined my mom could fuck me like this. Mom started off moving her hips back and forth slowly. As she picked up speed, my cock built up more pressure. My balls were boiling and I could feel my cock swelling with jizz. I knew I was about to cum but thought that I should not cum inside mom. I told mom I was going to cum and she smiled and looked me right in the eyes and said for me to do it, fill her full.
I pushed up into mom as she pushed down on me and I exploded. Mom yelled out that she could feel me cumming and then said she was cumming also. My cock pumped so much cum into mom, I could feel some of run out and down around my balls. Mom collasped on top of me all sweaty and drained of energy. My cock still hard and inside of her. After a few minutes I rolled her over and slow fucked her for several minutes till I came again. This time my cock went limp. I pulled out and sat next to mom, looking at her pussy. It was a mess, our cum was all her and it was even leaking out her gapping cunt.
Mom said we should get in the water and clean up which we did. But I could not get enough of mom and attacked her the water. I got to fuck her and pump another load into her.
We were at granny's house for another two weeks and every chance I got to fuck mom I took. Mom was like a cock hungry teenager. I got so much time in mom's cunt. But once we got home that all changed. Mom went back to being her old stuffy self. She never mentioned what had happened, she told me to forget about it. One night when dad was gone I begged mom for a poke, I told her my balls were going to overflow. Mom said okay this one time and took me to her room. We fucked but it was not the same. Mom was not into it like she was at granny's. She just laid there, her pussy was not even very wet. I got two huge loads deep into her but it was not the same.
I got a girlfriend after that and fucked her all the time. I still wondered what had happened with mom when she was at the swimming hole and wanted to fuck her again when she was like that. I mean that time at granny's was the best fucking I ever had. I never fucked mom again.
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1 year ago
Excellent! Pump those loads into your mom! There's nothing I like better than thinking of my little mom walking around with my cum inside her.
2 years ago
she was reliveing loseing her chery by getting yours
2 years ago
Nice story, wonder why she wouldn't give it up again?
2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago
Very good story! Too bad you never fucked your mom again :(