The Lake House

My dads side of the f****y is huge. He has five b*****rs and one s****r. They all have four or five k**s so I have alot of cousins. Every two or three years we all get together at a huge house my grandpa built at the lake. This house has like ten rooms and we all fit in there and I like it because I always get to see several naked women. Now that I am sixteen I am hoping to talk my girl cousin into letting me put my cock inside her. The last f****y get together she let me look at her pussy and I showed her my cock. Her name is Tina and she is a year older than me.
Even if I do not get to play with Tina I am sure that I will get to see some snatch that I can use when I jack off. I could not wait to get there. I was so ready to loose my virginity and bust a nut in some real pussy.
We arrived late and were the first ones there. Soon after everybody else started to show up. Tina and her f****y showed up and she had grown up alot since the last time I had seen her. My dick was already hard at seeing everybody. We had dinner and everyone went to sl**p. Next morning we were going to take the boat out and ski. Tina and all the girls were in bikinis along with a couple of my aunts. I was sure things would happen but I decided to play it cool and relaxed. We skied and came in and the little k**s played and us older k**s sat around and talked. I talked with Tina some till dinner. Afterwards the adults sat around a fire and drank, the k**s ran off to watch videos. I thought that I would hang with the adults. I was quite and laid low in the back. They all drank alot and got pretty hammered. My dad passed out and mom could hardly walk. The conversation turned to something about boobs and boob sag. I was not sure what they were talking about but my granny and several aunts took off their shirts and were showing their boobs to the men. Mom even took part.
I now had plenty of jack off material. As a matter of fact I decided to sneak back to my parents room and rub one out. Everyone was so d***k I did not figure anyone would bother me. Once in the room I found a pair of my moms dirty panties. They smelled so good. I got the hand lotion and the pantys and started to pretend mom was right there with me and we were going to fuck. I could not wait to blow spunk into mom's undies. I was just getting going when mom stumbled in. I was not sure what to do, mom saw me right off the bat standing there with my pecker in hand and her panties hanging on my shoulder.
She said that she needed to pee and went past me to the bathroom. She came out completely naked and sat on the bed. She asked me why a good looking k** like was jacking off, I should have a real girl here. My cock was still very hard, harder because I could not stop looking at my mom's naked body. Mom told me to continue as it was not good to not complete what I had started. I told mom I could not do this with her watching.
Mom then said to me that if I could keep a secret she would help me. I figured mom was really d***k and did not know what she was saying but right at this time I did not care and wanted her help and told her so. I walked over and mom started to stroke my wanker with her hand but this is not what I had in mind. I reached down and played with her pussy. She kept pushing my hand away till the third time and then she let me play. My cock was now beyond rock hard and no where close to blowing. Mom pulled her hand away and laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide. I could see mom's super wet pussy, it was wide open. I asked mom if she was okay and she said that I would have to finish on my own. I asked her if I could shoot it on her pussy and she said whatever I wanted was fine with her. She was way out of it. I played with mom's cunt a little more and placed my cock head right by her hole so that I could spew right into it, then I stroked myself and my cock head was touching her pink lips. I pushed the head into her a little. I pushed it in a little more. Mom moaned that it felt good. I pushed a little more, my cock head was now inside mom's pussy. Her pussy was was hot and wet, her bush was all natural and dark.
I pushed my cock all the way in now. Mom let out a low moan as I started to push in and out slowly. I was trying to go slow so that I would not cum too fast but it did not work. I pushed into mom as deep as I could and my cock exploded. Blowing my wad into mom's pussy was much better than blowing it into her panties. I had never cum so hard or so much. When I was finished cumming I pulled my cock out of moms cunt, our cum was all over her bush and a small trickle of white cum was running down into her ass crack. My cock was still hard, I was going to dress and leave before I got busted but I thought I may never get another chance to fuck my mom's fine pussy. I checked out the door and made sure it was locked, then I looked out the window and everybody was still down at the fire. I went back to mom and planted my cock back into her pussy. This time I pumped mom good and hard for about four minutes before filling her fine cunt full of my spunk again.
This time I dressed and cleaned up mom so no one would know she had been fucked. I am pretty sure mom never remembered our fuck session. I did get to stick my cock into Tina's pussy a few days later but she would not let me cum inside her. I had to spew my load on her bush. i never got another chance to fuck mom, but I waited around whenever there was drinking. A few years later I did fuck one of my aunts, but that is another story.
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2 years ago
So many mom's allow opportunities to occur, most of them consciously, with their sons in situations to dick them to the very center of their universe. This young man was manly, he took advantage, not of his mother, but of the opportunity she presented to him--so he dicked the crap of of her!!! GREAT STORY.
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Good story man. He should hit mom again.