My Slut Mom

My dad has always worked three weeks on and one week off. He made very good money so mom never had to work. My older b*****r and older s****r and I always had every thing we needed.
The minute dad would go off on his three week work stint mom would start rolling the men thru her room. About three or four a week. Very few repeats. This had gone on for as long as I can remember, so long that we k**s never thought too much about it. Mom was a very hot looking woman, young looking and petite so she had no trouble attracting men.
One day my older b*****r took my s****r and I to the actic to show us a small hole he had put in the ceiling above mom's bed. From the bed you could not see the hole as it was right near the ceiling light and looked normal but from the actic you could see real well everything that was going on. We took turns watching mom entertain her guest. This went on for many years. I would watch mom suck dick, fuck guys one, two, three, sometimes four at a time. Sometimes with other women. Always a creampie as it seemed mom did not like rubbers at all.
Of course as we k**s hit puberty and watching mom have sex just made us more horny and we soon started to explore our bodies and that of each other also. My b*****r being the oldest and my s****r being in the middle were first to fool around then when it was my turn s****r knew more of what to do. My first time to fuck was with s****r, she was always ready to fuck b*****r or I or both. But being boys we soon began porking everything we could get our dicks into.
It was my final year of high school, b*****r was off to college and s****r was going to a local jr college. I had stayed out late past curfew and came home to my mom who was very upset with me. She had been drinking and had been stood up by her friday night fuck. The minute I walked in the door she was on my ass.
I had soon enough reached my fill and started to talk back to her. My night had not gone too well as the girl I was dating did not put out and I was plenty horny and wanted a release. Mom said some really hurtful things to me so I called her a slut and then pointed out that I knew about all of her fucking. Mom slapped me and ran to her room. I followed her and caught and thru her on the bed. Her robe fell open exposing her hot body to me. I looked at her fine tits and shaved cunt as she yelled at me. I got a huge boner in my shorts. Mom got up and grabbed my hair and pulled me onto the bed and tried to hit me. We wrestled around and my baggy shorts came down enough to release my cock. I ended up pinning mom down on the bed, my cock right near her mouth. Mom reached and engulfed my cock into her mouth. I thought she was going to bite it but instead she worked her tounge and gave me the most incredable blow job. I started to work mom's pussy with my hands then my mouth as we were in a sixty nine position. We were heading towards some grudge sex, we both wanted to get off. Mom then spit my cock out and told me to get off of her. Her pussy was plenty wet and I knew she really wanted to fuck. I got off of her and she rolled over onto her stomach and told me to go away. But she had her ass up just enough to show off her snatch. I got behind her and slid into her easily and without any resistance from her. Mom's pussy was tight and wet. I began to bang mom hard and f***efully. She told me to stop but she kept meeting my thrust so I figured she was liking what was happening. I reached around and held her tight and then found her clit and rubbed it hard as I slapped her ass. Mom pushed back against me trying to get my cock as deep into her as she could then she exploded with a huge orgasim. Her pussy clamped down hard on my cock as she collasped onto the bed. I could hold back no longer and with my cock planted deep in my mom's cunt I unloaded a large sticky load of spunk into mom's orgasiming pussy. I could not believe I was filling my mom's cunt with my sperm. I must have cum a gallon. After my balls were drained and cock had deflated I rolled off of mom and laid there. I was trying to figure out how the best fuck of my life was with my mom. Mom rolled over and said she had cum so hard she blacked out and that has never had happened to her.
I told mom that I was sorry but she said she loved it and wanted to fuck again. Mom then started to rub my cock back to life. This time we fucked in several positions till we both orgasimed together. This time I laid there with my deflated cock still deep inside mom. I looked up at the ceiling and realized that maybe we were not alone. After several minutes my s****r came into the room, buck naked.
s****r got on the bed, and started to clean us up. She pulled my limp cock from mom's cunt and licked my spunk. s****r had her cunt in my face so I started to eat her out. Within minutes my cock was hard and s****r was ready to fuck. With mom watching I rolled s****r on her back and plowed deep into her. I had fucked my s****r alot over the years and knew how to push her buttons and got to orgasim very quickly. Being my third time at bat for the night it took a little work to get me off but soon enough I got off and filled my s****r hungry cunt full of spunk. She then cuddled with mom and I sat there looking at both women laying there asl**p with my jizz leaking from their cunts.
After that night I fucked mom on a regular basis. I even got to fuck her when she brought other men home. s****r would get involved also. It was great to watch these strangers fuck my girls. I loved it when the men would cream inside them. I got to fuck some of the women mom would bring home too.
We did all this for many more years and dad never found out.
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