Do Not Wake Her

This is a true story that happened to me. I had just entered puberty and was jacking off every chance I got. My cock would get hard at the slightest breeze. We were living in Colorado and it was one of the hottest summers on record. None of the houses had air conditioning so we had to make do with what we could.
My buddy George had invited myself and Mike to spend the night with him. We got over there and were playing video games when George's grandmother came in and said she was going to bed. She was a small woman, in her early seventies and about 120 pounds. She had white hair and very small boobs. We had to be quite for a few minutes till her sl**ping pills kicked in. Granny would pop a few pills and chase them with a beer and sl**p like a rock all night. After about thirty minutes George got up to check on her. George's parents were gone for the weekend. George came back to the room and told us to follow him, he grabbed a bottle of hand lotion. We went to his granny's room and she was all spread eagle on the bed, buck naked. There was a little air conditioner in the window and a couple of fans going full bore. Granny was snoring and was in deep sl**p.
She had one leg hanging off the side of the bed. The other leg was stretched across to the other side. This had her pussy right at the edge of the bed and wide open. I had never been this close to a naked woman before. I looked at her saggy tits and her light brown bush. I thought her pussy was cute and my cock got really hard really fast. It was making a tent in my shorts as was Mikes and George. George reached over and rubbed his finger around his granny's pussy and the lips opened, like a flower. He stuck the tip of his finger around her hole and put the tip in and rolled it around and pulled it out. Granny's pussy seemed to be getting wetter but she was still snoring up a storm. George told Mike to put his finger in her and he did then George told me to which I did.
Granny's pussy was soft and warm and I liked the way it felt around the tip of my finger. I pulled it out and smelled it and it smelled great. My dick was now hard as steel. George then dropped his shorts allowing his cock to stand straight out, he put some lotion on it and started to stroke it. After a few minutes he put his cock head right at the hole in granny's pussy and came. Several ropes of cum shot out of Georges cock and went up granny's slit and coated her bush. George smeared his cock head around granny's lips and then told mike to give it a try. Mike took some lotion and proceeded to crank one out. Mike did not last as long as George, he placed his cock head just as George had done and shot a huge load all oveer granny's bush, mixing with Georges cum.
Now George told me to try it. I wanked and it only took about two minutes for me to have a huge load built up in my nuts, I moved in so I could place my cock head on granny's pussy lips. I could feel her heat and her pussy hair then my head touched her lips and I blew a huge nut all over her open pussy hole and her bush. I rubbed my cock head around her pussy lips to clean it off.
George then took his hand and rubbed it all around granny's bush smearing our cum all over and then rubbed it between her pussy lips and even pushed a little into her pussy. We all got huge boners again, this time George stroked his dick for several minutes then he moved in and pushed the head of his cock into granny's pussy and blew his nut sending most of his load into granny's pussy. Then he looked at us and said we could do the same thing if we give him twenty dollars. Neither Mike nor I had twenty dollars so George told us we could stick our cocks in granny when we have twenty dollars.
For the next several days I thought about how granny's pussy looked and smelled and felt. How good it felt to nut on her bush and I wondered what it would feel like to put my dick inside granny's pussy and to cum inside her. All I needed was twenty dollars and I could find out.
This one night I laid in bed in the heat and my cock was rock hard as I thought about fucking George's granny. I got up to go to the bathroom. As I walked down the hall past my mom's room I had to stop dead in my tracks. Mom was laying on her bed all naked and spread eagle. I stood and looked in amazement. Mom was snoring and her boobs were alot larger than Georges granny. She a flat stomach and a neatly trimmed dark haired bush. Her lips were open showing her pink. I pulled my cock out and started to stroke it using my precum for lube. I could not take my eyes off mom's pussy and I imagined pushing my cock inside her and making her scream as I blew a large load into her. As I got to the point of blowing my load I walked over near enough to mom so that I could place my cock head on her bush and blew my cum all over her bush. I watched as some of it ran down into her slit. I wanted to smear it all around and into her pussy but I did want to push my luck. I went on to the bathroom and then back to bed.
The next several nights I repeated blowing my nut on mom's pussy. I had to be very careful not to wake her. After about week I was storking my cock and moved into position when all of a sudden mom said to me that she could help me with that if I would keep my mouth shut. I froze, cock in hand. I wondered if she said that or if I imagined it. Then I felt mom's hand on my cock. Mom said I had a nice one and she wanted to feel it inside her. She said she was tired of me making a sticky mess of her pussy. I was scared to death and did not know what to say but my dick was as hard as it ever had been and my balls were ready to explode. Mom moved around on the bed so that I could get into her pussy and then pulled me into her. I watched as my cock disappeared into her tight, wet cunt. Once all the way in I did not move. Mom smiled and asked if I liked the way her pussy feels around my cock. I told it was the best feeling but that if I move I will cum. She told me to not worry and for me to cum when ever I wanted. Then she twitched her cunt muscles and I exploded pumping a huge load deep into her pussy. She moaned as my cock pumped. When I finished she told me I could stay inside her for as long as I wanted. My cock got hard again and I started to fuck her.
Soon I was fucking mom good and fast and then pushed into her as deep as I coud and came again. Mom told me she could teach me alot and that I could fuck her any time I wanted as long as dad was not around. Then she asked me several questions and I told her about George and his granny. Mom told me she was glad that She was my first but she would give me the twenty dollars to fuck granny as long as I would tell her all about it. Then mom told me I could fuck who ever I wanted as long as I told her all the details. We shook hands and I fucked her again.
The next day I took twenty dollars to George and we waited for his granny to take her pills and fall asl**p. I then got to slow fuck blowing a huge load as deep as I could into her. Then George fucked her. We each fucked her several more times that night then I went home. Mom was waiting up for me and how it went. I told her all about it and then mom wanted to smell my cock. This seemed to make her horny as hell and she got on top of me and fucked the daylights out of me. Now every couple of weeks mom gives me twenty dollars and I will go over and fuck Georges granny then come home and fuck my mom. Now mom wants to come over to Georges house and let George and I fuck her and granny both.
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2 years ago
cool story
2 years ago
wow...just wow
2 years ago
Granny and mummy on the same night. What a wonderful prospect.
2 years ago
oh my god great story I sure got a bonner from reading this one I had too wack off
2 years ago
Lucky as FUCK
2 years ago
Very nasty..very HOT!